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Saturday, August 16, 2008

UH HUH HER... "Not a Love Song "

Hello dear inhabitants of the planet behind the rainbow, their story that has premiered the new video Uh Huh Her, I am sure that all know Uh Huh Her, the group formed by our beloved Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey (story here).

This electro-pop duo have released the video of the first single from his new album called Common Reaction, this video will premiere on MTV this week.

It is the video for the song "Not a Love Song".

The premiere coincided with video streaming across the CD in Logo (AfterEllen.com 's parent company) and MTV. you can hear the songs on the album The album comes out on sale on Tuesday.

Be alert for more than Uh Huh Her, the official launch of the disc, their reactions, everything will get here on Tuesday.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The truth of Lesbian Sex...

Hi girls, let's put an item that we found very interesting written by Dr. Jay Asher Degree in Psychotherapy, in talks to us about the famous Lesbian Bed Death, and teaches us some guidelines to avoid such a loss of passion that comes with age.

Suzanne Lasenza, Ph.D. and sex therapist, says "If you ask lesbians believe that is the number one problem of couples with a long life, they will tell you" lesbian bed death "(blackout in bed). And it is not true ...

As heterosexual couples or gays, lesbians experience frustrations at work, family crisis or illness that demand our attention and energy, taking some time to sacrifice quality and the time that intimacy with our partner. With these facts in mind, let's take a look at the problems that lead to the rarity of sex between lesbians, with the knowledge that none of these problems that are listed can be applied to heterosexual or gay couples.

In reality very different factors contributing to the low frequency of sexual encounters, such as homophobia, different wishes about certain sexual practices, impact of an affair by one of the members of the couple, depression or the effects of antidepressant medications, balancing the responsibility on children, work or relationships with the family of origin. If your partner is going through a combination of these factors, be patient (very patient) with itself and its partners.

Problem 1: Who initiates sex?. In a lesbian relationship we have two women who have been educated with the idea of not being sexually aggressive. In the beginning of the relationship shows the way passion, but passion diminishes over time and neither side takes responsibility to initiate sex.

Solution: There is no consolation with the thought that the passion diminishes. Nor do a conspiracy of silence; comunĂ­quense. Talk about the subject. Change the constraints of gender. Free your thoughts. Think of sexual pleasure. Remember themselves, and women with whom they share their lives, how are you and sexy as she turns on you every time you're with you.

Problem 2: The good girls do not talk about sex. Aid!.

Solution: Women enjoy talking to their partners about what happens to them (or not) in your sex life. This type of communication builds sexual gratification. An increase in sexual satisfaction becomes an increasing frequency of sexual intercourse. Change your mentality to be open to new areas of eroticism. allowed us integrate sex and eroticism in the enjoyment of their lives together.

Problem 3: Women who come from deeply religious families who repress sexual pleasure internalize this idea. The sexual pleasure is associated in their minds with the idea of doing something wrong. Add to that a ban on most religions as to be homosexual, and the ability to enjoy or feel comfortable with sex is seriously affected.

Solution: Learn a new language religious boards. Find a church that does not discriminate. We live in a world of computers, think in terms of software and hardware. We have a religious software that we have scheduled so destructive since our childhood. Change the programming. Look for a software positive religious, rich and powerful to match their lifestyle and their sense of positive life.

The following is a questionnaire aimed at lesbian women to improve communication between you and your girl have to do together.

* Do we have sex with a greater or lesser frequency you'd like?.

* Why have sex only at night or in the mornings?.

* Why do we do in the same place?.

* Why have sex only on weekends?.

* Why do we only have sex after taking drugs or alcohol?.

* Why do we only have sex if there is nobody else in the house?.

* Why do not we use sex toys or vibrators?.

* Why do we use sex toys or vibrators?.

* Why do we always love the same way?.

Have the ability to ask or say you want or do not want to do more is an act of faith in the relationship. Being unable to express yourself honestly is a vote of no confidence in the potential of your partner.

Girls want to have helped a bit to all couples who esteis going through a downturn passionate, and remember as we read in the paper, that's death bed lesbian does not exist, one need only talk to our partner and not let all everyday problems we always turn off the passion with our partner.

Hi Lesplanet's girls, we bring you a new episode of sugar rush, we are nearing the end of the first season.

Today we will see the number 9 chapters of this entertaining series, in which we can see:

Kim has tried to do the best, but it is difficult. Especially when your mother is a whore who just returned home because they had no place to go. She meets another girl named Beth, with whom things seem to flow and go well. Finally Kim received a call from Sugar.

We hope enjoy it ...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello LesPlanet's girls, today, as every Thursday, we brings a chapter of Pepa and Silvia, as they anticipate last week, becoming the most interesting history.

Do not miss this chapter, therefore seeing things that have not been seen before ... besides that girls get a little clothes ...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The smile today...

Hello girls, today and Wednesday and in the middle of the week, which will bring better than a video that yours laughing a while ...

It is a video of Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate, I strongly recommend the watching it, because it is very funny.

Hi girls, again we bring you a new episode of season 1 L Word, this time we will see the number 9 episode of this fantastic series.

I wish you enjoy ...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hi dear inhabitans of Lesplanet, I bring news of the sixth season of The L Word, according to the report Cassie this new season having a baby, if you like what they read One of the characters will have a baby, and this is totally CONFIRMS and OFFICIAL .

(See in the video as the maternal spirit is spreading to the production of L word)

Those who believe they will be pregnant? That is the question of a million. I personally believe that the most likely is that Bette has a little brother or little sister to Angelica.

To start betting girls who will be the mother of our Lbaby this season:

The betting percentages of the whole environment drafting LesPlanet are:

Bette 70%
Tina 46%
Alice 2%
Shane 1%
Jenny 1%
Dylan 30%
Max 0%
Helena 0%

believe that? make their bets ....

Monday, August 11, 2008

In Spain support us ...

Hi LesPlanet's girls, it appears that Spanish society according to a survey by Sigma Dos for newspaper "El Mundo", accepts and supports the rights of mostly we enjoy at present gays and lesbians in Spain following the adoption in the law of 2005 of homosexual marriage.

More than half of Spaniards have no doubt that gays and lesbians must have identical rights to those enjoyed by heterosexual citizens to adopt children.

Specifically, 55% of the total respondents believe so, compared to 38% which is against gay adoptions.

On the other created great controversy surrounding the name of marriage for gay unions, 47% of citizens are in favour of unions between same-sex marriage is called.

According to the survey, there is a 40% agree that gays and lesbians have the same rights and guarantees that heterosexual marriages, but believed that should be called otherwise.

If we analyse the survey by sex, women are most supportive of our rights.

Well girls think we can feel calm in Spain, because society is changing and we already have majority support, although it is to rejoice, still have a long way to do ...

Hi girls, begins a new week, for which was working because patience is already one day less for the weekend and for which was holiday, enjoy it very much.

Here you bring the episode number 8 of the replacement we are doing the first season of L Word.

I hope you enjoy it...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trip to home ...

Hi girls here I bring a erotic storie at the end of the weekend we come back with renewed forces to work ...

I liked these trips by bus, at least one Friday per month returned to my charming village where I hoped my family. Spent two years working in Madrid and every time we returned to my hometown I felt happy. Whenever I was listening to the music and managed to get a window seat in the last row of the bus.

That trip was by my side to a woman about 45 years, very elegant and almost tell me that very sexy, it was the image that I'd like to have when you have those years. It noted that tending his body and his image to detail.

When I arrived she was already seated and greeted me what I answered with my best smile.

That day toward enough heat and air conditioning had not worked too well. The woman turned to me and I saw their lips moving but not heard what they said, had helmets posts, I remove them.

-- Forgive me had not noticed that you were listening to music. - told me.

-- No matter-answered.

-- Only you said that some considerable heat, right? the air should not function.

-- Yes, that seems.

-- Because I want my power as your dress, alone with your skirt and your blouse, plus I see that not wearing bra, and the fabric of skirt is very slight, is not it?

And as I read it approached his hand to my thigh and put it over to touch my skirt.

-- Take it lightly because if ...

And it was a good time playing the skirt as well as my thigh. At first I gave no importance, until her hand was slowly falling into the thigh. Close my legs and I instinctively stay stare into the eyes, nor is it immutable continued with the movement of his left hand and right between my thighs.

-- Honey-told me-not you put on the defensive was only checking if the skirt is lining, can I?

And as I said this relaxes a bit and let the legs that raise their hand a bit above always between my thighs. I noticed that nobody was realizing what was happening and she realized.

-- Do not worry that nobody sees us, but certainly as you stay calm.

And he put his bag over her legs, which prevented anyone could see what was happening in my seat.

It was shamelessly playing inside my thighs and for the first time I felt that she was abusing me, but I did not say anything. Who could say? I dressed informally a young woman could not do anything like that before a lady, I believe nobody will tell if I was poking hand.

She continued stroking my thighs and becoming more and more to my panties. I felt like a finger be opened step by raising the rubber of panties and playing with my pubic hair.

-- Do not you waxing? told me-in-summer you will even more fresh.

I do not say anything just settlements with the head, I felt manipulated by one woman who left no whisper of things to your ear so that nobody heard us.

Her hand was almost entirely within my panties and continued to tighten their fingers in my hair, but knew that in the end come up my sex. Apart completely my panties to one side and move a finger along and wet my lips.

-- These wet affection ...

She grabbed her arm forcefully with one hand to avoid further.

-- You will not get anything, relax, enjoy watch.

While the rest of passage not learned anything, her hand was still playing with my pussy and no one realized anything. Her finger was emerging between my lips until she came to my clitoris, the first time you played a small jump on my site, but it was clear that she could not do nothing to prevent that invasion of my privacy and I decided to enjoy everything I could. I opened completely legs and let me do what she wanted.

-- So I like to enjoy this moment ... but you're more comfortable to download a bit panties.

I could not believe, but I did everything she asked me. I sank my hands below me under her skirt and panties a bit, enough that her hand could not work freely and panties were overwhelmed at the side of my sex.

-- Well, since we go the skirt a little more ...

And so I did, I could not believe that women could ask me what I wanted, with her hand on my pussy could make me what I wanted. It was now open legs almost overwhelmed with the skirt at the waist and panties were already almost at the ankles, if any of the passenger seats had been right in front surprised when he saw a girl open legs, with the pussy air and another woman caresses the pussy.

Already in that position I continued playing for quite a while, playing with my clitoris, I get a couple of fingers inside me to be looking my pussy, finally, toward what she wanted me. I was close to get my first orgasm and she realized that accelerated the pace of her finger in my clitoris. She grabbed the arm to know what was happening and closed eyes. The orgasm was very intense and was accompanied by the announcement of the proximity of our destiny.

She continued playing with my pussy few minutes more and I enjoy the caresses of one woman who reminded me of the pleasures of a good masturbation.

When terminated its meeting on sex in my pussy took their fingers in their mouths and suck savoring its taste, the taste of my sex.

Duck a bit and picked up my record of soil and are kept in the bag, which drew a ticket and then write a phone number gave me.

-- If you buy other panties and if you want to spend another good time call me.

I get off the skirt and I arranged a little sweat because I had broken the makeup.

When we got to stop us raise seat at the same time, gave me a kiss on the forehead and said goodbye to me.

I saw her away while my family was approached to greet my all and go home. The lost sight but kept the ticket in the bag. When we get home the first thing I did was give me a bath and I masturbate thinking of her and her caresses.