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Saturday, January 31, 2009

A glimmer of hope...

Hi Loved inhabitants of LesPlanet, today carry them a news that has given me back a bit the faith in the politics of change of some ..... Look, that say "a bit" and look that say of "some" countries of this planet that called Earl.

Iceland ..... This country that does nineteen years backwards chose to the first woman president, now goes back to do news and for well, (than rare sounds this until writing .. A good news).
So, Iceland is to point to appoint like first minister of the Country to Johanna Sigurdardottir, a woman declared openly lesbian (an inhabitant of this our planet ). And has been appointed the Icelandic politics more popular.

Johanna Sigurdardottir, the one who is at present minister of social subjects, is married from the year 2002 with her couple Jonina Leosdottir, writer and journalist.

Because of the effects of the economic break in this country, the First Minister Geir Haarde Left his political charge and the president of Iceland has requested to the leader of the social party democrat to Iceland, Ingibjorg Gisladottir, the training of a government of transition, in where Johanna will represent this charge until the elections of May.

The Icelandic village trusts she and know that it is the best zoned for this charge. It is as a dream, worries them more a lider that this qualified to govern, that her sexuality preference. This is something entirely hopeful for this world .... It fills me of pride and does me believe each time in a better morning for our community.
Thanks my Ale :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Pepa and Silvia ... The summary the episode of this week

Hi dear people of Lesplanet, today is Friday .... And yes this time I took a one day more to give them the short chapter of this week in Pepa and Silvia (LHDP) , but it's because I won and take back what has gone wrong for this chapter for Pepsi.

Yes girls, do not see reconciliation in sight at the moment, we start to see, we are in the police station and have a Montoya nagging Pepa for having gone to the gym with Sara when she's suspended one week, Sara tells him that is her fault because she asked her if can to accompany at gym and cover her aunt. Montoya said that after all did well as the body of the dead boxer have presented evidence of injuries consistent with fighting illegal, multiple fractures, severe bruising, skull, jaw , ribs, etc ... (and I do not follow, because if not it will appear on CSI).

And that is more secure than those who organized the fight between Pepa and Sara have to do with the death of the boxer, and they will have to go to that place infiltrators.

On the other hand, we have Paco and Mariano, another infiltration to find the Mexican Gallardo, who is involved in gambling and cock fighting, they masquerade as gypsies and a rooster will fight to locate the drug dealer.

In the forensic laboratory, our redhead work, Sara sees her and asks that the Commissioner, whether it should be at home, she says it can not be there, preferring to occupy her mind and work. After talk of Pepa, and Silvia who still not want to talk with her, but will have to do because if not present at your door with many children, (jajajajaja) and tells Sara that she took over as the loss of baby , but exceeded, and then appeared Pepa "A bull in a china shop and removed all" (as the girls would say, please define Cacharreria please CACHARRER√ćA = SOLD PILEUP Shops, tableware, etc.). and back to even the illusion of being a mother, I thought it would be wonderful to have a family with her, but she has noticed that so I will not be accepted and that it has decided not to continue to suffer.

Comes the time to support my favorite aunt and Sara says she is her family and always will. Before leaving Silvia asked if an operating with Pepa and says that yes, Silvia asks Sara take Pepa a direct blow to the chin in her hand and giving her 50 euros (jajajajaja I would do the same ... sure).

We have a very emotional moment when Silvia changing in the locker room of the station is put in front of the mirror and cries from the heart and illusions broken into a thousand pieces, looking at her belly and the scar of the operation. (All this is a Aitor he was embarrassed in the showers, but remains silent and does not dare to leave).

Later in the operation, Pepa and Sara come to the scene of the fight in the hope that before the start of the fight between the team of assault and arrest all those involved, just as they are about to enter, she sees her father Mariano and at the same place where they disputed the fight, and that have joined the two fights on the same site, the cock and of the box, and thus the two operations. Obviously they have not as yet located Gallardo drug dealer, he can not enter the assault team since then lost him .... Pepa and Sara will have no option but to fight until Mariano and Paco find to the mexican.

Pepa apologizes to Sarah for the things you said in the gym, and Sara apologizes because she had to tell Silvia their plans to become pregnant.

Already in the ring, Pepa tells Sara to make time and give a good hit, if not suspects tried to shock and Sara insistence Pepa is bound to give a strong hit to Pepa and pretending to have been KO thinking that everything would end there, now that Sara is the winner will have to fight with each other and challenging current champion, which is to a wardrobe of nearly two meters, with the tabs up muscles and legs are like two Saras.

All remain perplexed Paco, Sara, Pepa, Montoya, Rita, because if you fight with her, Sarah goes to hospital sure ... Sara looks frightened (to clear up because it comes at the waist .... jajajajajajja).

When Sara avoid the blows of this miraculous way, but another one has fallen, escaping across the ring, finally Mariano found to that although we knew that he had changed his identity not thought that since it was changed up to sex and is now Gallarda. Montoya gave the order and enter the police assault at the very moment that he would give a strong hit to Sara and Paco ran to avoid her and took him away, jajajajja, and before escaping the Gallarda our Pepa Miranda makes it a key and stops.

After the action again calm, Pepa us with a bottle of tequila in half (it seems to have forgotten that because of the tequila rule .... it's going to take that tequila " Apolo ".... if took good tequila kind of "Jose Cuervo" another serious situation, I say from experience that no, no hangover).

Our Pepa is disconsolate at the bar, when Silvia through the door, and will talk to her, smiled because Pepa think may finally settle things with your princess .... but nothing is further from the truth.

Come and Silvia says: "Sara says you're looking for a father to pregnant" Silvia while continuing to talk to Pepa," I do not know because you do Pepa, if it's for clumsy, for wanting to do as if nothing had happened, or because you want fuck me because I can not take but I do not care, neither me nor fucks .... I remain your girl. "

Pepa tries to speak Silvia but she not leaves, and continues: "You're the last person with whom I have a family and you know it ... you left home los18 years because you were angry with your family and get back to 29, to 30 years convinces me that you love me and to 31 want your independence ... you know that means Pepa? .... you can not take care of anyone but yourself Pepa ... No, no .... this is over. "

Silvia go out and Pepa as much as to say that in tears ... is a supplicant "Silvia ... please ... Silvia" but she's no longer.

Pepa later returned to her home after having finished the bottle of tequila, completely devastated, eyes swollen from time to mourn and drunk with power stand and rightly put the key in the lock up by falling to the ground.

Aitor that was there for a custom Paco, listening mourn her and takes the keys, and embraces the comforts and therefore that it was going to happen, you hug, I give you a kiss from other friends that kiss , do not loose, you like the mouth and enter in the house of Pepa and remain in poor friend, you take off your clothes, that these good, non-stop kissing, while Sara comes from outside and see it all fall in shock.

This episode has just this week, our completely disastrous for Pepsi, and with the efforts of Pepa to fix things, I am increasingly away reconciliation.

Pepa, we love you very much, but please ...... do not do anything more to fix it, still the best and most beautiful, or as would say Don Lorenzo " without potent, abnormal of. taca, taca ... stop putting foot, fuck !!!!!.

The spoiler in the next week, does not reveal anything at all, I have confused, Silvia is happy, too Pepa smiles, a kind of celebration, dance, and no scars or blows so we assume that there must be spent some time, and we see is that Silvia will close the door in the face of Pepa, according to them I will know to say you.

The photos we have here are courtesy of Rikkuu and Nicolnita one of the commissioners main Forum Pepa and Silvia.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who killed Jenny Schecter ... do not know

Hello dear people, today I bring you a new you will not like it, I have a little disappointed, I tell them that after 5 seasons faithfully follow our favorite series The L Word, and now engaged with the last 6 and hoping that stories of our girls have a decent end.

Well, I tell them that Mama Chaiken said in an interview ..... the big question of who killed Jenny Shecter? .... NO will be answered within this season. Yes you are reading as well, we will not know who killed Jenny Schecter.

Any thriller that is Mama Chaiken has created for this season, will not be resolved.

She said quote:

"Do not expect that the end is the answer to all questions"

Chaiken seems to have accepted the possibility that the end is that she will give us confused or even triggered the anger of the fans and viewers. She is also aware that for the first and only successful television about lesbians end the show with a dead in the pool, she says probably killed by another lesbian is a politically sensitive issue.

"I am aware of that," she said. "But I have always considered my primary responsibility to entertain and do what is best for the show"

And I tell you that the reason she is so optimistic and has done all this because it wants to unveil the mystery of the film in The L Word, it is not known if they can not even shoot at the moment is only one project has Mama Chaiken. "I am confident that we will make a film of L Word." I love to do that. I just think that somehow, the show will live. And if there are questions that need answering, will be answered."

And I say, that if no marrow movie The L Word, do not be left unanswered Mama Chaiken ???????

Because apparently the pilot of the Spin-off according to the latest statements by Ilene not give any answers to things that are no longer half in L word.

Ilene I think badly of you and let all the fans who have followed the series from the beginning, I think we deserve a final answer.

Because if the film a tangible fact, yes, but it is just a draft that we do not know if you can make. Come on ILENE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

L Word Episode 2 Season 6 "Least Likely"

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet here will get the second episode of our favorite series The L Word, enjoy it

Monday, January 26, 2009

OurChart closes its doors forever

Hi girls, remember that in November last year I said that the web Ourchart portal Lesbian of the L Word had closed its doors temporarily and would not be updated, but they retain their social network.

the Ourchart said that it was a stage of transition and restructuring.

Apparently it is much more than that because now Ilene Chaiken has issued a communique in which OurChart portal announced the definitive closure of one of the largest lesbian social networks.

Apparently all the material is not lost OurChart will be transferred to the Showtime website, this page as we know does not have a social network like OurChart was, so the profiles will not be erased but OurChart will propose that the girls made one in a page on Showtime. (but we will no longer be the same at all).

As we can see one of the largest lesbian social networks has been spared the economic crisis, it is a pity.

So you know the girls that have her profile in OurChart will having to move there ... :)