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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pepa and Silvia Episode 1 New season...

Hi girls, as I promised, I bring you the first chapter of Pepa and Silvia of the new 2009 season with the subtitles in english.

As we can see, is full of surprises, and as Lola says, in a year in San Antonio a lot of things have changed.

In a previous post as they did the summary of the chapter and leave here with videos (this chapter is that it has two parts) to enjoy.

At the end of post you can see the spoiler of the episode of the next week.

And here they put the Spoiler of the episode of next week :) (replay)

Here I put the Spolier of the episode of next week :) (replay)

And I said we will put the Spolier of the episdoe of next week?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another prize for Ellen Degeneres...

Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, today I bring you a story about one of our most beloved inhabitants of our planet and all you know is Ellen DeGeneres.

This week in Los Angeles held the People's Choice Awards and Ellen received the prize for the host of "Talk Show" favorite of the American public. The ceremony was broadcast by CBS.

Before getting on stage to collect their prize, had been happy with the night to the public by presenting the award in the category of "Favorite Funny male star", which I advanced information Adam Sandler won ...

What in LesPlanet got to understand is not as if Ellen is so loved by the whole American public, if so many awards given, if nothing much to it ... because they are unable to allow her the same rights as all of them, "it can no longer married to the person who loves," I think Ellen is very well to make people laugh but do not ask for anything more ... (this is my humble opinion ...)

When appointed to climb to collect their prize, was very funny (as usual ...), a speech made fun and finally after all the thanks went to her wife Portia and said:

... And thank you very much to my roommate Portia, yes, thank you very much for you too.

Since then Ellen can do that only a political joke, funny and nothing offensive in one sentence ... and that is Ellen can boast of being one of the most influential women in the USA and the few who can afford such jokes at a ceremony see for millions of people, but as we said earlier she continued to deny civil rights requirements ( to all gays and lesbians in California) to continue married to her "roommate" as to outlaw gay marriage with the proposal and 8 can not call "her wife."

Here you leave the girls with fun video of Ellen's intervention in the People's Choice Awards 2009. I hope you enjoy it ...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Presentation of LHPD with our Pepa Miranda (Laura Sanchez)

Hi dear people, following the release of the latest series of our favorite planet LHDP and our beloved Pepa and Silvia, the story that finally have our darling Laura Sanchez as one of the leading actresses series, which finally appears in the credits like an actress fixed cast of LHDP , not before as an actress was just invited.

This makes us very happy because it is a sign that we have all season, our PEPSI (Pepa and Silvia).

Do not go in the presentation Lucas, which we know is only the first chapter and not to Lola, which has left the series.

Here they let the new presentation of the new season of "Los Hombres de Paco" 2009. I hope you enjoy it, and the images have remained with me in her face after kissing girlfriend Silvia Pepa second 0:47, 0:48 when the tender, the kiss of 0:50 and Pepa 1:00 where they exit the Miranda brothers together.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Come Back Pepa and Silvia in a New Season...

Hi dear people, yesterday at 10 hours of the night in Spain has begun the new season of Los Hombres de Paco, and I tell them that many developments in this summary that I am going to remove them before the episode 1 of the series.

To start with the beginning as they had advanced several months ago that the actress (Adriana Azores) who plays Lola, the mother of Sarah, wife of Paco, and sister Silvia, would leave the series.

And then start our season, a year has passed since I caught the Kaiser, since she is married and Lucas saw faint in church all bloodied.

Lola tells us what happened after that she shot Sara, collapsed, who shot her daughter and feared for the life of her father and her husband in the hijacked airliner about to throw the empty ... . the excess. All these years of suffering to see her husband hurt .. Paco, watching as his father and violated almost killed, the view on the brink of death to his sister Silvia, the anguish of thinking that had killed her daughter, and so violent that it is women had to endure throughout the season, eventually pass bill ... gave him an anxiety attack of nerves and this led to a crisis of anxiety and finally sumirla in a deep depression, which could leave .... but took the decision to move away from San Antonio and to fully recover order to balance their lives. And move to Barcelona until you feel ready to resume his life.

Paco Stop living with his father and Mariano, the three are company.

Sara does not die and live happily recovered next to her husband Lucas now teaches police officers recently admitted to the academy.

Povedilla after what was the Kaiser went to the route of Santiago de Compostela and something happened on that trip, which took the decision to secede from Rita, and now the relationship is not going very well.

And finally we come to our beloved couple Pepa and Silvia, live together and are (a year) is completely out of the closet, live fully without hiding their relationship from anyone.

While no cut in talking that they go to the supermarket because they've finished the toilet paper at home, or made faces and play between them, all this while waiting for and oversee an operation in the van at the very aldo Don Lorenzo to look askance without saying anything.

Now if we move on to episode, starting with the boys involved in a covert surveillance operation at a gas station, trying to arrest a suspect, Aitor (if that is the same with kisses Pepa) decides to act on its own and go after the suspect , a black man.

Is to see that police were running leaves, Pepa, Silvia and Don Lorenzo leave the van to meet Yvan surveillance of the suspect is crosses Don Lorenzo and paste it golpazo a parisons to the ground and it hits the head, while he goes after Pepa Silvia and help Don Paco Lorenzo.

when persecution Aitor apprehended, instead of following the legal proceedings, goes into the game and end up fighting the suspect with all the other without getting looked. Someone with a mobile recording the fight and manipulates the images so that it appears that the police attacks and insults to a black. The scandal leaps to the media, which they accuse of racism to the police station in San Antonio.

The hit to the head which was Don Lorenzo, will cause temporary loss of memory, Mariano and Paco realize this and are they're worried to see that these gaps in memory are repeated, and worse, does not seem that Don Lorenzo realize, (as well ..... Dori Nemo, who is instead just trying to figure out how to go to Sydney, he ask Paco for provided money and he does repeatedly since they do not agree that asked him before and the poor Paco is almost in ruins) and then try to decide to take sedated to be carried a medical checking because he would not wake up ever.

Ms. Salgado the Chief of CNI (with that voice that characterizes so sexy) offers to Lucas the possibility of being the National Coordinator of the Special Forces of National Intelligence. If accepted, he would have to go and live in the United States several months for police training from the CIA (and win 240, 000 euros per year) which will lead to separation from Sara. Lucas has to choose between accepting the opportunity that he has been waiting his whole life, or stay with his great love, he started to refuse, but then learns she is the offer and encourage you to go and fight for him and his dream says she is waiting for USA and will be at the end of the episode.

We have to highlight a time when our girls come to the bar and meet Rita and their small daughter (the zagalika), and Silvia making the sight in her arms and looking .... I want one, and then look to Pepa and says, I do not say you do not want to be? and Pepa tells her whether their are rich, but cry and we need to change the diaper and you wake up in the morning and their bite your nipples and their are wet (is why I had not ever heard before).

And Silvia said to Pepa that imagine having a baby, it would be great and embraces Pepa and gets face oppssss, great great what is said I am not so certain.

Well girls from the moment this is summary of this chapter, as they ascend PEPSI all times between today and tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson Still Continue Together...

Hi dear people, I bring you good news, after the fight that took Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson is the end of the year and which ran the rumor that they had ended their relationship.

We finally have something clear and Lindsay Lohan has spoken on the matter, has published a message on her MySpace page

Her message reads as follows:


little piece of TRUE information:

we did NOT break up!

access hollywood, extra, et, every tabloid, page six... AND every GOSSIP website. Get your stories straight please. It's really annoying to have all of your friends emailing you saying, i saw, i read, etc... NOT TRUE

:) xoxox Lindsay

So anything girls after read the Lindsay's message is very clear that their still have a lot of time and we are happy for their.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jane Gray in "The Farm"

Hi dear inhabitans, today I got a rumor that particularly pleases me greatly as we know all or almost all, Mama Chaiken has developed a spin off of our series The L Word in which we participate Alice, this series is called "The Farm", a few days ago and has finished filming in Vancouver.

We know that when a pilot is prepared for submission to Showtime executives, the site is developed in "Humboldt State Farm and the Prison for Women in California are confirmed and actresses Leisha Hailey, Melissa Leo, and Laurie Metcalf.

It is known that the prison is divided into two blocks, one is called "The Jungle" and another called "The Farm", cheese is where we assume will be Alice Pieszecki.

Melissa Leo (better known as the mother of the children of Helena Peabody) she is an officer of the correcional.

The director of the prison is really the ambitious and ruthless Dr Margaret Elder, played by Laurie Metcalf.

And now comes the attention that I hope that rumor is true (and they were confirmed, but it seems that it is very possible)

Famke Janssen involved in the spin-off, "The Farm." Yes well as read, but no body shall Xena as well as participated in the sixth season of The L word a few minutes, NO, it appears that her character is a prison and will appear in the video for 20 minutes to be submitted to the expected Showtime gives green light to develop the series, but presented as a letter key in "The Farm."

Although currently only a rumor there are many things pointing to a rumor is substantiated by the following:

Our gorgeous Famke Janssen has been with the group of shooting in Vancouver and has been seen making a scene she is a prisoner chained and being interrogated.

A lot of extras spin off have encountered have assured her trailer's makeup.

Famke has been photographed with her dog at the airport in Vancouver the week of filming.

So as we see many things indicate that the rumor is true, at least I hope so, and fingers crossed for that's all, and we can see on the beautiful Famke or better known as Jane Gray of the X-MEN converted into a lesbian inmate in "The Farm", so we must definitely see it.

So as we see many things indicate that the rumor is true, at least I hope so, fingers crossed and doing a short time everything we know from "The Farm" is that it is a women's prison where they will Alice Pieszecki stop, now imprisoned for unknown reasons, but that insurance-related death of Jenny Schecter in the last season of The L Word. She will accompany the main character and the following figures as to provide a list Showtime ...

ALICE PIESZESCKI: Leisha Hailey, and I will count it if she, you already know his character well.

WADE DAWSON: Mid-20s (25), any ethnicity, female. Wade Dawson is cocky and handsome. She's on a strict diet of anti-psychotics to combat her violent outbursts an internal rage that Wade also self-medicates with sex of the intense, indiscreet variety. Her internal struggle is enough to almost break your heart until you remember how easily she could break you...

GRACIELA MARTINEZ: Late 20s, Latina or African American. Graciela Martinez is a known gang leader with a history of drugs, robbery, assault, you name it. Her compadres on the street might look up to her as a mother but Graciela reserves her true mothering instincts for her two young children at home whom she loves deeply and would do anything to protect...

VALENTINA GALINDO: Late 30s, any ethnicity. Valentina Galindo is a character of mythical proportions. Some would tell you she's a hardened gangster who's ordered more murders than all her male counterparts put together. Others would testify she's a community activist and organizer and certainly her humble appearance, evident intelligence and articulate manner would vouch for the same...

MARGARET ELDER: Late 30s or early 40s, African American or Caucasian. Margaret Elder is full of a deep seeded, perhaps ruthless, ambition that has allowed her to excel in life and career, far ahead of her peers and even her superiors. Bitingly sarcastic at times, Elder is a hard ass, tough-as-nails woman and by no means a feminist. But even Elder's roughest edges can't entirely hide her nascent good looks and attractive figure...

HELEN MILLER: Early 40s, Caucasian. Helen Miller is seemingly no nonsense and undramatic, leaving her hard to read. Despite her sometimes affectless manner, Miller is a woman of conscience who cares about things like justice, dignity and humanity. Where others might tow the line, Miller is willing to go against the status quo to set things right...

SHERI SILVA: Mid 30s to early 40s, Latina or Caucasian. Sheri Silva is of a weathered prettiness, delicate and prepossessing - the kind to make friends fast. Flirtatious (though she'd never admit it) and manipulative to the core, she works hard to make relationships work for her...

TOOTSIE FREED: Late 20s, Caucasian. Tootsie is wiry and thin from a diet of drugs that have left her clingy and needy to both illicit substances and interdependent relationships. She may appear reticent and withdrawn in public, but she knows far more about who's who and what's up than you'd think. Underneath, Tootsie is fiercely possessive and will fight you to the death if you cross her...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lilo and Sam fight at end of year

Hey girls, the beginning of the year apparently was not very good for all, we spoke of our fashion couple, Lilo and Sam apparently the end of this year have had problems.

Nik Richie (the competition of Perez Hilton) is the fight that happened between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, before and during the event held at the club Mansion. It seems that Lindsay and Samantha received the new year ... breaking their relationship.

The news was sent in first person by someone who shared the night with Lilo and Ronson. That mysterious person who said the next information:

"Lindsay, Sam and I took the limousine to go to the club. They took the driver to wait 30 minutes, which bothered me because I had to wait for the limousine listed. Sam and Lindsay was struggling and crying. We arrived at the club Mansion and there was chaos between Lindsay and Samantha ...

Lindsay had to go to the bathroom to fix the makeup and when they finally left acted as if nothing was wrong and nothing had happened, smiling to the cameras on the red carpet. Lindsay entered the cabin of the DJ for the countdown to midnight and Samantha and she smiled for the cameras for 30 seconds. When photographers were told to leave the scene, Lindsay and Sam continued fighting.

I was at the scene, near Lindsay and all night I saw her coming and going to the DJ booth screaming and asking when Sam ending her job to spend time with her.

Lindsay then returned to her table and began to send messages to your blackberry. I saw no drinking, but they definitely did not seem normal. When I started talking with Sam, Lindsay came and started shouting, "This is my girlfriend. I love her. " Thought I was trying to steal her girl and I was trying to encourage it, but Lindsay was out of it (it is certainly a slight exaggeration) and began shouting at Sam, saying she was outside.
That's when she told members of security that Sam wanted to go there. Sam told me to not worry about Lindsay because Lindsay is crazy and screaming back to Sam, but ignore, which upset Lindsay and caused her to leave the club with a boy of hair black , a girl blonde and a girl brunette.

Sam was left alone and I felt bad about her. (here we can see Sam's face). She left shortly thereafter, after leaving the work of a man DJ. So, I think Lindsay and Sam broke on New Year's.

Here you can see the videos where you see Lindsay and Sam discussion, not hear anything about the music and the video quality is low because someone was shot in the interior of the club and with very little light ... But Lilo is well appreciated that the act makes it Lilo while Sam plays Womanizer .... is that Spears does not like to Lilo?

But the thing was not there because they were allegedly continued at the hotel. It is said that he heard voices, break things, beatings and everything in the room, the hotel confirmed that security had been broken several mirrors and the room was as if he had passed this way a twister (the twister Lilo).

But do not believe that the fight ended there, no, nor hint .... we must see how the dislikes go on our Lindsay, after the break to sleep the next day will continue on the flight from Miami to Los Angeles. Allegedly, they had a great discussion that lasted until they landed and told Lilo (who was inconsolable and mourn stop) if she wanted to disembark. The faces of both the airport say it all ...

After all this, Lindsay Lohan was captured on January 02 a day on the streets of West Hollywood with a friend and withoutSamantha to visit one of her friends, what makes us think that is true of the breakdown of their relationship, when she was asked whether there was "trouble in paradise," Lohan replied: "Not exactly." Translation: "We are on everyone's lips. It's a freaking mess."

Later in the night Lindsay was fun, she looked very well and smiling for the cameras, but it was not Sam, and several days are not being seen together.

After all this mess, nothing is really clear that fought it is true, perhaps also breaks ... but may have been any fight we have most of us ... So girls have to wait and see what ultimately happens with this couple, we hope to be reconciled, which has just been a fight and continue together ...