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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

L word Season 6 Episode 3 "LMFAO"

Hi dear people of this our LesPlanet regret the delay in putting the chapter, I had some problems to be solved but it is finally all in order, and it's here to enjoy from start to finish. (a some days later ... but better late than never, I do not know that failure;).

Just say that in this chapter .... I love Bette Porter and I love that laugh and smile for me the last scene in "Hit 'Club is the best chapter ..... we doubt that it is my No. 1

3 comentarios:

Hi LesPlanet,
thank you so much for uploading each new episode for the L Word!!
I especially thought this one was real funny!! LOL couldn't stop laughing!!


thak you very mutch for putting so many good news from our lesb world!!

your blog is amazing!!!

and too loved bels laugh and smille, she´s hoot...

but i do prefer tasha´s laugh!!

its so fucking sexy!!!

but every one has to agree in one thing:

carmen is, and always will be the sexiest wimen ho apper in the series ever!!!!

we love you shahi, and congradulation!! i hope it´s a girl!! :D

Hi, was going on with everyone that uploads the l word episodes. they take out the part of "Previously on the L word and the preview of the next episode. Please upload those parts too.

I am sure others feel the same way.

Also can you upload the Previously on The L Word of season 6 looking back at season 5. I always like those scenes of the whole season in two minutes.