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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hi dear inhabitans, our colorful planet, I bring the chapter number 06 of Callica, this week the story of Erica and Callie is full of feelings, confessions, infidelities and doubts.

Erica and Callie finally get to enjoy fully in bed, and Erica feels completely happy, confirms that it is like itself says: "So Extremely Gay", in tears and he confesses to Callie that it is important that it has discovered a new world, we already know and knowing that Callie, did not react as any of us would do well to a confession, bringing Erica looking fixedly at those blue eyes and giving it the kiss more passionate and tender ever since he had never ...... Well, no, not that he was scared and went, leaving Erica with a broken heart and ashamed of having opened up their feelings that way (as is Erica, we already know to do that has cost a lot).

As a result, we have an Erica, very angry with a bad mood or that she was already enduring Callie confused ..... as this history is resolved, because here are left to be discovered, I hope you enjoy the chapter.

Sugar Rush Season Two

Hi dear friends of LesPlanet, today we can finally make one of the pending projects we had on the series that we like and was able to get the second season of Sugar Rush ...

The episodes are putting weekly, although we did not set a specific date. (and to publish next week a Post with the programming of all series )

Today we are going to put the first episode of the second season, we hope that you will hook to it as we did ... and as always I say enjoy it ...

Friday, October 31, 2008

L Weekend

Hi, dear inhabitans of this our wonderful planet behind the rainbow, followed the trail to our beloved actresses of The L Word, tell them that although the recordings of the series have already finished, the girls do no rest, are to attend many events related to the series, with politics and with the support of the LGTB community.

Today, for example care for all residents of Philadelphia, this Halloween the girls will be in the "Pure" Nightclub (if that is at St. James street).

The entrance is free (just over 21 with ID). That if you ask what is your signature to do two shifts of volunteers to help on election day to vote in favor quit (the Democratic Party of course).

Once committed to the cause, you can join more sexy women on television because it will be my beloved, sexy, and divine Jennifer Beals, too, Kate Moennig, Rose Rollins, Daniela Sea, and you can not miss mom Chaiken.
All of them we will little talk a politics and opinions on the candidates for the White House and will help us choose our candidates openly LGTB for the State Legislature.

I have no doubt that in the end the majority will stay at the party dress and build a little dance and relax.

But some can not stay up too late, because the next day (the Nov. 1) have to travel to New York to attend the annual Women's 11, held by the organization The LGBT Community Center.

Where there will be an incredible evening gala with dinner, cocktails, music and dance included DJ Karin Ward, and the annual gala will also serve to a tribute to the serie "The L Word" and are some of our girls of the cast, since one of the central honored is mom Chaiken. Now they count more details ...

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Uh Huh Her ....new video "Explode"

Hi, girls, I bring new musical, was released this week a new video of Uh Huh Her, this brilliant duo formed by Leisha Hailey and Camila Gray, the video for the song "Explode" and is the second single released from his first Disc "Common Reactions" which came out in August and that really recommend them.

As in his debut video for "Not A Love Song", we find elements of animation, but unlike the first this is done entirely in animation. (I particularly liked a lot more the first video, Leisha was beautiful, and we can not see it here:( but I like the song )

A request for Uh Huh Her ... Please include a bit of lesbian themes in one of his videos, I am sure that all the followers of the group we'd like very much .... you believe that?

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Smile today ...

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet, here I bring a video that will boot them more than a smile, is the lovely Hilary Swank is invited to this week on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the fight against breast cancer and to leave at all surprised the hearing, including that of Ellen, as they came out dressed as Ellen and the audience was dancing as she does so, getting a superb imitation of Ellen.

It's a very fun time, as the Ellen in his own amazement, it still laughing to see the resemblance it has with her, and even suggests that the interpreter in a possible future film who made thereof. Faced with such an invitation Hilary responds delighted.

In the midst of all this background of controversy because of the ridiculous Prop. 8, Ellen Degeneres, is an important icon for the Television, is a leading public opinion and is proudly LESBIAN, (and married to the woman he loves) his guests, The mimic, and they feel like Hilary said, delighted to represent a wonderful wife and incredible person.

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To C.H.E.F... a .... C.S.I

Hi, dear friends and readers, today we are going to talk about a girl that L of the kitchen has taken the leap to the criminalistics lab in Las Vegas ... as you know, Lauren Lee Smith has signed for the ninth season of CSI Las Vegas, and you can see from the third chapter of this season.

Lauren is now the youngest Riley Adams, an agent with a rather sarcastic sense of humor, which must get down to work no more stepping on the office of CSI. third chapter of this season.

According to Lauren in the following video, the agent has a personality Adams never seen so far in a CSI. Says that although is delighted with his new character, it felt a little insecure on the first day of filming when the team learned.
A team that is already like a family, as happens in the series L Word, because the nine seasons of shooting that have worked together. But the actress says that received a lot of heat and felt very supported by the entire team.

A Lauren knew her as a pretty Mutant X, but above all stole our hearts (and Dana) as the sweet chef Lara Perkins in L Word ...

L Word, Lauren makes the leap to a very different role in "CSI Las Vegas as an agent of criminology, in this video you can see the trailer of the chapter (9x03) "Art Imitates Life" where he debuted Lauren ...

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This November. 4, VOTE, and in C.A. Vote NO. PROP 8

Hi girls, here we have all the celebrities gathered for a cause that the American people Vote in these elections on November 4, every vote counts, is the recommendation that all actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Indirectly, with their incentive to vote in general elections, it also encourages the people of the State of California to go out and vote both for the future of USA as per the law against gay marriages, and that the vote will take place on same on November 4, the vast majority of actors and actresses from the video supports our cause and are in favor of gay marriages, including the director Steven Spielberg to remind donated 100, ooo $ for the campaign for NO TO PROP 8.

Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Timberake, Julia Roberts, Will Smith,
Harrison Ford and many more celebrities are what we shall see in the video.

Here the director Steven Spielberg parody previous public service announcements and told the players to tell the public who vote NO.

"You know what I can do it!" Harrison Ford finally tells the director.
"It is not true, as you want me to tell people that one vote does not count?"

Will Smith says, "I will vote because when I was little, my father told me that if we vote no, then it is as if one is shut your mouth."

This is the second in a series of ads produced by non-partisan and DiCaprio's production company Appian Way.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Harry Potter and the Charming Witch...

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, this time I will leave with the latest trailer of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been launched or better filtering according to a spokesman for Warner to the public this week, reportedly thought the company get the trailer at the beginning of next year (which is why it this year, at the end of the trailer) but has been leaked by unknown and without the permission of Warner.

This is a film that has suffered many delays because of problems, strikes by screenwriters and bureaucratic paperwork, now supposedly the date of the premiere is in the summer of 2009, hopefully it does not change further, as many people expect to see (among whom I am of course:)) and although we know the end of the story whenever we like to see it reflected on the screen.

And to add an additional to the movie we have to Hermione:). Now that Emma Watson has 18 years of age and we can admire without feeling guilty. :)

As it is charming Witch, gets over the years more and more beautiful and more talented, and I am sure that when the saga of Harry Potter, Emma will continue with her career beyond the fame of Hermione Granger.

Well girls and they left the trailer a few pictures of Emma that a check has grown as ...

And here you can see the photos that you have mentioned ...

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Maternity by artificial insemination...

Hi LesPlanet's friends, along with the articles of lesbian motherhood that started in a previous post, after having seen the alternatives we have to be able to have a family with our partner, usually the majority opted for artificial insemination with either known or father unknown.

Then let us explain that this is the Artificial Insemination and that types of insemination exist.

Types of Insemination

Artificial insemination is a technique used to produce fertilization between an oocyte or egg and a sperm for the purpose of achieving conception. According to the characterizations usual types of insemination would be defined by the origin of semen or the cavity where the semen is deposited.

There are two types of inseminations linked to the origin of semen:

1) insemination with sperm from known donor.

2) insemination with sperm from anonymous donor.

In the first case with fresh sperm, washed (selects the sperm with greater mobility and centrifuged to separate the seminal plasma of other infectious particles) and the insemination was performed a few minutes later.

In the second case, the insemination is done with anonymous sperm cryopreserved, that is, material (pre-washing) and frozen for use at the time of ovulation. Also there are three other types related to the place where the practice:

1) Intrauterine

2) Intracervical

3) Intravaginal.

IUI. During the IUI, or intrauterine insemination sperm are introduced (in a gel) into the uterus through a thin cannula sterilized. The technique on the sperm to the fallopian tubes. This shortens the distance increasing the likelihood of success. The success rate estimated to stimulation between 10 and 20 per cent per cycle, increasing in each cycle.

The cost of intrauterine insemination varies widely depending on the state in which the procedure is performed. In general, the cost of intrauterine insemination can reach or even exceed $ 5000. This figure includes the cost of consultations and visits pre-and post-insemination, the medication for fertility, the processing of sperm and the insemination itself.

ICI. The IntraCervical insemination (ICI) is the placement of sperm into the neck of the uterus through a catheter sterile fine with the intention of traveling to the uterus to fertilize an egg. It is more economical than IUI but is less effective for the longest distance that the sperm must travel. A typical procedure could cost between $ 2000 to $ 3000.

IVI. Intravaginal insemination in the semen is deposited in the vagina, is the most economical, although it is estimated that the chances of effectiveness down even more. All procedures require the advice, control and supervision of a / a female fertility specialist.

All you need to be cover the costs of medical equipment required for this procedure dischargeable. The costs could reach $ 500 if you prefer to use a sperm donor or if you'd like taking medication to improve fertility.

All practices require a washing of semen except intravaginal insemination, which can be done with full semen. There are several techniques for washing seminal, the most widely used is the Swim Up, but also used the gradient density and filtering by fiberglass. By Swim Up isolate themselves and sort the sperm with increased mobility. It uses a computer that the centrifuge seminal fluid separating the plasma and other infectious particles. The sperm that amount are considered the best, that material is mixed with other liquids depending on the type of insemination.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hi dear friends of LesPlanet, today I want to talk about the conventions of L Word, since it is little more than 15 days to the start of the 5th convention L Word L5, to be held on 14, 15 and Nov. 16 in Blackpool , England.

Convention is to have confirmed their attendance, Laurel Holloman (our Tina), Rachel Shelley (The beautiful Helena), Anne Ramsay (Robin in the first season), Janina Gavankar (Papi) and Jennifer Beals is the most eagerly awaited as it will assist for the first time at a convention of this kind.

Their presence has meant that tickets were sold quickly on all the VIP tickets (Golden Tickets) are the ones that give you the privilege of being seated at the same table with the actresses and talk with them more closely.

This convention will be held at Norbreck Castle Hotel, which as I have to assume it is not a single room available for those days, but for those who want to go there are many hotels in the surroundings of this that are still available.

The agenda of the convention will be like the other years, there will be a sort of welcome from the actresses on Friday, and partying in the disco ... The Saturday meeting, with photos of actresses (after payment of the amount ....), talks with the opportunity to ask questions and answers and not as a party at the disco at night and during the entire convention.

On Sunday, is the same program of pictures, talks, questions and answers on Saturday, the only difference is that there will be an event of closure of the convention and of course the night dancing at the disco (normally at this dance always attend the actresses ... an assiduous of these dances at night is Rachel Shelley ...).

I would recommend to whom you have the opportunity to go to the convention you are there on Friday afternoon when it starts and if you have more days off because you stay at day 17 there is a concert in London's UH HUH HER ... and you do not have so many days, at least assure you of having Monday off to enjoy everything on Sunday at the convention ...

There are still some tickets, obviously no gold ticket ... but if tickets to 90 pounds normal throughout the weekend or individual (one day) by 45 pounds, which you can buy on the page of Starfury.

The sixth convention, also have the date despite not knowing who or actresses will be invited ... and already put the tickets on sale ... This sixth convention will be held on 18, 19 and 20 of September 2009, in Norbreck Castle Hotel (same as this year ...) in Blackpool (England).

We are going to put below the official videos of each convention to be held so that you do an idea of what happens at these conventions and how well people what happens in them ...

L1 Convention: Actresses attending this first convention were: Rachel Shelley (Helena), Laurel Holloman (Tina), Meredith McGeachie (Tonya), and Eric Mabius (Tim).

Being the first convention, not attended all the public had been expected and was rather closer to the actresses who in later editions.

L2 Convention: The actresses who were invited to the 2 convention of L Word were: Katherine Moennig, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Leisha Hailey, and Guinevere Turner.

L3 Convention: Actresses attending the third convention of L Word were: Erin Daniels, Kate Moennig, Laurel Holloman, Leisha Haley and Eric Mabius.

This convention was somewhat different because it had no pictures with the entire group of L Word and tapeworms that your permission to give you an individual, or that or choose or you stopped there all the salary in photos. It seems that the Staff of the convention told the actresses that were not very jovial in the photos but Laurel Holloman except that in almost every photo comes out with their hands in their pockets the other actresses ignored the instruction.

The convention opened with a concert of the UH HUH HER ... after that were dancing in the disco with all the attendees to the convention late into the night.

L4 Convention: Actresses attending the convention were: Rachel Shelley, Lauren Lee Smith, Guinevere Turner and Anne Ramsay ...

There have been some conventions in the United States, as Seasons presentations, meetings at community events etc, where actresses come often.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sam is the only girl for Lindsay ... according to a friend ...

Hi dear inhabitants of LesPlanet, to many days that he knew nothing interesting about Lindsay Lohan but in these days a friend of hers ... Lindsay said that it is not a lesbian, that the only girl who has been with and this is now Sam Ronson.

Lindsay's friend has said clearly that Lilo does not like the girls, who likes SAM (although I think it is not aware of this .... Sam is a girl, shhhh, but do not tell Lilo)

It also seems that Lindsay has told his friends that if things were wrong with Sam, she will be prefer dating a guy ... (That think all at the beginning ...)

In addition, Lindsay in the professional area seems to be falling again, as it has reduced her contract in Ugly Betty from six to four episodes, it seems to be due to their airs diva and whims of ...

Well, Lohan has had a busy week in the press too. Last week, the three men who were in the vehicle with her during a car chase last year filed suit, seeking damages to the tune of £25,000 for battery, false imprisonment, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, slander and negligence, according to Associated Press.

We will be attentive to Lindsay as follows their adventures and misadventures as loving much labor ...

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Hi friends and readers of LesPlanet, what we have achieved .... for the moment we have been able to upload the first episode of South of Nowhere of the first season without which we would entirely eliminate (... for now, not forget or leave to collaborate with LesPlanet able to hire a service itself storage of videos and we do not have these problems ...).

Well as promised here is a debt we started the replacement of South of Nowhere from the first season subtitled in Spanish. I hope you enjoy it.

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Broadcast videos of South of Nowhere...

Hi dear friends and readers of LesPlanet, as you know some time ago we commented us that would put the episodes of South of Nowhere from the first season to coincide with the premiere of USA in the second part of the third season ...

That has not been possible until now because some of YouTube partners, we are prohibiting the rise of videos and therefore we withdrew ...

Clearly, I wonder if there are so many videos of South of Nowhere uploaded to YouTube because it was forbidden to LesPlanet? ... is not the first time since we have removed videos of Pepa and Silvia and even Gray's Anatomy because the Walt Disney Company has withdrawn (and that Walt Disney has to do with this series?) and assume that will not be the last one.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

CALLICA'S FAN FIC.... By Lidia "MIFPandOrita"

Hey girls of LesPlanet, today we are going to put on a Fan Fic Callica of this latest episode 5 of season.

This Fan Fic has sent us a reader of LesPlanet and asked us if we could publish it, and as we have always said LesPlanet is all that's here, you've got the story, we hope you enjoy it. Publish it weekly the rest of Fanfics our friend Lidia.

Fanfics can see more of the previous episodes of this 5th season in her blog

All the characters belong to Shonda Rhimes

Date: October 25, 2008

Author: Lidia "MIFPandOrita"

Comment: Fic after episode 5 of the fifth season. (Only for over 18 years)

Callie was the fourth of rest to meet with Erica, I wanted to retry her, that she could accomplish.

"Take off your pants" said Erica while watching the confused. "We will do it again," said Callie while removing her sweatshirt to a happy Erica.

It was close, the volume of the waist, looked to each other and kissed. Callie the help remove their clothes and lying in bed kissing and then follow it.

Callie drawing a line of kisses on her chest and abdomen with Erica until you reach your heart to give you pleasure. Erica felt a cold running around your body to feel the caresses of Callie and with their hands took tufts of hair Callie.Callie rose again, Erica kiss on the lips and whispering asked her to open her legs, enjoys Callie turned down of the moment and the groans of Erica.

Erica could not avoid not make noises with her mouth, picked up the sheets with force to avoid out of control and make everyone aware of what happened in that room. Callie continued with their caresses to make Erica reached the climax.

A strong sigh came from the lips of Erica, Callie came to her face and kiss her neck while Erica was returning to the world after what she had done Callie. Callie the look and smiled at her, Erica caresses the face of Callie and kiss.

Erica took a turn being on top of Callie, the warm kiss her hand slowly and under the blankets and skin Callie, while looking at them in the eyes that go into it by Callie close its eyes to enjoy the caresses of Erica.

Erica enjoyed seeing the face of Callie while mentioning her name. Finished exhausted, was lying in bed to rest and let out sighs of both their mouths.

Erica I look at Callie and hug, "Do you think?" Wonder Callie, Erica smiled, I raise her head and said, "It was incredible." Callie smiled to realize their success, to hug Eric and remained so for a few minutes. Touch the door of the room, it is Bailey, Callie takes the first thing she sees and puts it on top, Erica lurks just beneath the sheets. Bailey enters the room, go to Callie and said 'What the hell are you doing here?, The look and asked "And because surgeons got the shirt?". Callie had not realized that the shirt was Erica, to be just staying silent.

Bailey was not surprised approaching and said "Oh Callie I said no in the quarter-rest" to believe that Sloan is making the bush and remove the face of Erica finds that the surprises.

"Oh, I ... I'm sorry ... I thought I was here ... Sloan thousand apologies, can continue ... no, no, no ... I want you to get out of here already ... but first and then leave Wear" Bailey said while walking back to the gateway slightly sorry for what I had just seen.

When you exit Bailey, Callie look to Erica and both laughed it had just come in, they were more fun than embarrassing. It took a few seconds of silence until Erica said, "Mmm .. You look sexy with my shirt "Callie river fun for the commentary, Erica hug and kiss.