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Saturday, July 19, 2008

To continue the love between Erica and Colli in Grey's Anatomy ...

Dear friends of LesPlanet, you put a story in relation to the series Grey's Anatomy, after leaving in the last season with his mouth open with that relationship and lesbian sudden this great kiss between Collie and Erica in the last episode, we can confirm that we will continue enjoying this couple ...

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the series, we advance towards the lesbian couple who initiate in the last episodes of the previous season.

Shonda said: "We have a very fun and interesting to continue the story for Erica (Brooke Smith) and Callie (Sara Ramirez). Do not write the argument of a traditional form; what we did was sit and talk with the actresses on women who realize they are lesbians so late and we find some interesting things with which to play. "

Shonda does not reveal anything about the plot of the next season or lesbian history that we prepared this, but… because we know well what has confirmed that really ¡SHALL BE LESBIANS! could have made it a mere curiosity or attraction by them have shown any trait or bisexual but not .... will be completely lesbians so it seems.

This of lesbian couples in the series appears to be yielding very good results from there continue lengthening the stories of these characters. It is clear that you can not miss the next season of Grey's Anatomy, insurance us many surprises.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hi dear people of this wonderful our planet, according to thorough investigations on the shooting of our favorite series The L Word and despite the hermetic that exists to keep us uninformed:), we were able to find out some things to share with you,

Apparently Jodi, participate in the first 3 chapters.

Our Helena Peabody (Rachel Shelley) will be in the 8 chapters of the sixth season and not stay with the lover Cindy.

For relief from all this that confirmed Tina (Laurel Holloman) and Bette (Jennifer Beals) continue together.

and remind them that talk of a scene where participating Alice (Leisha Hailey), Tasha (Rose Rollins) and Papi (Janina Gavankar), as part of the scene we see that in the sixth season:

Papi is in the balcony of a house (apparently yours) and arrive Alice and Tasha, Papi salutes indifferent, and Tasha asks from below, where they had entered and said that she was there, then Tasha requests her throw keys to enter and what Daddy does and tells enters, and Alice asks I also join me? ... and Papi is shrink shoulder as saying ... because if you want to give me more.

Then .... retaking the previous seasons I do not remember that Alice has done something for Papi to be treated well? something must have happened now so that Papi has not believe that reaction?

And finally seems already has recorded the episode number 2 where they have used among others the following extras:

Ep. 602: Least Likely (Possible title of the episode)


1. A doctor

2. A colleague (a dean or professor?)

3 .- An expert in Art

4 .- A waitress

5 .- A Receptionist

6. A new member (character) in the environment for girls.

As we have investigated by the forums speculation, obvious to find a place for these extras would be:

Jodi possibly leave his post at the University and Bette have to find a replacement for her (or it will be the new / or colleague Bette). She hara interviews, but before hiring, consult with an / a specialist in art that is known / or his experience in this field.

Helena has taken over the planet and needs a new waitress, to help Cindy and having more experience.

Who needs the receptionist? Shane? Anyone?

And why a new member of the girls environment? Someone has left the study? It is a new member of the entourage of Adell or Nikki?

It will burn and the episode number 3 in the sixth season, we will inform you.

Followed closely ...


Hi girls, again we bring you another chapter over the couple Lohan - Ronson.

! As if Lindsay Lohan does not have sufficient with their own legal problems to be tackled to continue being dragged to court by other problems such as Samantha Ronson.

E! News has confirmed that Lohan was the subject of an attempt to deliver a subpoena in Los Angeles in September his new film, "Labor Pains", according to an eyewitness.

"She refused to take the roles, and his bodyguard him remove his hand to Mr and these roles fell to the ground."

For relief of their sentences, the demand was not directed at Lindsay Lohan, but that was presented against Ronson by former attorney Martin Garbus, who is suing Ronson by mishandling of his case against Perez Hilton.

Garbus, who refused to comment on the subpoena on E! News, represent Ronson for defamation against the blogger. It turns out that Ronson sued the Blogger and lost the trial taking it to pay expenses that resulted from the same to what Ronson refuses.

The incident took place in the summons shortly after that Lohan reached the plateau on the 10 o'clock in the morning and, as one might imagine, this did nothing to change the morale of the actress. "She was discouraged," said one witness.

She was also, apparently, a staunch defender not to accept the document, allegedly led by a man disguised as a paparazzi.

After refusing to take the roles, and they were left on the ground, Lohan simply way back to her trailer, telling a real paparazzi on this topic that "is not my lawsuit."

There was no immediate comment from representatives of Lohan or Ronson.

There's nothing like a hug and kiss her love to make all things go better. Here we have a video and photos of Samantha Ronson giving support very comforting his beloved Lindsay what will happen after the subpoena on the set of North Hollywood where his new film rolls.

And now the video demonstration of your love, it seems that every time these girls are hiding unless ...

Fuente: FJXonline

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi dear inhabitants of LesPlanet, as here what was promised is fulfilled, I bring the first chapter of Pepa and Silvia.

Each week will feature a summary of this story that has captivated us all, from its inception until the end of this season.

In this chapter we will see how everything starts, the arrival of Pepa to San Antonio, the reaction of his brother Paco, the first encounter with Silvia and the problems that drag the past.

I hope to enjoy the video that this fact to all of you and leave their comments, which are very important for us, they are grateful.

Well girls, i leave with the Pepa and Silvia

Virtual World "L Word" works ....

Girls, if this is good, now we will have L Word in a parallel world where digital assured that all will be many times ...

If last season Showtime surprised us with the launch of OurChart, this season seems that we will have another web application linked to the series.

The Virtual Electric Sheep is creating "The L Word virtual world," begins next month and test launches with the world premiere of the new L Word season in early 2009. This virtual world will be the first to use Electric Sheep's new WebFlock based on a solution that eliminates the lengthy downloads and other technological barriers that have prevented some virtual worlds attract the mass market.

The L Word is very successful in the portal of Second Life and Showtime wanted to recoup this by creating a world itself, but with the improvement of eliminating the need to download a program, and to reach a wider audience.

In this' digital world 'will be able to see the chapters in the series, have invited famous, birthday parties, various events… that is something like ourchart but much more dynamic, fun and where we can all participate.

Showtime has been thinking about expanding the mark of the series and has therefore looking for ways to recoup the experience, although they have always seen the virtual worlds only as a promotional tool.

I am looking forward to the output of this virtual world for Cole in him and see that it is lived there with our favorite virtual, but real lack of will have to settle for living our dream in a virtual matrix so kind ...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Exes & Ohs episode 6 “What Goes Around”

Hi LesPlanet's girls, here we bring you a new chapter in the series exes & OHS in this episode we can see Sam trying to fix the problems herself piping which has its home, and imagine as ends...

Jen has a horrible day since he gets up, gives a blow to the car, is late for an appointment, you get a fine and to make matters worse when it comes to your house, who is?, You'll have to see the episode to find out.

It also appears in the life of a beautiful brunette Jen (Luciana) is going to his house to apologize because he realized that the removal close step of her car. Apparently is the new neighbour, who have to see this new character with Jen?

And we have a new rule:

Rule Number 11: Honesty lightly

Honesty is the best policy, except when the neighboring beautiful this on your door with a bottle of wine. Then soften the truth may be the best option.

In Beevers the Crutch's new fan asks you to tap for his prayer group because their songs are great. A Crutch does not always like the idea but accepts ...

The Krises for their part are prepared for the insemination that will be, the doctor told they must decide who is going to have the child but that is better than Kris is who will try because it is youngest .... finally appears that occurs insemination and everything works well.

Finally to conclude that they are going to be breasts, all remaining Beevers to celebrate, Jen drinking enough and appears the next morning in bed with someone, Who will?

Well girls I leave with you with the episode that I assure you this very entertaining. Enjoy it.

And she answers questions about whether her belly button is really pierced, how to see bloopers, and if Sam's parents were modeled after Dick and Lynn Cheney.

Par 1

Part 2

Part 3

Meet Silvia...

Hi dear inhabitans of LesPlanet this time we must know a little more than the other star of the love story that has revolutionized in Spain, Marian Aguilera talk about in our most colorful planet known as "Silvia" redhaired.

Born 31 years ago in a village in Barcelona Montgat, leads in the profession since childhood.
She made his debut in advertising, with an announcement from Rockstar Barbie.

Her first film was ""El largo invierno" (The log winter) (Jaime Camino, 1991), when she was only 10 years.

Her face was all over the world when the fire took up the Olympic beach Empúries during the Barcelona Games: "It was a magical experience, I was not aware until long after" tells us the redhaired.

The list of works of this beautiful actress Barcelona is very long, to mention a few titles:

""La ciudad de los Prodigios" (The city of wonders) by Mario Camus,

"Tuno Negro" (Tun Black )

"Tanger" (Tanger) , or the latest "Huellas que devuelve el mar". (Footprints that returns the sea).

In the world of television we have seen in:

"Al salir de Clase" (Leaving Class), "Paraiso" (Paradise), "Esencia de Poder" (Essence of Power), "Codigo Fuego" (Fire Code), or "El Inquilino" (The Tenant) this together with Jorge Sanz or Pilar Bardem .

We can also see it in the music video for "El Alma al aire" (The soul into the air), Alejandro Sanz.

Among her personal interests we emphasize that our "Silvia" loves cheese, Italian food, sea,
travel by car too (co-pilot, no leads) and with good music.

She likes movies Lars von Trier: "Rather more than like me, impressed me" confesses Marian Aguilera and Las of Emir Kusturica, the soundtracks of Goran Bregovic and of course fashion, always informed of the latest trends.

At the time of escape and lost a bit of stress loves The Canary Islands and of course his hometown, Barcelona.

Among her favorite actors highlights Victoria Abril, Javier Bardem and William Dafoe.

She anything like snails, nor cold, neither aircraft. "The speed, nerves, anxiety, I am very nervous I feel fatal" tells us that not angry with ease.

Date of birth: March 12, 1977

Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain

Full name: Marián Aguilera Perez

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Good girls already know a little more than Marian Aguilera.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet Pepa

Hi, girls LesPlanet we will know a little more life by Laura Sanchez.

Laura Sanchez more on our planet known as "Pepa" was born in Germany but was grew up in Huelva from the few months old.

In mid-2004, began a relationship with the footballer Aitor Ocio, which has had a daughter called Nahian, born on August 2, 2006.

She began his career in his homeland Huelva, until Victorio & Lucchino, Sevilla famous designers, worked with her in his workshop in Sevilla as a model sets for testing their creations.

She is one of the models most famous international and Spain.
She has participated in several gateways, as Cibeles, Paris, Rome and Milan.

Currently works as an actress in the serie "Los Hombres de Paco" interpreting the role of Pepa Miranda.

Date of birth: 1981

Birthplace: Germany

Measurements: 85-60-90

Height: 180 cm

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: brown

Size of clothing: 36

Shoe size: 41

Paco's Women...

Hi LesPlanet's girls, we present a series Spanish, called "Los Hombres de Paco" which is broadcast by the television channel Antena 3 and has adventures and police cases of a group of police led by Paco, in a style that mixture, action, comedy and drama.

This series has been issued 5 seasons and in the latter we have taken a very pleasant surprise, because they have included a love story between two of the protagonists that is what they are going to tell here in LesPlanet, issued a summary since the beginning of this great love story until the end of the season.

The characters in this story are Pepa and Silvia.

The story to put them into a little background history:

This story takes place in Madrid in the neighborhood of San Antonio.

Mª Jose Miranda better known as Pepa is the sister of Paco, she is a lesbian, secret police agent and lives in Seville, appears on the Commissioner of San Antonio where she works because her brother came following a case that investigated in this police station too. Pepa and his brother were a bit away from several years by an event that happened in the past, also Sara's receives God’s presence .

Silvia Castro, is Forensic Inspector of the police station of San Antonio where his Father Don Lorenzo Castro is the commissioner, is also sister-in-law of Paco because this is married with her older sister Lola.

Silvia is heterosexual and has had over the 5 romances several seasons but none has worked, even has been married to a police officer but only lasted one year and then divorced him.

Pepa and Silvia already knew in advance for their married brothers carry more than 18 years, but did many years that were not due to the incident which caused Pepa will remain close to Madrid.

What happened was that in the communion of the niece of Pepa and Paco daughter, Sara, was released Pepa (was 18) dressed in Punky, with with her stockings broken, with her breasts almost outand also smoking joint, it seems that Silvia was also smoke a joint and She was dancing in the celebration was kissed. This caused a big scandal and even was the trigger for the parents of Paco and Pepa were separated. Paco blame to Pepa for many years.
with her stockings broken, with her breasts almost out
From that Pepa back to San Antonio takes up the story and I'll abstracts of the chapters weekly.

Now we leave them with a presentation of the main characters in this story.

Episode 5 Gimme Sugar

Hi girls, here we have a new episode of Gimme Sugar where we can see what follows:

Davonee writes Djosefin an apology poem and Char breaks some bad news to Alex.

Alex and Paris plan their first date before some nice, slow-mo, girls-only flag football.

Sayeh dishes to Char on her first girl kiss; meanwhile, things looks grim at L Scorpion's opening night.

When Char decides to come to Sugar, she's welcomed by 50 dudes.

Then you put the video, enjoy it

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hi girls, want to see that there are cameras behind the L Word and what is doing in Vancouver?

Here we bring to you what you do not have to move your screen and travel to Vancouver.

Cassie Pappas of Ourchart teaches us in this video, the office of Illene Chaiken, shows us Rose Troche and other writers preparing the second episode of the sixth season, set recording of L Word, in which we can not enter while they're recording, but after recording can visit in particular, the home of Bette and Tina, who is one of the locations that have left more in the series and where most things have happened, for example the famous cachet de Tina to when Bette full of deceit, the many nights of passion and sex in the bed of this house ..., the pool, we can say that pool, has seen everything and almost all ... that memories ....

I hope you enjoy it and enjoy it, because there is still a long time so we can enjoy the sixth and final season of our favorite series.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hi dear LesPlanet inhabitants of our planet behind the rainbow. I bring the latest developments on The L Word ...

Sorry Ilene already that you do not want to disclose details of the sixth season nor confirm that characters will be, but I must tell you all that we can confirm with absolute certainty that two of the characters from previous seasons are now filming in Vancouver for this season .

Alexandra Hedison has confirmed that Dylan will return this season and promises to give us more details (we will be in anticipation).

We also know that on Friday at 7:00 PM they were filming a scene in the area of Strathcona in Vancouver:
Leisha Hailey, Rose Rollins, and Janina Gavankar, as if Papi will also be seen in the sixth season .

LesPlanet continue to report ... to be alert to next, L word last news.