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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Knowing more to .. Jennifer Beals

HI girls, this time learn more about our beloved, beautiful, super sexy, charming, Jennifer Beals.
Our Jennifer Beals was born on December 19, 1963 in Chicago, is the daughter of Alfred Beals, an African American, who had a grocery store and Jeanne Cohen, a Jewish American Irish, elementary education teacher.

Jennifer and her mother

She has two brothers Bobby and Gregory. His father died when she was 9 years old and his mother remarried again with Edgar Cohen.

Jenny stated that his legacy Biracial hit him much, because "somehow always lived outside" with an idea "if the other in society."

In 1980 played a minor role in the movie "My Bodyguard" and nothing else finish high school in 1983 while on its journey through Europe publicist called for a hearing in New York where he sought a "woman Saturday Night Fever", Jenny without much thought caught the first flight back to USA and despite the thousands of young people eager for the role she managed to differentiate themselves from the rest and remain with the lead role in "Flashdance", interpreting Alex, a girl of 18 who worked during the day as a welder and at night was an exotic dancer, whose dream was to someday be accepted in an illustrious dance school.

She was nominated for Golden Globe and won the NAACP Image Award for Best Actress for her interpretation and the film received an Oscar for best song.

Before continuing with her career as an actress completed her studies in American Literature at Yale University where he graduated (BA) in 1986.

After Flashdance shot near the singer Sting in 1985 "The Bride," a Gothic horror film based on the classic Bride of Frankenstein 1935.

In 1989, starred alongside Nicolas Cage "Vampire's Kiss."

In 1995, starred alongside Denzel Washington in "Devil in a Blue Dress" based on the novel by Walter Mosley.

The same year appears alongside Tim Roth in a segment of the four-stories "Four Rooms" directed by her then husband, Alexandre Rockwell.

Rockwell had led earlier in 1992 in the independent film "In the Soup" which won a Grand Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Jenny Beals again jump to fame thanks to the Showtime series "The L Word", where she stars in our already known and loved Bette Porter.

Despite the fact that many of his films in the series and with so many scenes of sex as we know that there is .... our Jenny has always avoided the naked throughout his career.

She is the only actress in the series that has refused to appear naked.

As far as his personal life is concerned, jenny was married to Alexandre Rockwell from 1986 to 1996.
In 1998 she married with Ken Dixon, a Canadian businessman. She and Dixon had a daughter in October 2005 and Dixon has two children from her previous marriage.

Jennifer is a close friend of Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino often remained at home while she struggled as aspiring director before "Pulp Fiction".

Since they met at an airport in 1980 is one of the best friends of Marlee Matlin, or as we know all Jodi Lerner.

· Name: Jennifer Beals

· Familiar Name: Jenny

· Date of birth: December 19, 1963

· Eye color: brown

· Hair color: brown

· Height:1’76

· Mascots: Two dogs

· Hobbies: More than just a hobby, a passion: photography.

· Interests: Animals, photography, not being the center of public attention while you're working.

· Residence: A house on the outskirts of Los Angeles and another in Vancouver, Canada.

• In Flashdance (1983), date of birth filled in the application form is your date of birth in real life. He also called his father in the full application and the first of its mother.

• In the film "The Anniversary Party" (2001), Jennifer plays a character who takes photographs of performers. In reality also makes.

• At Yale classmate was of David Duchovny, who suggested to The X-Files in the role of Dana Scully (1993). Finally went to Gillian Anderson.

• She was nominated for a Best Actress in a film-Comedy/Music the Golden Globe for Flashdance (1984).

• We offered the part of Apollonia in Purple Rain, who starred in the musical star of the 80 Prince, but rejected the role because the film conflicted with his schedule Yale and wanted to concentrate on their studies.

• Jennifer studied welding for two months for his role as Alex in Flashdance.

• Jennifer is a very good friend of Elizabeth Berkley, leaving the two together in the film "Roger Dodger" (2002).

• She won the NAACP Image Award for Best Actress (Flashdance).

• Auditions for the miniseries "Queen" (grandmother of Alex Haley) but the role went to Halle Berry.

• Despite having been selected by Adrian Lyne for the starring role of Alex Owens in Flashdance, Paramount Studios not wanted by their race. (Adrian Lyne in Details Magazine, 1996).

• Jennifer wanted to go to Yale since his older brother studied there. The studied African American Studies.

• Jennifer has stated that the only racism with which it has faced came from people who thought she was white. (August 1985, Cosmopolitan Magazine).

• The night before the hearing Flashdance, Jennifer slept on a bench in Central Park.

• made her debut as an actress making extra in "My Bodyguard" in 1980.

• Her sweatshirt, dropped leaving a shoulder in sight in Flashdance became a fashion worldwide.

We will continue later learn more about Jennifer Beals and discovering curiosities of his life, I am sure that concern us all.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Smile Today

Hi girls, after a long workweek, to welcome the weekend, let's relax with this fun video I found on youtube, on the back of Tina and Bette.

Amid so many rumors of estrangement, and others who think that more tragedies Mama Chaiken wants to season 6 for Tibette, let us remember the best moments of Tibette and disappears as Jobette.

I hope they like the video and enjoy it ..

Hi girls are going to inaugurate a new section called Erotic Stories, where you will read stories that we want them or that you send and temperatures climb blog ... among all.

The first story is entitled "The Dinner"

Carina lit scented candles and gave one last look around .... room was beautiful, with the lights of candles, which gave the window slightly open to the terrace leaving enter the summer breeze, the light of the portable somewhat low ... not expected to be very clear in their intentions ... intended to seduce Monica that night.

After so many years of know at last gave him a chance. The history of both had been disagreements. They had known seven years ago, when I walked out with Monica's best friend Carina, a photographer something crazy, very bohemian, with a characteristic of those who do not know to atenerte.

When told Carina that was leaving with a woman 14 years older than her, this doubted that Sonia was in its full .... but to meet Monica understood why this story. Monica was high, thin, very elegant, with very white skin, long hair and black eyes and some black as night without moon but laughed when sparks.

All you had to Sonia mad I had to calm Monica .... were like water and oil. Carina and Monica Congenies immediately ... it's always had an attraction between them more deeply hidden, not allowed out of respect for Sonia.

Until Sonia acknowledged that the match would be Monica and Carina, and Monica and not her. For a long time shared dinners weekend outings to bowling alleys, celebrated birthdays together. They were the three musketeers. Of course, Sonia that cares little as one day he suddenly went to Brazil, promising to return soon ... writing letters to the principle Fog Monica, who left to become single spacing in Christmas cards.

Monica was hit hard this incomprehensible abandonment, then recovered ... but then Carina was with a friend with Paula and again .... set aside this latent attraction between them out of respect for someone else. Paula detest seeing Monica near Carina, the friendship between them became known for its work to exchange ideas and some e-mail to another, and meet for a drink for the birthday of both.

The story with Paula had ended a year ago. Since then Carina and Monica had begun to talk more, to be followed more .... and the attraction was still there, they could not deny it. Neither disguise. In the past week had met three times to have a drink after work, and when Carina was not looking to rub the hands of Monica, which was coincidentally played Monica's knees Carina while driving his car and brought to his apartment.

Then Carina, despite being the lower of the two with its 32 years, decided it was time to make Monica decided, and had invited to dinner that Saturday night. The buzzer to shock Carina, who gave a last look in the mirror before opening the door.

The hair that barely reached the shoulders looked neat, and candlelight started flashing red ... the huge brown eyes were still behind the lens frame golden ... barely had a touch of shine to your lips well drawn. The dress blue glued to the body stressed their breasts well trained, and did see their beautiful legs. Smiled, satisfied with their appearance and was to open.

Monica was well .... now wearing their hair shorter, but still wearing black impeccably despite having almost 46 years, the figure was kept in force gym. I had big breasts, which attracted the hearing immediately, and some very long legs and well trained now, for penalty Carina, were hidden by some black pants that did however that his tail looks very sexy.

She smiled at Carina with the face of someone who does not know very well how to act.

-- Pass.

Monica came and greeted with a kiss on the cheek. Both felt as funny on the first date. Carina took the bag Monica and put him in one of the bergers. He also took the bottle of wine, and it was up to the kitchen, while Monica walked the living, stopping in front of the paintings, because it was an issue that you passion.

-- Will I stop putting music? -- Carina asked while he was still putting the bottle of wine in a bucket with ice.

-- Yes - Carina replied.

When she heard the music felt that something was shaking inside yours ... nothing less than "Love me tender," one of his favourite topics ... at that time realized that Monica was in the same tune, so it fell to the lowest heat furnace, because suspected that the dinner would begin with the main attraction.

She returned to the living, Monica was looking at her books and turned to enter hear. Reach out, and asked with seductive voice:

-- Now that nobody can say anything you agree ....¿ dance with me?.

-- Of course - Carina responded, putting his hand on Monica.

Monica attracted to the yes, the bonded his waist pressed against her body. The breasts of both were slashing, and in an instinctive gesture Carina rested his head on the shoulder of Monica, to feel her perfume and her hair in his cheek. Bailes slowly, while Monica deslizaba their hands in the back of Carina, in a sensual caress it was exciting to Carina.

Suddenly the language of Monica began to tinker with the ear lobe of Carina, which followed the rhythm of music with eyes closed and enjoying the caresses. Now Monica kissed the neck of Carina, cortitos with kisses and gentle, while women sigh. It broke a little, just enough so that Monica could catch the lips of Carina with yours, in a passionate kiss. Carina split lips and tongue of Monica came into his mouth, entangle with the other language, fiddling, inviting excitement and love the game ...

Monica could not hide his seniority in the battles of love. I was putting excite to Carina virtually without touching it, just rubbing and caressing. Slowly began to turn down the closure of the blue dress, while kissed the neck of Carina.

-- What are trying to do? -- Whispered Carina fun, to hear from Monica.

-- Loving as long ago should have done - Monica responded, sliding Bretel clothing by Carina's arms, allowing it to fall to the ground.

Carina was compared to Monica, covered only by a thong color embroidery and lace un soutien the same color, contrasting with the whiteness of their skin. The eyes of Monica became even more black if that was possible, before the spectacle of the body often Carina at its disposal.

Caressed the breasts of Carina on the lace garment inside, causing their caresses that erect nipples became even more harsh. Caressed her head with the breasts of Carina, which was already very excited .... had waited too long for this moment.

Monica unzip the support, which fell near the blue dress, and sob breasts of the girl with her hands, gentle massage and circulars.

-- You have beautiful breasts ... very beautiful. Your body is beautiful Carina ... smells as we imagined ....

-- Can I imagine naked?.

-- You know that it ...- Monica replied, before engaging in sucking nipples erect, Carina, moving the tongue about them in a way that made Carina almost to the brink of orgasm so hot.

It was squatting in front of her and kissed throughout the abdomen, around the navel with kisses and lick it, walked with his hands while his legs from ankle to the birth of the buttocks. Monica's hands went under short bordeaux to catch the buttocks of Carina and pressed gently massage.

Carina felt that her vagina and hervía because of the Monica hottest that was causing the prodigal who caresses with your hands and your tongue

-- Please ... -- Panting slowly.

Monica looked from the position, smiled and threw Ladin's short downhill, which was soon on the blue dress, next to soutien lace.

The vagina Carina was already completely wet white liquid, and Monica went nose in front of the place that had so often imagined, filling his nostrils scent of sweet and enjoyable sex of Carina. It was on foot and took up the chair, making them sit down.

Carina caught the idea and sat on the edge of the chair, opening a long legs so that her sex was completely in view of Monica ... sex without hair, covered in their own juices, which Monica had done the same hands. Monica was kneeling in front of Carina, looking hottest so with a gesture that made the temperature rose to Carina thousand.

She put his head between the legs of Carina, and with the tip of the tongue sex toured the bottom up, as the only testing ... rubbing led the vagina Carina shuddered. When the tip of the tongue of Monica came within Carina, felt that this would be soon.

Monica was pushing the language within it, coming and going, and vaginal discharge of Carina flowed unstoppable, while their hips moved almost by themselves, to increase pleasure. When Monica intuyó that Carina had been, caught the clitoris with your mouth get in shape and suck with force.

Carina had an orgasm and almost immediately another .... requesting it to stop, but Monica did not hear her ..... Excite cause both pleasure in it.

Only when Carina stopped moving, completely exhausted after the third orgasm then left her. She sat beside her and pulled the naked body against hers.

-- You're evil ....

-- No. .... I am not evil .... too wanted to let you escape this time ....

-- Ah yes? -- Carina asked, sliding his hand between skin trousers and Monica, coming soon to where I wanted ... to the hot humidity of Monica sex.

There was nothing difficult to find the clitoris, swollen because of the excitement. With his fingers began to encourage it, gently, while Monica began to move their hips at the same pace. Soon the humidity was so that the fingers of Carina was soaked, so they turned a little body, with your free hand by loosening the closure of trousers and Monica got two fingers into the vagina of hot women.

Pushes for penetration, which was facilitated by the lubrication they themselves had provoked ... went in and out quickly, within Monica, who .... sigh loudly as he seemed not enough, introduced a third finger inside the her vagina, and turned the body to be able to penetrate with more force.
Monica spent the arms behind the body of Carina, as if she wanted in. whole within a few minutes after it arrived .... orgasm, trapping the fingers of Carina with many vaginal contractions that could not be counted.

When Monica stopped moving, Carina removed their fingers in it, a little ... and even with that prompted the vagina Monica beating alone. They re-embrace, very strong, both breathing noisily.

-- Wow.

-- Take dinner - Monica murmured and both laughed.

-- I love you Monica.

-- I love you Carina.

Seal that statement with a passionate kiss on the mouth.

source: relatoslesbicos

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, left here with another episode in the history of Pepa and Silvia, is that what had been waiting since this story has captivated us all, so without further ado ....

Pepa and Silvia chapter 01 "I do not like girls." :)

Enjoy ...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Katja and Gro ... The lesbian partner of Norway's sport

Hi LesPlanet's girls, thanks to one of our readers who sent us this news, we know that the national team of Norway's Handball, we have two residents of our beautiful planet ...

In 15 days of the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing, we have a new incentive to see them, Gro Hammerseng and Katja Nyberg both Handball players from Norway, are lesbians, and couples residing in the country.

We've been looking for YouTube and we found a video of a Norwegian program where the stars are invited Robbie Williams and Gro Hammerseng (typical Norwegian so beautiful ... it must be said), in the interview, Robbie Williams asks Gro:

"Are you married?"

"No," replied the handball player.

The boy remains insistent asking:

"Got boyfriend?"

and she replied relaxed leaving with their mouths open


For the Norwegians the response was not a surprise. Gro Hammerseng is one of the most famous handball players in the country. And his girlfriend Katja Nyberg, is also a handball player and partner selection.

Homosexuality of Hammerseng and Nyberg, who are partners for years, is not far from a taboo in Norway. One of the mentality of most advanced countries on the planet in the field.

Both are legends. Nyberg is 29 years old, born in Finland, with the selection that came to play, it nationalized Norwegian and a star and global Hammerseng, 28, star and activist Hammerseng is a celebrity in Norway.

She has worked as a model and appears regularly on television. It is also a known activist for human rights, handball is part of a campaign by Amnesty International for the release of Chinese dissidents.

Well as you see girls, we must be vigilant when playing for deleitarnos Norwegian handball in sight with these two beautiful inhabitants of our planet.

Here I leave with you the funny video of the interview.

Hi Girls, IS CONFIRMED, Elizabeth Berkley strategy in the sixth season of L word, has already signed for several chapters, his character is a girl who left Bette in college ....

What I can assure you is whether this is good news or not?

Because the chemistry between Elizabeth and Jennifer to be very best friends in real life is dangerous ... (We can see it in the next video behind scenes where they worked together)

Let's see according to the information I have, and what we are talking about going in all forums around the world, it seems that this character who will interpret Elizabeth ... the drama Ilene Chaiken said that he was going to put Tibette.

Some believe (or rather want to believe) that will be a litmus test to strengthen the love between Tina and Bette, and to demonstrate that Bette learned the lesson and permaneceram together and happy ...

Because their story that the character who supposedly is that of Elizabeth Berkley is that of Phoebe Cutleck, the first love of Bette ... which refers Bette in the 4 th season.

The decision to put more tragedy and suffering to our preferred partner is very angry at fans in both forums as Elizabeth Berkley Ilene Chaicken are persona non grata.

Since we can not Lesplanet we contemplate the possibility that Ilene, move back to Tibette, because it would be a very big mistake and unforgivable. What we believe is that everything will test and will have a happy ending .... Ilene truth?

Here are left with the video which refers to the possible character of Elizabeth.

Gimme Sugar episode 6

Hi, LesPlanet's girls at this time are unable to complete the episode here on the blog because of computer problems, you put the links so that could see it equally, and as having solved these problems, you would put it in full on the blog. I know apologize, and enjoying the episode.

In this episode we'll see:

Tensions run high the morning-after, and the girls let Robin have it.

With Sugar a total bust, Char has one last chance to bring her friends together

Bathilda and Brit rekindle their romance, and Char offers the girls a big opportunity.

With Alex on board, the crew starts on a promoting frenzy.

Bathilda neglects her duties at Eleven; later, Char checks in with each of the girls

We can continue to be lesbians ...

Hi girls, as I told them at the beginning of June several inhabitants of Lesbos island in Greece, had asked that women not called homosexuals lesbians because they believed that the term was an insult to the islanders.

Now, an Athens court has ruled, and has obviously decided to reject treaty banning the use of the word lesbian when referring to homosexual women.

The judgement of the court in Athens ruled that the term "lesbian" does not define the identity of the inhabitants of the island, so the word can still be used by women homosexuals around the world. And demantes, besides having lost the trial, they have to pay 230 Euros for a fee.

Whom are you doing these things happening .... are people who do not have anything else to do and become bored, because if not I will not explain how she came to do these things.

Well think that the world would be less fun without these absurd and crazy things that happen to people, but I say ..... and if hypothetically we could not define ourselves as lesbians? what word use you to define our homosexuality? ... I can think of no one..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hi girls from this colorful our planet, I bring a story about the shooting of the sixth season of our favorite series The L Word, this news is not confirmed yet but they say this because going through the network.

The news is, which apparently have seen in the vicinity of West Hollywood in a cafeteria at Elizabeth Berkley, if the star remembered Showgirls, quietly reading what appeared to be that `a dash, saw the person who was sitting behind her and was available to look more closely because I would draw your attention a great watermark on the pages that read "Showtime Canada."

This person is more fixed and could read over her shoulder and could read at the top of the page a very revealing:


Apparently our favorite showgirl could participate in the sixth season The L Word.

If confirmed the participation of Elizabeth, there would be a big surprise because of the great friendship that unites with Jennifer Beals several years.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We continue to celebrate ....

Hello again to all, even though they already spent several days since the conclusion of Gay Pride 2008 in San Francisco, have made us get some pictures of the parade that day and put the here to share with you all.

If someone else wants to share your photos with us only have to send them to yoyiplanet@yahoo.es

Enjoying this colorful parade ...

Sugar Rush episode 7

Hello girls LesPlanet, a new shipment arrives from Sugar Rush, today plays the episode number 7 of the first season. And now you put a summary of the chapter.

Kim has not left his room in a week. She has been sexually obsessed with Sugar since they met Sugar and now knows the feelings of Kim, and this feels uncomfortable now that her friend had discovered ...

As for his mother continues his love affair with the decorator with whom we already went to live ... in this chapter leaving party and it seems that the thing does not go as well as supposed ...

The father and brother Kim had a conversation of men, as should be and behave ... Well after this small sum,

I leave with you with the video episode 7, Enjoy it

Thanks imlivininwonderland for your great work

Talk about sex....

Hi dear girls LesPlanet, today I want to talk a little sex, this time comment on the First Time, it is unavoid that many already spent and that others will.

There are thousands of questions in our minds regarding this issue, doubts, fears, insecurities, is something we want yet fear with all your strength, you do not know what to do, you want to do things perfectly, everything is wonderful, but the truth is that you just have to let go.

The first time you have relations with another woman, experience or will be rewarding and wonderful or frightening, although in most cases tend to be both. Few women claim to have enjoyed his first time with someone who did not know either. Most often wait until you find that special woman in whom one can rely on, making sure that is going to carry well, (that is, you treat with respect, that is not necessarily the love of your life, but at least for this first time).

Kathy tells us about his experience and remember your first time: "Until then only had relations with men to attest that it was" normal ", so I am not too concerned with who slept with whom or not. When I started frequenting the lesbian community decided to be more selective. I waited until you find a kind and loving lesbian who was delighted to make love.

Wait was like a gift that I did, even though that will not end in a stable relationship. " This is by no means a lesbian version of "Blue Princess" Rather it is not going to rush to that time, not feel afraid of what will be one of the most important experiences of your life. Because a negative experience can make sequels on your sex life and sentimental, while a first time, rewarding and full of affection, may well prevent consciously or unconsciously do the same with other women, or prevent your future relations are a success .
And if that is what you are looking for a deep and spiritual connection, I know even more selective in choosing your first lover. Of course having sex with a woman for the first time does not mean lesbian announce to you before the whole world. While waiting for your first experience (and beyond) seeks to learn a little, ask about the subject.

The first time with a woman in particular, but you've come a long way, can you feel nervous. Surely not know topics give everything you want or you're not sure if she likes your body. But note that if you're in bed with you is because you've liked and wants to be with you. If it is the beginning, pays attention to how it does with women typically make love to their partners in the same way they would like to see them do so, when you are what you're doing it, remember that sex is not a review of telepathy.

The ideal is to let everything happen naturally. If in an outburst of passion are launched on the bed and torn clothing eufor and that they feel fine and I wish, therefore proceed with it. Exploiting those moments, but neither she doubts if anything happens and you have to ask him what he preferred, or what you want.

Your attention will surely love. If you're nervous or afraid of doing something wrong, you just have to tell and the symptoms will disappear automatically. But first and foremost be sure to cool the atmosphere. As much as we want to "look good" and give him pleasure, not des unleash all your skills in the first encounter.

Save some surprises for later. I hope that these opinions and advice will help a bit to overcome the doubts and insecurities.

Here are leaving a video demonstration of a first time .... I hope you like it ....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hi girls, latest news very surprising: L WORD CONTINUITY ....

Bob Greenblatt President of Showtime just announced in the "Television Critics Association press tour" their plans to broadcast the series and, despite not what we expected, there is any novelty associated with The L Word.

When it announced the sixth season, also confirmed that this would be the last, but Showtime has left us an open door to L Word can continue in some way. Ilene Chaiken is working on a spin off of L word.

When the season ends L Word will close all existing plots except for one of the characters-which has not been confirmed. Hopefully I hear the most and choose the character of Bette and Tina as if at the end of the series are together in this spin off must leave the two, and will double that if L Word choose another character .... do you think about that?

What do you like that character starred in the new series?

It seems that the history of this character will continue online and then if successful, move as the television series. Thus the new series still in the hands of both Illene Chaiken and Showtime.

At the moment is all we know about it, have not ceased to see anything more on this topic, be attentive to promptly inform ...