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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mia Kirshner writes her first book ...

Hi girls LesPlanet, it appears that Mia Kirshner, has something of his character in L Word and Jenny Schecter is that it has launched to write a book, and it seems that it is not "Lez Girls."

The book is entitled "I Live Here", to be issued on October 14 with the Publisher of Pantheon Books.

In this book have collaborated graphic novelist Joe Sacco, the writer JB MacKinnon and graphic designers Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons.

The debut of Mia Kirshner as a writer will take us by various countries and their problems, the book recounts a trip that lasts seven years around the world and the devastation she has seen.

The book half daily and half graphic novel, tells us and explore since the war in Chechnya, passing through ethnic cleansing in Burma, globalization in Mexico and AIDS in Malawi.

This book is interesting from the standpoint of first-person narration of these global problems, has had plenty of time to write this book, so is that girls have to read it ...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Decalogue for coming out the closet...

Hi girls, today you put this article that we found and we find interesting and can you guide to take the plunge if they do not even have given of the closet or what is the same raise awareness of your sexual orientation. Come on, tell people in your circles close (family, friends, work) that you are gay. Obviously it is not an obligation ... But sometimes it is necessary to do so.

1. Do not make a catastrophe of the case.

You can not know the reaction that will have people once you leave the cabinet. The reaction can be good or bad, but you're not god and can not know beforehand. People are often surprised: can you are angry or embarrassed, but also fit reactions of surprise, pride in having a child, brother, friend or so, and even relief that finally the participants do something that we intuit. ..

2 .- Do a test.

Prepare a relatively manageable you as a reference for future outings. For example, is a good way to leave your best friend. I do not think it makes sense to maintain a deep friendship if we do not share such an important part of your life, so perhaps worthwhile start there.

In addition, friends can serve as a pillar or support essential for future outings. Tell you have to be to tell an essential aspect as well as complicated your life (or your sexuality), you want to share with him or her (as will an idea of where you are).

She noted his reaction. If it shows receptive and wanting to know, continues. If it shows elusive or seeks to avoid the situation, it might be worth trying with another person (or even change you friends!).

3 .- Look at the reactions of others.

If people react angrily or aggressively, or do not want to hear what you're counting, not continue. They are in their right not to want to listen. Above all, do not be put at their level. If you shout, not shout; if alter and anger not do the same. Shout of them is not a good way to keep the mind clear and firm, which is precisely what you need at a time like this.

4 .- Family and friends first?.

It's a personal decision. Some have begun by her best friend because she understood that, otherwise, the friendship would not have value, being disingenuous. But we also know people who started by her family, because she understood that those who have brought the world should be better able to understand and accept. Others did so with a brother or sister who later helped when it came to tell the parents.

5 .- How to get the item?.

It seems complicated right? But I can give you several options. You can raise you as I said earlier, as something more or less formal ... "We have to talk about something important" ... but in most cases that I know has emerged spontaneously.

6 .- Who should I tell?.

Here I can not answer. Everyone has designed life as a lesbian, wants to have. I have friends who have only what her sister. Other relatives and friends but kept her working life completely in the closet. And finally only a few (unfortunately) have come out in all spheres of life ...

7 .- Aid.

If you need help look for and ask. Have you taken a good step in this consultation, but may require help. In the network there GLBT most representative associations. They often have clinics or counselor who, at any given time, can be an invaluable aid, more than anything because they are accustomed to seeing these issues one day and another the other ... too.

If you do not have a fence, there are telephones information where you can advise. You could also say you were a psychologist if needed, but it would be good to you before the report of the same opinion about homosexuality, will not you try heal you (unless you think that cure).

There are also some books that can be self-help, have very good titles and addresses many issues of lesbian life, since leaving the cabinet to how to make lesbian relationships work.

.8 .- Grounds.

Examine the reasons you have for the closet. Know why you want to do things can be very helpful. By that I mean that is not the same leave your parents because they want something reproach, to do it because you want to improve your relationship with them.

The same applies to your friends. Above all, take your time. I suppose you've waited a long to reach this situation. Any lesbian comes before or after that need to grab his life by the horns and do something with regard to their sexuality.

(Translation of the photo: "coming out the closet")

No problem by waiting a few days, weeks or even months more, thinking about the same and about all the risks, pros and cons that can lead to the take certain decisions.

Above all it is important that you feel to think about what might happen arrival the situation in order to be ready (for better and for worse) bearing in mind that it is absurd and pointless to worry about things you can not control (such as behaviour that will have others).

9 .- When the time comes.

As understand, we can not answer that question. Everyone is a world, and each outlet is different. It depends on your age and circumstances. However, some people have encountered the following answers:

a) "We say this to do us harm." Faced with this situation helps to know why you do. If they are sincere and based on love, most people should be able to understand the pain you're going (at least over time). If they do not, maybe they are the ones who should ask for help.

b) "Sure it is only a phase. You will know when the right guy." From yours rebut this argument and make it clear that not accept what the stage and that is not passenger.

c) "Oh God! what have we done wrong?. what are we wrong?" Try to be responsible for the fact of being a lesbian. There are so many theories about what causes homosexuality as authors consulted. You know: from the absent parent to genetics. Knowing a few and make it clear that not know the specific causes can avoid blame for your parents is something that should not be blamed

d) "It's a sin ... ... is unnatural, go to hell." Well, yes ... yet we hear things from this style, no matter how close we are the third millennium. Faced with this, knowledge is always the solution. If you are a believer and your religion is opposed to homosexuality, there are religious groups who attempt to offer spiritual support and modern interpretations about the alleged ban on homofilia. You can find them in the various associations GLBT.

e) "We can not understand it. We do not fit on the head that two women can do that." It is, perhaps, something against which you can not do anything, because it is feelings and prejudices, the fruit of years of indoctrination ... To give you an idea is like if you achieve a representation of your parents making love so savage. It seems to be costing the idea, right?.

And is that homosexuality is part of what you are, but also a very intimate and secret of your person. Like not give details of your relationships if they were heterosexual, why do not you give them your homosexual relationships. That is for the privacy of each person.

The only thing you can do is try to dismantle their demons about homosexuality brings clarity and positive images from the endless list of lesbians and gay men along the story until one of modern films, which addresses the issue of how and without desenfadada make a drama of the case.

They also often have support groups for parents associations. Remember that if you do not accept ... thing is ultimately theirs. It is up to them to change their vision. Not you.

10 .- Good Luck

Thursday, August 21, 2008

hi girls today, as every Thursday you put a new chapter in the history of Pepa and Silvia, in this chapter you can see parts that do not directly relate to the history of our girls but are essential that you can to understand the next episodes.

If you want to see the video with better quality, click on this link, and it will bring to youtube, there has the option to see it with higher quality.

I hope you enjoy all this episode ...

The deal between Jodie Foster and cydney Bernard...

Hi LesPlanet's girls, we bring you news that it was inevitable that happen in all separations like things are not as they seem ...

Apparently Jodie Foster could lose $ 25 million shortly.

The reason ?????

For all we know, Jodie left his partner Cydney Bernard with the leading 14 years, writer and producer Cynthia Mort, which seems already had a relationship while she was with Cydney.

We always have wanted to leave and see that Jodie Cydney took very well and even continued to live together for the sake of children they have in common ... but nothing is less true.

Jodie seems to want to keep things away from public view, so does whatever it takes to keep everything quiet and that means that treat your ex-girlfriend Cydney be happy and I have no problem.

According to the National Enquirer, Jodie Foster could lose up to one quarter of her fortune, an estimated $ 25 million in maintenance for Cydney.

Jodie is currently a fortune valued at about $ 100 million. But it turns out that half the income of millions when she was with Cydney, therefore legally, her former Cydney could ask half the 50 million dollars obtained during their relationship.

According to said a source close to Jodie Foster, she is trying to do what is best for everyone to be happy and not having to pay these 25 million dollars to Cydney.

Even that is trying to Cydney and her current partner Cynthia are friends, which is very well for the good of the whole world.

This source said: "She wants to be friends. Jodie realizes that if Cydney perceives that all are one big happy family, she never request for half her assets."

And of course we wonder, Cydney think that this and that she receives in return for not suing half of its rightful heritage?

Well Miss Cydney lives for free in one of the houses owned by Jodie Foster, can also see their children whenever and is always well received at home. Even better, the amount of six figures Jodie gives a year to Cydney.

Actually these conditions are not nothing wrong, but are not clear 25 million dollars, although I think that this Cydney being smart, because she will always have time to sue their millions if Jodie break these conditions and can also see their children and also be close Jodie, at any time. What do you think? What you'll do? ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi girls, as today is Wednesday, you put the episode 11 of L Word of the first season, I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We extend our relations...

Why lesbians have so many problems to emerge with others?. We understand by going out with one or more women, perhaps having sex without reaching a decision or thinking about long delays, or the nature of this new relationship.

Why gambalain dahil we have to make decisions about a relationship?. It's always something to see: two women begin to leave and immediately defined themselves as a couple. Once sex is taken as granted that now have a long-term relationship.

Maybe we should rethink this. Suddenly many of the problems that occur in lesbian relationships is not taking the time to get out without getting involved with other immediately and force a relationship.

Prove to the world

Perhaps our relations hurry to prove to the world homophobic (and ourselves) that lesbians exist. We have to have stable relationships and these have to operate. We are always afraid of the idea of two women together without commitment (this makes sense in the context of homophobia). But perhaps we should be more conscious about the quality of relations, and not be related to assume that someone is better than being single.

Participation in an appointment

Having an appointment is not easy. For some reason, most lesbians who disapproves of the citations have more than one woman. You can hear the criticism "She's a player you used can not commit" and much more, it is assumed to have appointments with different women is wrong. It's easy to see that they came from these stereotypes, our unique role models are heterosexual men. But as we are definitely lesbians who treat women with respect, we must avoid thinking about these stereotypes.

There are many other reasons why they have appointments can be difficult. An appointment involves the risk of going out to meet women, initiate talks, ask a woman to leave, have a conversation in the evening with someone you do not know very well and perhaps think about sex (and if you think, how to start searching). You can not wait to be sure, and maybe risk being rejected. Many women also worry whether they are attractive or desirable.

And that's not all. As a lesbian, actually places where there is not much to find other lesbians, and places that exist are not always the easiest to penetrate. And if they do not go to these places identified as environment, we can not meet other lesbians or know a girl to get an appointment.

Having an appointment involves undefined situations such as not knowing who to believe, be insecure they mean to one another and possibly feeling very confused. For many lesbians this uncharted territory makes them feel out of control and terrorized.

To feel more secure prefer to define as rapidly as possible and establish a relationship clearly the parameters of the same. But if the definition of the relationship is hasty and not find what you're looking at this woman in particular, this will be a big mistake. And as is so difficult to have appointments, many lesbians remain in a relationship for much longer than they wanted, precisely because they are afraid of having an appointment with another woman.

A relationship of long duration is synonymous with a healthy relationship?

As a community, we tend to admire lesbians who have long relationships. But we applaud these relations without knowing the quality. Everything we have seen are heterosexual couples who are together even when it is not healthy for the parties, pressured by social expectations or family pressures, children and much more.

But we are not obliged to make the same mistakes. If we are to women we love and we feel it is wonderful to be in a relationship of long duration. But if not, we must not allow fear not find another woman or a possible rejection prevents us pursue happiness.

Taking our time

It takes considerable effort and conscientious not fall into the idea that we already have a relationship by having a couple of quotations or sex. Establish limits, give us time to see how we feel, talk about things and know the difference between a clutter of hormones and love is the ideal that both seek, and are not easy things to do. But it is possible. And if we allow ourselves to take appointments, we will find that we have more time to decide what they really seek. Because the choice of our partners should not be made in haste.

Knowing more to Jennifer Beals... Part 3

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, I bring here the last part of Knowing more ... Jennifer Beals.

Here we have more curiosities, phrases and thoughts of our beloved Jenny. I hope you enjoy, next week will continue with Laurel Holloman.

Jenny says: "There are about three people who have the phone number of my house and they are all linked by blood with me"

Jennifer tells us about the friendship between women and the difference mixed with friendship:

• "I say Would not it be nice that these men and women rather than fighting among themselves, which seems more a cliché, it would be wonderful if they were true companions and these men spend more time in infiltrate their friendships ? ".

• "I am speaking specifically of the relationships between women. If two women go to a bar and are fighting for men, we'll make it easier for men. If two women are very close and act as such makes it very difficult for men embark on someone. "

The love scenes:

"Make a love scene with a woman is easier than with a man. Because when you tell the other woman "Look, I have trouble with this or that part of my body, you can put your hand there," they know that you're talking about and the hand does not move. While a man forget it because they do not know the meaning of cellulite. "

About Fame:

• "I do not need a million dollars. Why should an ad for Pepsi or any announcement? I have never drank Pepsi, it should do that? I have no problem with money and appreciate what you can do, but I think you're really in danger if you start doing things just for money. "

• "I never have felt attracted to something under the rich or famous I would. I rejected a lot of money and my agents were going crazy. "

About The L Word :

• "What is so wonderful about" The L Word "is undoubtedly that destroys stereotypes that people have about the gay community. It's incredibly exciting for me that any young woman who lives in the middle of nowhere and has no access to this type of community, gets into the series and is capable of interacting with the characters and realizes that you have a site in the world, there are other people like herself and her sexual orientation does not mean she should feel inferior. That is a huge reason that I took the character ".

• (Describing a Bette Porter of "The L Word"): "… a total type A, multi tasks, a woman something command that the art is what the move…. And she is Biracial. So there are all kinds of things with which you can play. You can play with the mystery of sexuality and come to play with race and get to play with class and with all sorts of things "...

• "The way in which we approach the love scenes are not always about love. Sometimes they are about possession. Sometimes they are about privacy and sometimes there are fights at the same time. "

Talking about her friend David Duchovny :

• "used to be around me and ask for dates. I used to say:

A) I do not know who you are and

B) I'm living with someone, so I think it is a problem. And then I go to New York this act and who is it? David "harassing" Duchovny! (Laughter). I do not call him harasser. After he and I became companions scene, and then we became friends! It's a very funny guy!

• "What's incredibly interesting is that I have represented vampires, murderous and morally ruined people and no one ever asked me if I had reservations to represent these characters."

About her married :

• "My husband makes a lot of things romantic for me, is absurd."

• "I remember one day I was in my house and knew that I had not had a great day. He had thousand rose petals at the entrance who wrote "I love You". Yesss, and made the entire entry with this message of love, you know, before I came into the house. "

Monday, August 18, 2008

Animals Lesbian dangerous ....

Hi girls of LesPlanet, today we will talk about the types of hazardous lesbians that can be found on our planet and we should avoid at all costs, if we do not want to suffer needlessly.

We must admit that not all women, even lesbians, are perfect. The following list of not-so-perfect lesbians this meant to help avoid unnecessary disasters.

Queen Bees or Prima Donna

She appears with a short dress and adjusted combined with a jean jacket in the fashionable lesbian bar, waiting for any help you take off the jacket and invite a drink. This woman does not like to wait.

The Prima Donna is magnificent. She can be a real lesbian, although in most cases is a bisexual. Her sexuality has no greater significance for her, because what she really wants is power. Rarely will be grateful to the lesbian to keep it, it helps pay, protect his ex, the leading shopping and listen to their complaints.

The best way to discourage this woman is looking at them in the eye and say something like "Do it yourself", and then away from it as much as possible.

The "Cool Butch"

This is the Age of Lesbian and achieve a nation come to power, and she expects to be treated according to this. When she wants to be with you, you joke.

In many cases, Miss Cool is married to his career, in other cases loves the nightlife and have many relationships, and in all cases it will emphasize that you never promised anything.

The Cool Buthe knows that others can read in his sarcastic expression what they like and do not want to break illusions.

The best way to try to melt the coldness things is to ask and demand answers. If away from this woman, you've drawn an Ice Age of your life.

The "Hot Butch"

She is aggressive, possessive, unpredictable and distrustful. It may be pleasant, witty and charming if you're in a good mood but one wrong word can turn it into a furious leone.

It was probably more than once expelled from the bar by hitting someone in the jaw, but insists that was not his fault but that was caused.

She does not tolerate criticism. If a negative suggestion arouses their anger, it will make you mourn. If falls in love with you, with these expensive dazzle you want to get in position owe something, and ensure that the love forever ... this phase lasts two weeks, or until the first big fight between you.

The "Hot butch" a girl is grown, you are looking for power and attention, so do not let entangle in her scenes but you put a necklace.

The Celebrity

You'll know you've given to this character when your friends murmured "Oh, is her!" And you see a woman that you've seen more rutilante supported in the pub bar. She pretends to want to be anonymous, but is surrounded by fans. She may be the only lesbian singer of the city, or has written a novel or has her paintings on exhibition at a major art gallery. If nothing has happened this, then it is hoping to succeed in the near future.

This is not at the top or you'll have the third or fourth place in the life of the celebration. Her work and hers ego come first.

If you become your partner, you bear the burden of domestic home, because she is too busy to these details, and you have to manage their private affairs as well.

She expects a combination of wife and manager. If you're not ready or prepared for this position, you will leave your life and you replace.

If you're with the woman described above, resists the urgency of falling at his feet. Remember that every woman has their own dreams, and you do not have to sacrifice because yours by it.


You can not recognize this type of lesbian until it is too late. First you know that she had a difficult childhood .... and that their parents were too strict. She acted in a film class B and its cantinela is "the only thing I'm looking for is love."

If you fall will make you more sympathetic confessions: The victim feels persecuted and misunderstood.

She will require your emotional and financial support, she will want your help her return to school, get a job, earn the respect of people .... The victim does not move if you do not push, especially if you've managed to keep it.

She will make you leave your friends and your bank account and ruin your reputation, but will not make any serious effort to change her life.

The only way to save the victim is not to have compassion.

If you're kind of victims need aid that no woman can give you. First, you take control of your life once you know what you want actually.

The Feminist Lesbian and Politically Correct

She is educated, intelligent, involved at the political level to achieve improvements in the lives of gay people, well aware ....¿ what can be wrong with a woman like that?. You can be what is wrong.

Ms. Politically Correct will ask why you saw in the last Gay Pride March and no matter what your explanation, always will tell you that is an excuse.

Do not smoke, do not drink, do not eat meat and disapproves of the people doing any of these three things. She disapprove any relationship you have with a man, including your father, brother or son. Any clothing that uses it will be too masculine or too feminine for her taste, will be made with fibers that cause cancer, or produced in some third world country by oppressed workers then you should not use it.

Get alert to any sign of intolerance ... if a lesbian feminist tries to criticize your lifestyle, stop it with the same firmness that you would with any other person.

The hoarding

She will emphasize to know that the only thing you want is your friendship ... then give you a friendly kiss on the mouth .... which will last ten minutes. You say that you expected to find a woman suitable very soon, then describe their own kind of ideal woman ... who coincidentally is exactly the same as you.

If this alone, of grabbing like to have several potential lovers around while she is decided by a couple with ... if she wants to take another look at as insurance, where the first relationship fail.

The only thing you can do is keep your mind clear.

The Obsessed

This woman can not see clearly because it is still gripped by its memorable past. The Obsessed is still attached to her latest love, or a fantasy figure who could never achieve, because fantasies are easier to control than reality.

She hoped to hear all about the love of his life ... Since the memorable girlfriend who was the most holy of lesbians, until it ruined their lives, if the latter passed the obsession that you want to pay for that, behave you as she was treated (as she thinks she was treated, which is worse ).

This woman is still waiting for the other. When you find a woman who can not stop talking her last relationship, try to change the subject of their conversation and who knows what's your name. If this fails, then let it become part of your past.

If you are ... The Obsessed stop watch and wait for returns impossible. You can not forget the past, but recalls that a lifetime of new possibilities are waiting for you.

In general, this is be honest with you and with the same woman you know, and put aside all the games described above, the only ending that is causing harm ... separations and avoidable.

We hope that this article, helps many of us to see what kind of girls are approaching us and hit a little more power to choose partner ... and above all avoid as we said before separations and unnecessary suffering.

Hi LesPlanet's girls , every Monday as he put another episode of the replenishment of the first season of L Word of which we are already reaching almost to an end.
Today we can see the number 10 chapters of this fantastic series. I wish Enjoy it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


While the world is distracted and preoccupied with the Olympic Games, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were finalizing their wedding plans.

That's right, girls Ellen and Portia have been married yesterday evening.

The girls marrying at all surprised yesterday evening:

"Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were married this last night in an intimate ceremony at his home in Los Angeles," said hers spokesman in exclusive

Ellen DeGeneres, 50 years, and Portia de Rossi, 35, are now wife and wife :) both wore Zac Posen designs and exchanged rings during the ceremony Neil Lane on Saturday.

For their big day will also include flower arranging Mark's Garden of the most famous and exclusive L. A.

The intimate ceremony was attended by 19 guests, including Betty's mother Ellen and Margaret Rogers's mother Portia (who flew from Australia for the occasion), they witnessed the exchange of votes of the couple.

From here since LesPlanet wish them the best in the world and are very happy.

Let us remember that they are partners since December 2004.

Ellen announced their marriage plans with Portia during a recording of her talk show in May after the California Supreme Court allowed gay marriage in that state.

The following month showcased a ring of Portia (3 carats of diamonds) commitment.

Ellen, said Portia: "She taught me lessons about myself, and I feel like I've also taught her," We have grown and changed so much, and I feel that this step is the conclusion, stability. "