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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hi girls, today you put the tenth and final episode of this series of the first season. Here will soon have the second season of this series.

We hope you enjoy it

Friday, August 29, 2008

Talking to sex...

Hi dear friends of Lesplanet today talk about sex, many days ago that we do not, this time to play and talk as we like to touch us and the effect it produces in our body. (because it creates or not is an art)


One of the supreme pleasures of lesbian sex is the simple fact of touching another woman.

Caressed the back with all the palms, from the shoulders up the buttocks, or pass a finger slowly in the back of the neck. Or my technique with only the fingertips go your whole body.

play with her cheeks with the outside of your fingers and then the whole hand.

Walk with her breasts and belly button with your hair. Grazing her lips with the neck and shoulders. Gently squeeze her biceps and thighs. Slide your breasts on her back or by their chests. Outline your hips with your hands. It varies the pace and direction of caresses. Each tap will produce different sensations and shocking for her and for you. (because I tell you that if you concentrate on her enjoyment and wondering whether you are doing right or wrong, you lose everything and what you do not enjoy, from here it is a question of enjoying both)

Remember: the skin is the body's largest sexual and sensual.

And to make it more exciting moments together is also good to play and gain want to resist ...


In those moments spent the fingers on the neck and neck, caressing her cheek; bring your mouth to yours but without touching, gentle draw circles in the palm of your hand have a devastating effect, the temperature soared to 100 ยบ

And when you are doing love, ignores their erotic zones (breasts, mouth, vulva) until you are about to explode. And when you feel it's time kissing, caressing the clitoris, suck her nipples and you will be witnessing an explosion, fireworks will be better than those of the inauguration of the Olympic Games in Beijing:)

For example a friend tells us: that one of the best memories of sexual Kathy, relates to be desired for quite some time: "We knew we were going to sleep together for the first time that night and more of us want to start, but as we were not in a concert that did more hands for two hours. When we leave there, kissing her in the temple and released a breathe I traveled all over her body. Then we went home and flying satiate our desire for a savage manner. For the Tomorrow, when talking about the previous evening, fed up with us laugh; neither remembered nothing of the concert.

Several readers have asked us to post blog, how is that the preliminary games? Just where games and sex begins, that's very relative and different because we can not compare with heterosexual sex, sex between us is absolutely different, something will try to clarify this point.

Preliminary games

Where it ends where it begins preliminary games and sex for lesbians?

But perhaps I say I mind something? They tell us what a friend commented on the subject, and is what many women feel this respect:

"It makes me thank you very much to talk about pre between women and to compare with other examples, because in my relationships with men, the only thing I liked was that, preliminaries, but did not give you both a pleasure to give pleasure to themselves. Even the clitoris was a preliminary more for them, which is a real atrocity, since for them if no penetration is not sex. "
So as we see ourselves feel differently, with women, games are present at all times, at the beginning and end, we know that to feel an orgasm not need penetration, that's why the barriers between the preliminary and sex practically said, do not exist, are not as clear as stained or in other relationships, theories of the "first phase", "second phase". not have much connection between us.
"However, many women prefer to start their relationships with an extensive physical activity (non-genital so to speak). That depends on each couple.

But I am sure that almost all need hugs, kisses, caresses and whispers, in quantity and in quality .... in a word feel loved when we may need excite but also feel safe with that person.

Of course there will be times when the couple wants to go directly to grain, in the penetration or oral sex, but as I say depends on the couple.

There is no magic formula to 30% kisses, caresses of 15%, 10% taking the hair, 20% of lick and suck, another 20% penetration and 10% of sweat pleasure, no no formulas, no time to do so, nor when they do not simply enjoy and forget the rest.

Good girls, who write and ask us hope of being able to serve them something, and clarify some doubts. And if they wish to advise you know something more about this topic, share experiences, views, or if they have any questions, write to Mail Blog: lesplaneteng@yahoo.com or leave your comments at the foot of the Post.

Hi again girls, to entertain the night on Friday he put the penultimate episode of the first season of L Word, the magnificent series that we are here in replenishing LesPlanet ...

I hope you enjoy ...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hi dear inhabitans of our wonderful and colorful planet behind the rainbow, here every Thursday as they bring more than one episode Pepa and Silvia, in this episode 06 ,we finally kiss between Pepa and Silvia, since the end , Silvia stop repressing their feelings and gave the decisive step to start this relationship.

The left with Pepa and Silvia , I hope like you the video.

To watch the video with better quality click here

Knowing more to Laurel Holloman...

Hi girls, today know a little more to our beloved Laurel Holloman, what you think, their curiosities, her career, that is all about our beloved, sweet and tender (and envied) Tina Kennard.

Laurel Holloman Lisa was born on May 23, 1971 at Chapel Hill (North Carolina), United States, which has the wonderful age of 37 years. It is the youngest of her family and was very shy until she began acting in her teens.

Laurel went to the University of North Carolina before moving to Chicago. She worked at the Piven Theatre Workshop and studied at the British American Dramatic Academy, was in this era of her life when Laurel decided to devote herself completely to be an actress. She studied with John Lynn in Los Angeles and then went to the independent film by David Orr "Blossom Time".

In 1994 Laurel went to New York and began to act outside Broadway productions as "Equus" in Raleigh Little Theatre with James Denton, "Night Swim" at Playwright's Horizon and "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" in New City Theatre.

The first major film came to Laurel in 1995 representing a young Randy Dean in a lesbian love story between two young women from different social and economic class in "The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love "....

In just eleven years Laurel has acted in more than twenty-five films including the Oscar nominated for "Tumbleweeds" with Janet meter (1999). She has worked steadily since her debut in 1995 acting in "The Myth of Finger Prints" (1997), "Boggio Nights" (1997), "Loving Jezebel," "Rising Place" (2001).





Laurel is known thanks to her performance in the hit series "Angel", which participated in 9 episodes during the years 2001-2002 to interpreting Justine Cooper who seeks solace in revenge for the disappearance of her twin sister.

Since 2004 Laurel is Tina Kennard in the television series "The L Word", Tina is the perfect mate for Bette Porter character played by Jennifer Beals, and together make the couple more chemistry of all time.

Laurel was married on July 13, 2002 with Paul Macherey with whom she had a girl on November 4, 2004, Lola Reiko Macherey.

Recently, in March 2008, Laurel and Paul have adopted another girl.

Laurel pass her time between Vancouver where wheel "The L Word" and his home in Los Angeles.

Name: Laurel Lisa Holloman

Nickname: Lu

Birthday: 23 of May of 1.971

Place of Birth: Chapel Hill (North Carolina)

Habitual Residence: Alternating New York and Los Angeles

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'7'' = 1,73

Parents: No Information

Brothers: 1 Brother

Marital Status: Married with Paul Macherey (from 2,002)

Children: 2 daughters - Lola Reiko born on November 4, 2004

Profession: Actress

Studies: At the University of New York and the British-American Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Hobbies: Snowboarding and sculpture.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lesbian Resort....

Hello girls, their story that the company Olivia, (the hosts cruise lesbian) has announced that it will create Olivia Communities, a resort comprising 334 houses in Tucson, Arizona, as well as what they read is a luxury residential lesbian.

Of course, Olivia does not discriminate against anyone not necessarily have to be lesbian or woman to live there (where everyone wants to live) but the company has created this project and has focused primarily towards the lesbian community.

In this Resort not only will the residents that their apartments if not also enjoy: a nightclub, a gym, two heated swimming pools, a playground for dogs, a fitness center and a hint of volleyball.

But, if everything you think little will also be with someone responsible for coordinating activities to entertain at all times to the residents.

The owners, will have access to all events at the site, especially for them.

Imagine listening to one of their favorite artists live while enjoying a drink near the pool or see the film premiere of new film festivals.

Well, you know people, if they're thinking of buying a house or having a place to relax here is a great option (I want one of those houses ...).

New homosexual "on line" TV channel ...

Hi dear people of LesPlanet apparently another European country joins the race for gay liberation becoming a reality television project as an exclusively gay.

Romania inaugurated next October 1 its first television across the Internet to the community of homosexuals in this country, called "TV Angelicus."

The start of the broadcast will be held that day in Bucharest and in the cities of Brasov and Cluj, said today the agency Mediafax.

"This is the first television dedicated to the gay community in Romania" said Lucian Dunareanu, director of the station and also future partnership "Be An Angel Romania."

"It's an information project of the gay community that will be added to the magazine on the Internet and the newsletter" we currently have. It will be a small consortium, "said Dunareanu.

For the new television work as volunteers and about ten people, while funding is secured by a gay organization in Germany.

Dunareanu explained that among the programs include a morning, "Miss travesty Romania 2008", and a project called "Sunt altfel" (I'm different), which recounts episodes of the lives of gays and lesbians, and news reports about this community in Romania and the world, as well as films.

The events dedicated to homosexuals, as the Gay Film Festival to be held in October in Cluj, will be widely reflected, said Duneareanu, who assured that "TV Angelicus" never deliver movies or obscene materials.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Olympic medals of our planet

Hi dear inhabitants of our planet behind the rainbow, I am counting that of the 13 lesbian and bisexual women who competed in the Olympic Games in Beijing, (there are more unconfirmed, but here we only confirmed for those who have left outed) because of the athletes on our planet the vast majority have managed gold medals, silver or bronze.


Gro Hammerseng our captain handball preferred 28-year-old openly gay led his team to victory.

Norway win 34-27 against Russia in the Olympic final this weekend, assuring Norwegian for the first Olympic gold medal.

The team, which is also her partner (also openly gay) and left Katja Nyberg. Katja Nyberg is the third largest annotation team.

This is the preferred partner among athletes of our planet.

At the ceremony Katja said to journalists after the match "I think I am the happiest person on earth right now," "I think our speed was the ticket for the gold medal today."

This victory for the team coincided with the 29 birthday Katja said: "I am not worried about my birthday now, but it's nice that my companions give me this gold as a birthday gift"


The representatives Olympic our planet are Vicky Galindo and Lauren Lappin, were not made with the gold medal but made a great display of game.

For the first time since 2000, the U.S. football team lost the gold in the Olympic Games, when they were beaten by Japan 3-1 in the finals last week. The team takes the Silver medal.

Vicky Galindo

Lauren Lappin


Natasha Kai, publicly came out of the closet just before the start of the Olympic Games, when it was revealed in an interview with NBCOlympics.com he had "a hard time" when initially joined in January. "I had lost the first camp in early January because he had bronchitis and I was going through a bad break with my girlfriend," he said.

The bronze medal went to football in Germany, which beat Japan 2-0 for third place. Among the bronze medalists is Linda Bresonik 24-year-old German midfielder who left the cabinet year pasado.Bresonik has played well since the beginning of the Olympic Games, but he hurt his ankle in a match against Sweden in the quarterfinals.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Official Photos of Ellen and Portia DeGeneres... (and more details)

Hi girls, was finally released official photos of the wedding of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, now Mrs. DeGeneres.

The author Wayne Dyer, went who officiated the ceremony.

The Singer/songwriter Joshua Radin was elated to serenade Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi on Saturday during their private nuptials. For his performance, Radin – who was hand-picked by DeGeneres as a surprise for de Rossi – sang acoustic renditions of several new tracks, including the ballad "They Bring Me To You."

“I cannot imagine topping that experience," Radin told PEOPLE exclusively of his performance for DeGeneres, 50, and de Rossi, 35. "I've never played a wedding before, and I probably won't again until it's my own.”

But Radin isn’t the only one to share his happiness for the newlyweds: Congratulations have started flooding in. "I wish her all the best, all the happiness, all the joy that comes with that certificate in hand," Katherine Heigl, a self-proclaimed fan of DeGeneres, said upon hearing the news.

Other of the invitation America Fererra added that she has no advice for the couple, only well-wishes. "I'm just so happy that they get to love each other in such an official way."

Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight also sent his congrats along with his relief that same-sex marriage is now legal in California. "I happy that they’re happy," said Knight. "I’m happy that they’re allowed to get married."

For what we already publish on their wedding here in LesPlanet same, we know that both wore designs Zac Posen, who ate at the banquet an all-vegan menu prepared by her personal chef, David Silberkleim, and a vegan red velvet cake from Sweet Lady Jane bakery. they exchanged Neil Lane rings, the ceremony was decorated with candles and flowers from Mark's Garden, the performed to host the banquet in charge of Joshua Radin, or when the marriage sat on floor pillows along with author Wayne Dyer who officiated the ceremony.

Ellen on her talk show's website she wrote in cursive, wedding-esque script:

"What can I say? I'm the luckiest girl in the world," says DeGeneres. "She's officially off the market. No one else gets her. And now she'll cook and clean for me."

"The love we felt from the people surrounding us, and the love we have for each other, made this the most beautiful and emotional day," says de Rossi. "And one that we'll never forget."

"We go back and forth," de Rossi, 35, tells PEOPLE about the prospect of having children. "I don't know if it's our immediate future. It's something we talk about every few months."

"It's something we would never take lightly and just say, 'That would be fun.' It's a lot of work and we recognize that," says DeGeneres, 50. "In a way, we want to be selfish because we love our life, but we know how much that adds to it."

Well girls I hope that you have liked this article with the ultimate of our favorite marriage Ellen and Portia DeGeneres.