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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jennifer in Los Angeles Film Festival...

Jennifer attended the Los Angeles Film Festival "The Spirit of Independence and Awards" this week, as always wore very elegant and sexy.

Los Angeles Film Festival is an annual event that shows independent films, documentaries and short films and music videos.

It is held annually beginning in late June in Westwood Village, California, the Los Angeles Film Festival features the best of americas and international cinema, in the course of ten days.

Taking advantage of a diverse audience of more than 80000 people, more than 100 feature films are projected at the Festival, alongside movie stars, students, premieres, panels and seminars, open-air projections.

Our Jennifer Beals loves to attend such events because he wants to support creativity and good work of filmmakers who perform their work without the backing of big money Hollywood film companies.

Science and Spirituality....

Hi girls, this time we will put an article in Science, we have received a suggestion of an anonymous reader of LesPlanet on a video of Dr. Jill Bolter Taylor, a brilliant scientific Harvard specializing in the study area of the brain, also a writer of the book "My Stroke of Insight."

Dr. Taylor tells his experience in the video to suffer a stroke and massive power from within and scientific study, to realize what was happening to him, the sensations and the connection between parts of the brain, we talk about feelings energy and peace ...

This video has been recorded at a conference of TED.com, TED is an annual conference that brings together the great minds in the world of Technology, Entertainment and Design.

We have reviewed the video complete and we believe it is very interesting, although LesPlanet not usually play these issues, having been sent by a reader and as the LesPlanet we all of us, because here what we publish.

The video lasts about 20 minutes, if you have time worth that what veais complete, it is really very good in our view and assume that they have believed the 5 million people who have already seen.

If you want to see published a story or experience you wish to share with all of us or believe it can help us useful not hesitate to leave a post in this post, and the check post.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The L Word, South of Nowhere, Work Out and Loving Annabelle - together on set

Hi dear girls LesPlanet we bring you news on the release of season 5 L Word on DVD and extra carry.

Season 5 of our favorite series L Word include this time in addition to all chapters and extras that normally came as the other seasons bringing a period of three minutes for PSA Point Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships for students who LGBT have experienced in real life a tragedy or financial difficulties because they are gay or lesbian.

Last week, the star of several films and television programs lesbian met for a good cause: to participate in a public service announcement for the Point Foundation. The stars for the announcement of PSA, were Clementine Ford (Molly) and Rose Rollins (Tasha) of "The L Word"; Katherine Brooks - writer / director of the film "LOVING ANABELLE" and the star Erin Kelly; Gabrielle Christian and Maeve Quinlan in the series "SOUTH OF NOWHERE" Jackie Warner and Rebecca Cardon "WORK OUT" and Thea Gill of "QUEER AS FOLK"

Produced and directed by Dara Nai AfterEllen. The shooting was fun and all who participated were sweet and fun, there was good energy all around.

We can say that this announcement has been shot by all these stars for free, have donated their time because they want help in changing attitudes in society regarding the LGBT community.

Other players in this announcement are three academic PSA that either were expelled from their homes or were rejected by their parents after their departure as gay. The three were sleeping in reality, sofas and lived with friends, went ahead without the basic support of a family that gave them love and understanding ... only because they had admitted being gay.

The Point Foundation is an incredible organization where all are granted scholarships to LGBT students of merit and need. In addition to receiving full scholarships, they also provide a mentor in their field. In return, students are required to be voluntary, nonprofit organizations LGBT their cities.

Students Point Foundation are currently in colleges across the United States including Havard, NYU, Julliard, Tufts, Vanderbilt, Princeton, Emory, Smith, USC, Georgetown, Brown, Columbia, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and America.

The Point Foundation not only provides full scholarships and mentors, but also provide support and many refer to the organization as his second family (or in most cases, their only family).

If you want to know more about this foundation can go to http://www.thepointfoundation.org/

Here you leave an amusing video recordings and behind the scenes of the foundation's announcement.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tasha celebrating Gay Pride in San Francisco

Hello dear people of this wonderful planet behind the rainbow, remember that told them that Rose was going to celebrate Gay Pride in San Francisco this past Friday, because here I am a video summary of the party on Friday in the nightclub Lollipop SF

As summer was an unforgettable celebration, but you deem them.

Fuente: UrbanElleTV

The Smily today .... Give it 2 me

Girls learn today with a video of Ellen to generate the basic steps to break the dance floors with the second single from Madonna's album entitled "Give it 2 me."

Ellen has proposed spreading throughout USA in the footsteps of the choreography of this single (of course at her style...), also because we will also have been mounted by both stir a photo Miley Cirus "Hanna Montana" in towel.

Actually you can not miss this video because no wastage. Ellen you are really good ...

Everybody's looking at me...

Hello girls LesPlanet at this time we put some music on our blog, the composition that today we are going is a song of Gloria Trevi Mexican singer and titled "Todos me miran." (Everybody's looking at me)

This composition is put today because it represents very well the meaning of the celebrations these days around the world "Day of Pride" and we believe it reflects very well the situations many of us live, the show of shame as we are, rejection Our dear people, the trial of people who believe be better than all of us.

And I wonder where I Did all those people when we cry? Is it right that we are not asking us who we are? Why we must renounce our happiness for all those people?

For all these questions have only one answer is we hope we do all within our possibilities more visible as possible and sing this song ever.

I hope you enjoy from heart and never forget that all of us is worth much more than even the people who tried without us knowing and without right.

Here you get the video, despite being a song in Spanish is subtitled for us to stay without feeling any letter and its music.Enjoy.


Dear inhabitants of Lesplanet we hold our beloved Lindsay Lohan has attained 22 years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILO.

Linday Lohan has been called by Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning after his 22 birthday, Lindsay revealed in the interview that it has found another meaning to their lives.

When asked about plans for the future, Lohan said that the most important thing is "a happy life, one year and be healthy with the person who is interested." (not specified but all who know who is talking ....) He also asked which was his birthday wish and Lilo said he hoped that the press not persecuted to her constantly.

Here are the full interview Lilo in the radio show Ryan Seacrest. If you want to listen to the interview click here

Mrs. Portia Degeneres

Hi girls, we are here again, to tell you more news about the couple Degeneres-de Rossi.

Pretty, future wife Ellen, Portia De Rossi has announced that it will change its name by DeGeneres when she marries, as permitted by U.S. law.

To begin Portia is not his real name she was called Amanda Lee Rogers, but legally changed his name to Portia De Rossi 15 years, so this will be her second name change legal.

What is not clear is if we combine with the degeneration of Rossi, because something will come out as Portia De Rossi DeGeneres that can be very rare, so it is safer that Portia will be renamed Portia DeGeneres.

Wants to continue to be called as very hot.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kate Moening in Japan

Hello girls, I want to tell them that this weekend our beloved Kate Moennig, popularly known as Shane on our planet was in Japan to promote the DVD sales in the third season of The L Word.

This has been possible thanks to the success that had the earlier visit to Japan by Jennifer Beals (if they want to read the article by clicking here) when he went to promote the start of the first season of L Word on DVD

Kate, who as well as around the globe is also seen very very sexy for our beloved people in Japan, revolucinó entirely, since his arrival at Narita Airport and see that reception of a lot of fans hope, Kate is surprised and am very grateful "After 11 hours, I was a little surprised to see so many people! I was very surprised. I had no idea that this would happen. It's very sweet. It is very nice by all being here." He said Kate.

Then after resting Kate already had a busy agenda in Japan started the morning with a press conference and then in another Conference Premium Fan, dedicated only to fans 30 and Bloggers invited, among the things that Kate said there was what I wanted eat every day: "I love sushi and now I'm in Japan harnessed to eat every day" proving that he knew of what he spoke, responded to the question what is your favorite sushi she said, "Toro" (with tuna ) Leading the applause of her fans.

It then was to walk through shopping malls and even gave massages in an armchair but what surprised him most was the foot massager with what became fascinated.

I also enjoy the green tea at the press conference organized by the distributor "Fox television.

When asked what was the manner with which relaxes in his spare time, Kate replied: "Alcohol, alcohol."

The third season of the series, Moenning said: "It's a sad season with things related to cancer, I want then I thought what they have provoked this season" told his fans.

It then was to walk through shopping malls and even gave massages in an armchair but what surprised him most was the foot massager with what became fascinated. After some interviews conducted at the hotel for some TV programs.

That was Kate's visit by Japan, then they left the interview it did to Kate and some scenes from his visit to Tokyo.

sugar rush episode 5 My life sucks

Hello all, today we publish the episode 5 of the first season of this entertaining series that becomes ever more interesting and much more will be to advance the chapters that I assure ... should not lose.

Here is a brief summary of the chapter today.

Kim feels trapped in his feelings. His parents Stella and Nathan have been separated, the father of Kim discovered the infidelity of Stella's father Kim gone a Stella of the house and this very depressed at the same time as both Nathan Stella put Kim in the middle of their disputes, using it as a messenger. Sugar Guillaume knows a student of languages who do not speak English and used an interpreter Sugar, which draws very funny scenes.

And here are the episode, Enjoy it

Exes & Ohs chapter 5 “Pole Dancing and Other Forms of Therapy”

In this chapter we will see how the ongoing relationship with Jennifer Laurel, besides See also the evolution of documentary and Jen must give realism they need without being boring. Crunch discovers his first fan, who thinks it's gay and asks council to Crunch and Krises's are deciding whether the donor for their baby must be known or not, meanwhile Sam continues with its conquests although the latter seems not will be so easy. And we have a new rule:

Rule No. 10 "The clarification of the word partner" Three words: They have to clarify!

And now after brief summary can not miss this fun chapters that leave them here. Enjoy.

Thanks Novalobito for your great job

Then we will see the views of Michelle, do not miss it says what happened in the episode just see

Costar Marnie Alton joins Michelle Paradise to discuss episode 5 of Exes & Ohs and heckle Michelle's neighbors, who keep walking by while they're trying to film this vlog (hence the reason it's broken into four parts).

In between dodging noisy neighbors, they answer your questions, discuss Marnie's side career as a singer/songwriter, and in keeping with the trend of making Michelle say things in other languages, they both answer a question in French (but sadly, it's to explain why they can't film the next season in Paris).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lilo and Sam no longer want to hide more ...

Hi inhabitants of Lesplanet here's another chapter of our soap opera Lilo-Ronson, this time it seems that our two protagonists Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were passing some time together (not that rare?) .During a break in the set the next film Lilo, "labors Pain" where he sees Samantha so much taking advantage of every moment that is free their beloved Lilo.

But this time it seems that no longer wanted to hide anything, say anything about their relationship because iban seized by the hand.

Lindsay is so happy when you're with Sam, just look at the photos, seems schoolgirl walking with her first boyfriend.
Good for them to enjoy the love for that this.

GAY PRIDE 2008 around the world

HI to all inhabitants of our wonderful planet behind the rainbow, the celebration of Gay Pride around the world, does not end in some countries still does not start and others already completed, from all over the world will have to see pictures as has been concluded this world this holiday 2008.

If one wants to share some photos or videos of their links to Gay Pride in his country or as celebrarón, can send the information to this contact address: yoyiplanet@yahoo.es and publish so haunted our Gay Pride share with the world.

Madrid SPAIN

Barcelona SPAIN

Mas Palomas , Islas Canarias SPAIN


Brussels BELGIUM

Bologna - ITALY

Rome - ITALY




Jerusalen ISRAEL


Calgary CANADA

Toronto CANADA

San Francisco USA

Los Angeles, USA

Lima, PERU


Sao Paulo BRAZIL


We will be attentive to the celebrations that have not yet done and we will publish the receiving line.