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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary Lindsay .... by Sam

Hi LesPlanet´s girls, it appears that an insider trading has given us another point where more support rumours of relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson.

The proof that Lilo and Sam are more than friends may be on the BlackBerry Lilo.

The proof that Lilo and Sam are more than friends may be on the BlackBerry Lilo. The phone contains a text message that sent him to Sam Lindsay in her 22 birthday, but strangely the message was about an anniversary ... and no birthday.

An informant close to Lilo tells us that: Lindsay left a message that he had sent Samantha on your BlackBerry all day long. The message said, "I love you, sweetheart. Happy anniversary four months!" I'm crazy for you "

That message more romantic ..... and because I see this happy Lindsay. Sam makes them happy and it shows, one need only see him face to Lilo.

Other details confirming the relationship between Lindsay and Samantha is that the couple exchanged Cartier love bracelet in Lohan's birthday, buying rings, gifts for one another.

And also that Sam is always on the set that can burn the latest film Lindsay .... ... etc, besides not have realized that whenever there are meetings are very smiling?

We can see in this video we found on YouTube a day of shooting of Lindsay Lohan, where you can appreciate that only smile at the time where it meets Sam ....

And finally a detail profile Samantha Ronson on her MySpace, it appears that before his condition was "Single" and his condition has now been changed to "In a Relationship".

It is clear that these two girls who want more can not hide his love for them if they have not confirmed if they do the media drawn from the closet to pushing.

Since LesPlanet we wish them to sam and Lindsay a Happy Anniversary 4 months ... and continue together for a long time ...

The sixth season of The L Word is here

Hello dear people of LesPlanet, FINALLY! FINALLY!

We have news on the sixth season of our favorite series The L word, I am counting that has just been officially start in Los Angeles and Vancouver shooting the sixth and final season of "The L Word".

Here in LesPlanet we'll be from now on all the details of which are smaller as the shooting range and what we can ascertain, photos, videos and everything about the sixth season of The L Word, Be alert!

And what awaits us in this sixth season? So for the moment there are several things confirmed by the very Ilene Chaiken and are as follows:

1: There is the possibility that missing characters over the previous five seasons as Papi, Carmen, Dylan, Robin, and so on. may reappear.

Some characters come back sure, but Ilene refuses to say who ...

We are in constant contact with Vancouver and LA to confirm that characters will reappear this season.

2: Although Ilene is always attentive to the proposals and wishes of the fans and said it would take them into account for this season, wants to put this season elements of surprise and suspense.

We will have to wait with us surprised Mama Chaiken (as long as nobody else does not die and that is not happening separate Bette and Tina can do what you want the support) :)

3: Paris Hilton does not appear in the series. Thanks to God!

4. Everything indicates that "The L Word", will have a happy ending but not everything is tied up so as we wish…

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Leisha

Hi girls today want to congratulate and wish her a Happy Birthday to our dear
Leisha Hailey.

Leisha on our planet better known as "Alice Pieszecki" was born on July 11, 1971 Okinawa, Japan but grew up in Nebraska.

And today shut down 37 velitas and ask many desires.

Leisha know that we welcome your birthday something away from home this time, but in very
good company. :)

Ellen and Portia in Italy...

Hi dear people, our favorite presenter Ellen DeGeneres and his wife Portia de Rossi, had a very romantic weekend strolling through Italy.

I do not know if it was a small breakthrough in their Honeymoon or a romantic getaway seizing the festivities but lesbian couples most popular tour of our planet taken by the hand through Rome, swam and took the sun aboard a yacht on the island of Sardinia (which is a paradise) and Portia us up with a gift toppless, parejita has enjoyed a few days relaxing, sun, sea and love.

Here you can see photos of their romantic journey ...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The hottest scenes of .... L Word

Hello girls I am going to make a video to remember the scenes hottest L Word, this video has been viewed by more than 8,200 people so far in the two months leading edited ...

I recommend you put a drink cold turn on the fan because it will raise the temperature several degrees suddenly .... (it will be by climate change ?????)

Here you I leave, while we wait for the new season, enjoy it .... and have fun ... your tell us...

MORE... of Jennifer Beals

Hi dear inhabitants of our colorful planet, I am counting that Jennifer Beals our beloved, charming, and beautiful Bette in The L Word (not always put more qualifiers as soil, because I promised my girlfriend that this time would the news without drooling and I go by the branches).

Well as I said our Jenny has perched and gave a short interview for the magazine in its number Moro July and August,

Here are leaving the article with the interview and photos it did to Jenny (now if I assure you are drooling more than one ..... I already did).

Jennifer Beals at 44, the L Word star talks about Flashdance, fame, and her plans for the years ahead.

Jennifer Beals doesn't go for halfway measures. When she turned 40, she says, "I wanted to be doing something I really loved. I didn't want to be driving by some stupid ad for makeup and be seduced into thinking I should look younger." She gives a giant roll of the eyes. "So you know what I decided? I went to Patagonia. On my 40th birthday, I was riding a horse galloping at full speed across the pampas and laughing my ass off."

Beals, now 44, has always been into controlling her destiny, even before she won the role that made her famous.

The Chicago native, daughter of an Irish-American mother and an African-American father, scored a small part in My Bodyguard in 1980 and had been modeling when she auditioned for Flashdance, about a sexy steel welder with ballet-academy dreams. But when she saw the full script, she didn't want to do the nude scenes, and she was about to start her freshman year at Yale, so she turned down a screen test. "The director, Adrian Lyne, called and told me how tastefully everything would be done," Beals says. "And I said to him, 'I'm sorry, but I don't know you. I don't know how tastefully you're going to do everything.'" Lyne agreed to use a body double, and Beals deferred her fall semester.

A huge hit when it was released 25 years ago, Flashdance landed in America's pop culture pantheon not so much for its rather standard Cinderella story line as for the fashion frenzy it inspired. Oh, those leg warmers, that ripped gray sweatshirt! "I thought everyone knew that trick," Beals says of the scene where she wiggles out of her bra without taking her sweatshirt off. "I did it all the time when I was a kid."

The attention that followed was intense: Beals's sudden stardom, critical carping about the film, the revelation that much of her dancing was done by an uncredited double. So she retreated to Yale (nice fallback), graduating in 1987 with a degree in American studies.

Her own life includes her husband, Canadian entrepreneur Ken Dixon, and their 2-year-old daughter. "She is so stinking cute. I don't think it was an accident that my daughter arrived after I was 40," Beals says. "I used to be a real hermit; at one point my husband and I lived on a 500-acre ranch -- just us, the dogs, the stars, and an old mare that I'd ride into the forest. I was in heaven! But your kid has to be a part of the world, and now I'm out all the time, listening to what's going on."

Midlife agrees with Beals, who has already identified running a marathon by the time she hits 50 as a goal. "I think it takes a lifetime to know your authentic self," she says. "I love that. There are many more lessons to learn. Like, I've got to learn to play the piano and how to blow-dry my hair." She flashes a wide, knowing smile. "I'm only half joking."

Sugar Rush episode 6 Coming out not

Hi girls of LesPlanet, here is another delivery of the series Sugar Rush, specifically the episode number 6 "Coming out not"

In this episode Sugar wants to escape to Paris with her new lover, Guillaume. Kim knows that Guillaume does not care a cucumber Sugar, and the only way to stop Sugar is to put things in clear, and clarify that he lied in the translation of what he confessed and told the nice things that had put she.

Finally Sugar realizes Kim's feelings towards her.

Here you put the chapter to enjoy it.

"This bar is not for you"

Hello dear people of LesPlanet, this time we are going to have an event that happened in Madrid (Spain), which actually produces shame others and we hope that this man is legally penalized accordingly.

It seems that in the SidrerĂ­a Parrondo Trujillos located on the street, No 4 near the central Plaza de Callao in Madrid, there was one of the most shameful acts of recent times, an action of discrimination on sexual orientation violates all rights made in Spain for gays and lesbians, and that threw a couple of local girls because they are lesbians.

The facts as have the players and some witnesses who were at the scene were as follows: "We were sitting one against the other, but as I fell cider every time someone used the escanciador, I sat next to Ann," says A. V., three days after what happened.

That's when the Swiss woman, who was caught by the waist, kissed on the cheek, followed in the mouth after. "But it was only a peak," repeats, along with B. C., his girlfriend.

Then, according to his version, a waiter approached and asked them to stop kissing, that the local was "to consume and not for those things." They decided to stop the reeds and the bottle of cider and go, but soon called the road claims. "We were told that they did not have and, to my insistence, we took the drinks, which had not yet finished, and we were told us that we were ill ways," says A. V.

As the blade was still calling, left the owner and allegedly began to scream: "Out of here! Sluts! Garbage! This is not a place for you!".

B. C., who arrived at the place where the expected A. V. and Ann with the fight already mounted, came back and requested the road claims, which also denied. "I told him I was on my right and I'm not going to move until they give me."

To which Parrondo, according to B. C., replied: "You do not have any right, bitch. What happens is that you have not ever seen a good cock". Parrondo denies it.

The establishment denied the claims sheet until police arrived.

Two witnesses, who have no connection with either women or with the owner of the cider, claim that the man threw a lesbian bar. "It was outrageous. He told them all kinds of insults, which were about filthy, some sluts, which were garbage ...", explains Esther Casado for 35 years. Account Parrondo that "faced with them, with his face stuck to one of the girls' and chill them. "It was a very unpleasant and unfair, that's why I went," she adds.

If you are a lesbian and want to know the atmosphere we had to endure a few decades ago, you just have to go into this bar and its owner will be kind enough to make a demonstration of the mentality of the era.

Here is a photo of the owner of this venue and the .... (wheveryone who put the adjective before it comes to the imagination) who dared to commit such an act of discrimination.

Meeting of gays and lesbians in Indonesia

Some LGBT groups from different points in Asia have formed an international network of Muslim-majority but multireligious, which aims to homosexuals can see that recognized their civil rights in the various states where they originate.

21 participating groups from eight countries, like Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, or China have met in Nusa Dua, Bali island, to try to secure the rights of gay people on this continent.

According Rio Triawan, president of the organization hosting the meeting, Arus Pelangi, the collective LGBT Asia has the same problems across the continent, such as violence, discrimination and lack of visibility and respect.

These organizations have agreed "it is those countries which undertake to secure our rights as other citizens."

The collective participants claiming their rights as part of Human Rights, to be internationally recognized by all states and ethnic and religious groups. "Simply we want to be treated as other citizens," he continues Rido, "we want to be copies or simply be treated humanely," he concludes in his statement in Congress.

"Being a lesbian in Sri Lanka," said the activist Sinhalese Rosand Flames-Caldera, "means to be a criminal." "That is why we again invisible."

Despite the innovative nature of this Congress, few resources, and virtually no association LGTB protection of the western world, have echoed the same.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gimme Sugar episode 4

In this chapter of what began in Sugar Gimme house where Charlene was going to make pictures for advertising flyers who want to open new local girls.

It seems that this Davonee busy with her things are going to stay and to settle their affairs, then Charlene comes to his house and was found filled with garbage and disorderly, were still photos, his reaction was surprise to find all at home, the girls told him that Davonne requested permission to what Charlene them replied that no one has asked permission and they are all, this very annoying.

To the girls that they have no other go, but not before the house and collect the garbage that had left.

Then this problem Alex and Robin van to see a local where possible to mount the club, but it seems that it is too expensive because only guarantee ask $ 6,000, and Charlene's house, which was less angry, Alex tells Charlene to what they had happened to the local level, and change views.

When all are gathered Bathilde arrives with the flyers and has done a good job, Davonee complains that his name is written last behind all of them and I explained that she is not doing anything that is always busy with their girlfriends and their negative attitude, it seems to speak and Davonne undertakes to change his attitude.

After all this, Alex and Bathilde going to kidnap Sayeh to carry shopping and departing spectacular that night, she's make up her and dressed to leave the club where they always meet the "Truck Stop".

Good girls after I leave with you this summary video of the fourth chapter of Gimme Sugar to enjoy it.