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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ladies confirmed ... We Have Shenny !!!!

Hi dear inhabitants of LesPlanet.

I told you in a previous post that all we would see of Shenny, would be a simple kiss. But no, this is not true.

After Jenny confesses her love to Shane, they kiss and sleep together the night! For you ladies ... There is Shenny sex, and the next morning (at the beginning of the episode 6x03) they wake up in bed and are interrupted by Alice, who at the news gets a WHATTTTT ??????? face.

As you know, Alice can not resist the temptation of blab with such news and with an excuse of going to the bathroom, was locked in and sending a text message to tell everyone about what she just discovered with Shane and Jenny.

The girls react differently. Helena, in the gym, loses her balance and fallas backwards off of the treadmill. Tina, in the middle of a meeting, lets loose with a "what the fuck". Tasha, reads it with a smile.

Bette has a fit of laughter in the midst of a meeting and when Kit gets the message, she doesn't know how to access it. Now everyone knows about Shenny in less than 60 seconds ...

Upon leaving the bathroom, Jenny gets closer to Alice and asks her not to tell anyone about her and Shane. (A little late Jenny:))

I leave you here, with the video of Shenny .... I will come back with more news.

Note: Special Thanks to Liz for your great help.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Shenny's moment .... Episode 6x02

Hey girls LesPlanet, I've been researching a lot to try to get out of the doubt on whether true or not JENNNY dies?

And it seems my theory that the sixth season begins Ilene by the end, and that through the episodes tells us everything that has happened up to that time, is gaining a lot of strength.

We already know that Jenny dies of truth, it is not a dream or anything like that, it is almost certain to commit suicide and not kill anybody, and now knowing that Bette and Shane, which are trying to save her but did not succeed .... it was too late. And Shane is crying so she was not seen with the girls when it comes to Sgt Lawless. :)

According to sources, after the betrayal, Shane is trying by all means speak to Jenny not want to know anything about it, misses home and has no intention to forgive her.

Meanwhile ... Molly (Molly remember ... the beautiful daughter of Philips), realizes that her feelings for Shane is not silly and you're in love with her and go get it, but Shane is not at home, Molly had written a love letter to Shane opening their hearts and saying she is not going to renounce her and will face all by herself and loves that.

This letter was given to Jenny for being given to Shane ... and our friend Jenny QEPD, reads it and hides, and not give it to Shane, because with all that has happened Jenny has had time to think and discovers that the betrayal of Shane broke the heart rather than by Nikki, for Shane and realizes that this really in love with Shane and had not noticed before.

Jenny confesses her love to Shane and remains perplexed ... and we have the time SHENNY,

I do not know what to think of the time Shenny is in season, because according to the photos, Shane is about Jenny than to eat a hug and kisses to Jenny taking advantage of the moment kiss ... Shane and we know that in these circunstances is always left carrying ... the kiss is more of Jenny to Shane that Shane to Jenny, because if we look at the hands of Shane is as if she wanted away with courtesy.

At the end Shane confesses that loves Molly, and we know the hidden letter and see who has lost to Shane, Jenny .... commits suicide .... This is apparently the cause of death of Jenny.

Do not worry that you confirm and keep informed.

Girls who think this whole saga that has prepared us Chaika Mom?

Here are the photos that moment SHENNY, when Jenny confesses her love for Shane.. and we can move forward to kiss that ended in sex ... you may see in the next post of L Word.

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What happens with Max?

Hello people of our beloved planet of the rainbow, I bring more news on the sixth season of The L Word.

Before you know who is going to die in season, all we think it would be Max, remember?

Then they tell ladies that we were very very wrong, Max far from dying, give life .... Our beloved Moira / Max, is a season look like the wolf man, discovers she is pregnant by Tom (if the interpreter Jodie).
It is not known safe sex these two ?????.

In one scene we see that you confirm the pregnancy, and you say that it is too late to attempt an abortion, and our mother .... is infuriating.

Who think girls? ..... Oh Come On !! in what I was thinking Mom Chaiken??

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The episode 5x12 to 6x01

Hi girls, I have come back with more news from The L Word, apparently the theory that the death of Jenny is the end of everything (even though it happens at the beginning of the episode 6x01), and I do not sound so crazy ... and count them because ...

Because after he allegedly Jenny dies, the episode continuous in time to where we left off at the end of the season 5.

We got Tina and Bette, returning to his home after the celebration of the end of filming "Lez Girls", apparently find that the little Angelica is with fever and lead to the doctor, then we have a tender scene Tibette of your car, but everything that happens on the same night of the party. Just as when Shane is being comforted by Kit, is the same night, and when Tina and Bette speak with Shane in the house and when Shane arrives with his clothes in his hands, because Jenny has thrown out... it is also the same night ....

So ... how we can explain the death of Jenny at the beginning of the episode, "Mom Chaiken wants to confuse us? ...
Furthermore I know that Jenny will reappears in episode 6x02 and 6x04 . I do not know what to think.

I think there are only 2 possibilities:

1. Everything is a dream of those surreal that Jenny is or Shane is a dream because she is drunk...

2. Jenny dies of truth, but Mom Chaiken we go back in history to be able to see everything that happens to reach that end, and tells the whole story upside down (a flashback ... very long for my liking but well ...)

You believe that? .... Tell me their opinions.

Then they made a video where we can see the continuity of Chapter 5x12 with the cap 6x01.

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We already know ... who is the last breath

Hi dear inhabitants of LesPlanet, as always, I say, and is not a cliché here you can find all the news and scoops on everything that interests us .... those who follow the blog know this and that is why uncovered the question that everyone is on our favorite series ...

After all the controversy that has been generated with the sixth season of our series The L Word, and the murder of one of our favorites and that another would go to jail, etc ...
In all the discussion forums were say many names, and there are many theories to know the murdered and what the killer.

But here in LesPlanet, we have the answer to that question:

Who dies? .... Then we see the link on the stretcher is Jenny, these photos are episode 6x01, and after seeing the photo do not know what to think ...

It may be that it is a dream of Jenny ... or it may be that the series begins with the end ...
Let's see, Bette is the was that the removal of the pool, we are all very concerned and dismayed.

You think that girl? ... If Jenny is dead in the swimming pool ... not necessarily have to have killed anyone, she may not have committed suicide? Tell me their theories ......
Click any and all to enlarge....

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saab Pics

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lohan and Ronson Kissing...

Hi dear people, tell them "Lohan-Ronson" the saga continues, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were at a party where Sam had to work, and they behaved as what they are ... a couple who want to be very united, kissing, playing and funniest,(so sweet) as they do not ever facing a camera, but ..... They did not know that YES had a camera records, a security camera in the room where the recorded without them would realize.

Here they left her video and photos.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sergeant Lucy Lawless ....

Hi girls, remember that I told them that our beloved Xena would be in this season of The L Word, because ... we know that character interpret.

It will be the sergeant who investigated the crime .... (and the consequent leading to Alice to jail). This pretty much as we can see, and we do not know if it will have an affair with one ... but we find out:)

Here they leave that part of the scene where we see the Sergeant Lawless arrived on the scene of the crime.

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The L Word ... the first scenes and news

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, I bring more news of our favorite series The L Word, the production of the series has released the first photos of the first chapters of our sixth season.

Click any and all to enlarge....

These photos are of chapter 601, (Mom Chaiken directing the early scenes).

We found all our girls on the planet, as we see it is served by Helena, all taking a very quiet tea waiting to see who is going to die, until it reaches Shane (with some pants ... I have not words ...) and all look like a little uncomfortable, because Jenny is there with them. (something like Bette when he went to apologize to Tina in front of all).

Then we have a couple of Alice and Tasha, apparently still in love in the house ... alive ... for now.

Then we're going home of Tina and Bette, Shane and we are, repent and apparently very drunk (and I say the dustbin) counted problems Kit, because it has been evicted from the house by Jenny who do not want to see it or in painting after the stabbing that he gave at the end of season 5.

We can see that by not knowing Shane keep this case in particular ... the mouth or rather the tongue in your site, is out of house and has not even had a chance to make the suitcase since it appeared Jenny threw things of Judas to the street ... Bette and Tina try to talk to her so that everything arrives at a solution ...

In the end we see Shane go home of Alice, we do not know whether to stay or to speak with her, Alice looks the bag worried as saying ... "Do not you will be taken to be true here? With the problems I have with Tasha ... I can not stay ... besides going to die is better than someone you're not close to the star's spin off ... it's dangerous for you.

These photos are of the following chapter 6x04, (if I know have jumped episodes 6x02 and 6x03 not know why?)
Well then, girls, allegedly because the murder happened at this point in the chapter 6x04, and by the photos we can rule out a Bette, Tina, Alice, Jenny and Kit. And I know that Shane is not dead.
The absentees are Helena and Tasha ..... Alice we see serious but not sad, and it confuses me with that smile Kit is so strange ...

And in the chapter 6x04 we also have a gift for fans of Shenny, is not what we expected, a kiss is something rare, but something is beginning ...

What girls think? Who will it die? .... more things that can be drawn from these photos?

Photos by Paul Michaud/Showtime.

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