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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let's talk about sex

The truth is that there are no books, no manuals, or stories, or videos, or photos, which teach us to make love with a woman ... to relate better with those who love or accept certain things in life, people or even ourselves ... because at the moment of truth against the danger these alone and with our hearts to one thousand per hour.

One of those things I have too, is that there is almost total ignorance of lesbian sexuality, which seems to be relegated to the porn films for heterosexual men. And another thing that I can not stand is people who cree that lesbians can not achieve orgasm ... You know what? Has neither IDEAAA!

Besides the more sad is that if sex is for those people, then having orgasms million married women with children and have never had sex.

However, we will try to talk about everything that we need to know to get started this way ... and something to be informed or aware.

Here we go, we will start with something soft:


In the case of an intimate dinner, do not hesitate to resort to the traditional details may seem silly but are very effective, even when your girl says it is not for you like this, is lie, love and melt like:

What could be more romantic than a bouquet of flowers, a dinner at the restaurant of choice, embrace the warmth of a fireplace crisp, strolling hand in hand along the beach, leave notes of love or desire of affection in unsuspected places, guitars, wine and candles, breakfast in bed and kisses stolen in an elevator? whisper something sexy to your ear, in the midst of the people?

Maybe she has the whim of making love on a bed covered with rose petals, or why not?, Dressed in leather cladding. Tastes and preferences as there are so many people in the world. Take time to detail romantic. Imagine that surprise would you give if, after a hard day's work, arriving very tired and you encounter super sexy lingerie on a bed of clean sheets, with a smile from ear to ear and not something that failure is never a sexy dance, or a Strepto to remove tension and stress of the day.

The romantic gesture comes at the place where the imagination and affection are. And if you lack imagination, the traditional cliches serve.


It is true that not all women like that embrace nothing in this world that pleasing to all, but for the vast majority and I include myself, we love, hugs are easily confused with sex and sighs.

The hugs can be included in the preliminary games and in the Post-liminares, or just because another.

Hug and eager after work helps to download the stress of the day.
Doing so while watching TV makes what you're seeing is better than it is, talk and hug, is a delight.

One of the biggest advantages offered him fact embrace with another woman, there is no pressure direct path to gender in their experiences with men could not expect a hug without which it will continue penetration. When the embrace is the preliminary to sex, everything becomes more gentle, flowing more naturally and with their time.

When you embrace after making love is the total backwater, feels that nothing bad can happen at that time that the world could fall but neither we learned, you feel safe in his arms and fall asleep intertwined for quite some time.

That is something that is enjoyed ... and you believe that?

ATTENTION: Inhabitants of LesPlanet in San Francisco

Hi girls LesPlanet, especially at this occasion greeting to California, because some girls are very fortunate, they are lucky, this Friday June 27 to be able to spend an unforgettable night, full of good music, the best DJ's good drink and a unique company because it will feast companion Rose Rollins, our favorite soldier, our Tasha L Word,

She will be this Friday, dancing, having fun and sharing moments with incredible all going to the party, the doors open from 8 pm until 3 o'clock in the morning.

They will also be Dani and Tila Tequila.

At that will ask you to be my drink a glass and give a strong kiss to Tasha because I will not be able to attend, but I learn every detail of the party.
Some of the fortunate going to be that night with Rose, I hope I have his experience and taken many photos, but mostly to have fun !!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Homophobia yourself

Hi girls today want to talk about something negative that affects us all in varying degrees: We know that there is homophobia, that rejection absurdity that exists in society and those who fear what is different, but there is also homophobia staff how or even more serious than the other, because it comes from others if not for yourself.

And worst of all is that trying to live with her convince to ourselves that it is not homophobia. Well, unfortunately I must tell you that it is.

Homophobia or internal staff does not mean you discard yourself for being lesbian, is present in subtle aspects in personal actions, in our everyday life in our behavior before the world, in our reactions, live with it in our own house in our own family, our partner in our lives and how to interact with people we want.

To give an example because we feel guilty constantly by our sexual orientation. Why when answering the phone and it's your girlfriend, you can not express affectionately, or with a despedirte i love you, when those in front of your parents even though they are aware of your relationship? Not to disturb? Because sometimes we feel or believe that people makes us a favour by wanting despite being lesbians? Because when we are with our younger siblings, nephews, sons, or a family reunion we want to kiss our girlfriend or never taken by the hand we do? and we just smile? Do you think any other heterosexual couple has the same constraints that you and takes the same precautions? The answer is NO.

In both want to fit into the "normal" and not "annoy" accept the daily details as to when they relate to your partner is always as "your friend" or "that girl" despite having been told that's your girlfriend, because to treat them well is a way to belittle your relationship or ignore the question that her daughter is a lesbian. but we still know what we accept. In my personal experience when my girlfriend at home we talk about family relations, never fit into any of its prototypes regardless take several years living together and knowing all our relationship. Always refer to couples of his brothers as brothers-in-law or daughters-in-law, on my only call me by my name or as a friend of his daughter.

And let us all this because we are not pretending to be those who, first and foremost the world, we try everything we accept the world to us and our life as if what we were something less important than the other lives or heterosexual couples. We must begin to accept ourselves and fight for our lives that is as worthy as anyone else.

Nobody has to tolerate, let alone ourselves. If you have already left the cabinet do not allow people to try to put us back to pushing, we must defend our lives as it is and not hide it. Do not let anybody make you feel guilty or embarrassed by your sexual orientation.

Your relationship and your life should not bother anyone, that one has to have clear, express love to your partner or your feelings in front of people is not bad, is the norm, no longer think that someone annoying, is that annoying to you see a heterosexual couple of hand? or someone bothers you?, we know well and the answer is NO, but if your same embarrass you to express what they feel in public you can not ask others to accept yourself something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

When you want someone who will not accept or simply ignore your situation, you do not despondency prejudices are sometimes stronger than that person's feelings towards you. What you should never do is try to hide or change that this person happy. Accepts as they are and quierelos nevertheless Your demonstrate to their that if you accept them with all their prejudices and even though they do not respect or do not accept your life.

Never change or limit yourself or forget to express your feelings by pleasant for you because they do not. We must remember that we want to ourselves as we are to ensure that some day people with prejudices do not respect us and accept as we are.

Live your life freely, we are Lesbians, it is true ... and with great pride, that does not make us different. Think about it.

Honey, we have a baby?

Hi dear inhabitans of our beautiful planet behind the rainbow, their story from a few days ago that are read in various media, both national and international news that can have daughters with the genes of two women, which could have a daughter naturally a lesbian couple, who want to be mothers, without any adoption or through semen and a "natural" genetically speaking.

The news that a research team from Newcastle University has created primitive sperm cells from female embryonic stem cell and that the breakthrough could lead to couples of women to have children with their genes. "Scientifically possible will have children of two ova."

However, it is known that in 2001, jumped in another news media that it was possible the process of conceiving through two mothers. While it is true that had two stick, a moral and the other of not having the genetic information needed to devise a male, thus always concebirian girls. The discovery of this technique was developed by Dr. Orly Lacham-Kaplan, of Monash University in Melbourne.

If two women want to have biological daughters, may take this step forward with this non-moving apace, as since 2001 found that this can be a girl naturally conceived by two women. And

And I wonder ... not deepen the studies and begin treatments pertinet to make this possible and accequible all women who want to take it? ... is not that there are no hurry because they are interested in certain circles?


Hello girls, I bring another episode of Sugar Rush, it becomes ever more fun they assure.

This chapter is called Secrets: Kim can not more with her heating and makes it take desperate measures, such as drug Sugar, to be able to submit all their wishes. He does this happen after that Sugar, tells this drunk when she can not remember anything that ever happens or when it with the kids.

In his desperate attempt Kim ending drugs to his brother.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hello dear people of lesPlanet in this opportunity and if someone is lost to them my most recent interview that you have done to our beloved and the most beautiful and unrivalled Jennifer Beals, this is an interview that Ileana Rudolph did to TV Guide for the month past 2008.

In its fifth season, the L word we had new loves, new characters, lust, guns, betrayal, deception, not to mention that one was behind bars, one-awaited reconciliation, doubts, and the chronicle of the film on the Jenny lives of our girls in Los Angeles.

We spoke with Jennifer Beals (the love from Flasdance) who embodies the starched although ingeniously sensual dean of the School of Art Bette Porter, about the romantic dilemma of his character.

TV Guide: What do you think that you were the major themes of the L word this season?

Jennifer Beals: For my character, loyalty and truthfulness.

TVG: What is the problem, you're lucky because Bette tinen two lovers? Jodi (Marlee Matlin), and secretly; Tina (Laurel Holloman) the mother of his daughter. As it is carried out?

JB: I do not believe that Bette believes that she is fortunate. She does not want to hurt the feelings of others, but that's not very useful if you're the other person. It becomes the topic of "How can I take the risk and move from one person to another in a way honored?"

TVG: You know that your fans what they wanted was to come back with Bette Tina?

JB: Of course, if you have no idea. There is an entire movement including a website, TiBette.com.

TVG: That does not sound good for Jodi, right?

JB: All I can say is "poor Jodi." But I love that Bette is terribly flawed.

TVG: Marlee and ye are not your old friends? As affects this, I mean, in your love scenes?

JB: Yes we are. It's really easy to record with it, but we we laughed hysterically every time we have to do love scenes. It's so surreal, but you have to submerge at work pretending.

TVG: Speaking of sex, this is quite a number lust. You have stripped ever, as most other actresses?

JB: No, nudity can imply without actually being naked. That is what I have done.

TVG: You speak of signs and Marlee much during the series. As the master?

JB: Bette knows a lot more than I do, but I do not need an interpreter. My daughter, who has two years, loves to talk with me for signs. This develops much communication to a child.

TVG: Bette always seems quite sad. It will be a happy day?

JB: I do not know. Never had a happy and successful history. But it would be nice to have some really happy times.

TVG: It seems that the shooting is fun with all the actresses. What is the difference with other shows you've done?

JB: There's a lot more treatment and more talk about shoes. "That is what we wear?" Is nearest. (Laughter) And we rely much among all.

TVG: As you have affected this show? It was a concept quite radical and risky.

JB: I think that somehow gives all the cast and everyone is watching what the stimulus of his embrace me more authentic. This affects me personally because I've been in touch with women who have the courage to show their sexuality to the world.

TVG: Like who?

JB: There were two women who came to shoot who had been together for 30 years and had been in the closet all this time. Through seeing the show, they found the courage to leave. This for me was incredibly moving.

TVG: Any time you feel the burden of carrying the mantle of the lesbian community?

JB: I do not feel well, it's important for me as a human being talking about all these things that this community has. I did not pay attention to gay issues before the show, but now I take it more personally, because I see through the eyes of Bette or the many letters from fans that I have received. And the show has definitely had an impact culturally.

TVG: You have a long and varied curriculum. What are some of your most successful projects?

JB: Being part of this show, also Devil in a Blue Dress, A house divided, Twilight of the goals.

TVG: Look to backward with affection or with horror to Flashdance?

JB: Oh no, never with horror. There is a certain nostalgic tenderness. That extraordinary entry into the world of cinema.

TVG: If ever becomes a remake of Flashdance, who would you like to interpret Alex?

JB: Oh, I hope you give it to an unknown.

TVG: In most of these goals?

JB: There was a project that was supposed to work but with the strike, and problems in the middle is not going to happen. Therefore I am doing much point.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Leisha Hailey & Erin Daniels inspire millions of dollars of gift

Susan Love Research Foundation receives $ 1 million donation in honor of the stars of "The L Word" Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey

An anonymous donor has donated a $ 1 million to the Susan Love Research Foundation in honor of Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey, two of the stars of the successful Showtime series "The L Word" for realism and truth that brought a history of breast cancer that ended with the death of Erin Daniels' Dana Fairbanks. This is the largest private donation ever made to the Foundation.

"The donor, who has chosen to remain anonymous, wanted to honor actresses for having lent his image to show how to cope with the tragic consequence of breast cancer," says Naz Foundation Executive Director Sykes. "Ultimately, it decided that the best way to do this is to give a generous donation that would help us to advance the work we are doing to put an end to breast cancer in our lives."

The U.S. $ 1 million donation will be used to establish the fund Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey for breast cancer.

To all this Erin Daniels said:

"There are very few times in the life of a woman who feels that she has had the good fortune of being part of something that will change the lives", "This is one of those times. I am overwhelmed that my image in the history of Dana has inspired such an act of kindness and generosity, and I am delighted to be part of it. "

"It's an honor to our history of breast cancer has touched someone in such a way that has been so generous to donate to the cause of this tragic disease," Hailey said, "I am overwhelmed by the gesture and inspires me to act according to my conscience and give more of myself. "

The Susan Love Research Foundation is dedicated to preventing and eradicating breast cancer and improve the quality of women's health through innovative research, education and advocacy.

When Erin Daniels' Dana was diagnosed with breast cancer was 32 years and was tennis star. His story lets viewers know the lives of many "Danas" that in real life, have heard the words "You have breast cancer."

"I am honored to say that the story of Dana," Daniels said "despite its sad and tragic end, it is no less inspiring. As Dana, I spoke with many women who are fighting breast cancer every day, and who survive with fierce determination, courage, hope. These women inspire me. And by that time, I am grateful. "

Although many fans of "The L Word" were impressed with the way it was decided to tackle this difficult topic such as breast cancer, some were angered by the story that resulted in the death of Dana. In blogs and websites, many discussed their frustration that the series has elected to a beloved character who dies of breast cancer rather than illustrate how many women survive and thrive after a diagnosis of breast cancer. Others were identified with Alice, because she had lost her best friend and former lover.

To make a donation to The Erin Daniels and Leisha Hailey Fund for breast cancer or to learn more about the Susan Love Research Foundation, visit http://www.dslrf.org/

Here are leaving a personal tribute to the unforgettable Dana Fairbanks:


Hi girls, here I bring the third chapter of exes & OHS subtitled , this episode is called Cutthroat.

Jen and Sam talk about sex and realaciones in Bowling, Jen does not know how you can make one for having sex with someone you do not know, without getting involved with that person, as a protege in sentimental terms, the answer is that Sam only protection for her son condoms and Jen could not be like those girls who have sex only, Jen said that she did not underestimate may be stronger than it looks and Sam weaker than what appears. Sam that this is flirting with someone as a competitive sport and that there are many rivals with more experience and better than she did.

Jen feels challenge and are betting that a girl who is playing billiards (which is very well and that all birds of prey to hunt around) will be yours.

But we will see in that episode of the fact that there is much stretch ...

Meanwhile Cris's playing the best possible team against a rival in bowling and Cruth mixing the musical inspiration and his desire to go out with Emmy, which is not appreciated by his roomates.

While Jen talks with the girl in question is our Rule No. 6: "Pretending, impress" Rule number one to impress a woman is that if you do not have no idea what this is interesting but speaking for her finger! Is Base Jumping? Great! Is Podcasting? All the time!

At the end Sam gets in your way, with some low blows makes the girl stays with her ... where we have Rule Number 7: "The friends come first" girlfriends and lovers come and go. That's why you should never leave a friend in one of them. It is a rule, everybody knows. (and many forget)

More or less so goes the veanla thing and have fun with this chapter suggests that any future romance between those who once were brides ..... Guess who?

Ladies and Young Ladies we present to UH HUH HER

Hi Girls, has long wanted to put tell them about this facet that loves to Leisha Hailey our Alice: the MUSIC.

Before that Leisha Hailey outside our Alice in The L Word, formed a duet called "The Murmurs" with his former companion of school, Heather Grody. During the 90- the band moved to Los Angeles, released several albums and went on tour with Lilith Fair.

His album Blender, includes the collaboration of several musicians and several songs produced by KD Lang, partner of Hailey for several years.

The Murmurs lend their music for the series The L Word, indeed in the soundtrack of the series there is a song of them is called Genius. In 2001, Hailey and Grody changed the name to the Gush band, which lasted until 2005.

Here you have a video of "The Murmurs" the song is called All I Need To Know, you will see that unlike the Leisha we know now to Leisha in their early music.

Leisha currently has formed a new band with Camila Grey, this band was formed in 2007, his name as all we know is this Uh Huh Her is a band electropop of Los Angeles, California.

Uh Huh Her, is formed by Leisha (vocals and guitar) and Camila Grey (vocals, bass, guitar and synthesizer), as discussed above, for those who do not know is Camila singer, producer and instrumentalist.

Both have enough experience within the industry and who have worked with names like Auf der Maur, Dr Dre, Pixies, Frank Black and up with Blur, His first album 'Common Reaction' for sale this 2008. Pride!

Here we see a Uh Huh Her in the video "The interface"

A lesbian couple has been the first to get married in Los Angeles

Robin Tyler and Diane Olson wore 15 years waiting for the moment. "It consumes the relationship. We could not expect much," Tyler joking few hours before marrying Olson in Beverly Hills, in Los Angeles.
At 5 and a minute of yesterday afternoon, Tyler, 66, and Olson, 54, were planning to make history. Both are the first women to marry legally in California, one month after the Supreme Court of this state, the most populous U.S. legalize same-sex marriages.

They were two of the main plaintiffs in the case that the Court of California ruled last month in favour of his request: lift the ban on same-sex marriages in the state.

The marriage of the couple comes four years after they were denied marriage license in the same Court Valentine's Day 2004, a decision that sparked his historic legal action.

In California already legalized civil unions, and in practice, differences are minimal to marriage. "Why should we abandon the word marriage?" Says Tyler. "The word is universally understood" the official bond of a love affair, for his part said Olson.

In terms of marriage between same-sex couples, "equality is not giving us another name for our relations (as figure legal 'domestic society'), give us the same equality is' marriage '," She said.

Women, who met in the 1970's but together carry 15 years, dressing up in costumes Singapore last year, and we do not currently have plans from honeymoon.

Congratulations Robin and Diana
Thank you for your perseverance

Lindsay Lohan is still unseparated from Samantha Ronson

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson remain unseparated since they left the photos of both kissing in Cannes last month. After seeing them at several festivals, outings, and other public appearances, now Samantha also accompanies Lindsay to work.

Lately Samantha has been frequent guest on the set of Lindsay during the filming of his latest film "Labor Pains" which was recorded in L.A. The couple also went to lunch with British singer Lily Allen in West Hollywood's Il Sole.

Allen spoke in his blog on the dinner: "I returned to the hotel on 7 and I went to directly to dinner with my number one fan and avid reader of my blog Samantha Ronson, we went to this restaurant called Il Sole, the food was incredible. I taste the truffle, we spent a great evening. Samantha had brought to the restaurant to his famous friend (.. and girlfriend, Lindsey Lohan) and with it nearly 50 million paparazzi. "

The two were together during the interval of the film, but Lilo (Lindsay) Samantha enjoined to attend this tape recordings of director Laura Shapiro, allegedly because he feared losing concentration.

For more than a month must be said that the actress has something more than a friendship with Ronson, say that only because she feels safe. At one point, Lohan, even put her hand in the back pocket of Ronson - a gesture normally reserved for intimate couples. Well neither they nor anyone else has confirmed rumors of homosexuality, but they see them very happy together, (sometimes too many words ....).


This week, the battle that girls discuss the name you bring the new nightclub, are discussed between Blush and Sugar (what won?).

Meanwhile and after a disappointing meeting with Charlene's bosses at Truck Stop (the club where she works), Alex is even more determined to get a Saturday even going for Los Angeles lesbians. The first step is to get a sponsor: a sexy carwash.

And of course more drama ensues, even the new girl gets in Sayed. And it's his first night in a gay club, she talks about her first impressions about it.

Then you put the second chapter of Sugar Gimme hope so enjoy it.

Fuente: Afterellen

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hello dear inhabitants of LesPlanet, here I leave the second episode of "Sugar Rush" tell us the story that this series is additive, I love, will be hooked to it like me. In the previous chapter we find our protagonist Kim a lesbian teenager moves to the city of Brighton with his family that is somewhat rare. Meet a friend Sugar heterosexual who has headed.

Now in Chapter 2 Sugar Sex and Love:

Let the mother of Kim (Stella) worry about whether her daughter speaks to Nathan Kim (Kim's father) of his infidelity, tries to become friends with her daughter carry her and her friend Sugar to a spa, there seems to be very Sugar friend of Stella, which Kim bothers you a lot and will ...
Sugar leaves behind her and explained that it had become a friend of his mother in order to steal your credit card and so begins revenge, are going shopping and spend the entire card .... clear that whoever takes the benefits of shopping is Sugar and the benefit of revenge Kim.

In the last part of the chapter, kim is determined to be sincere and is back to his mother being unfaithful with the decorator, then enters his father and ..... As for Sugar continues as usual ...

Guess that pair of Lesplanet has the best chemistry ?

Hi LesPlanet girls them that the Entertainment Weekly story that is a very important magazine published by Time Inc. which covers film, television, music, etc. ... has asked its readers to choose the 28 pairs television along the TV that had perfect chemistry.

And more than 6,500 responses have chosen couples more perfect television and that each time you share a scene have said what is the factor X.

And guess who that partner for us is one of the best and which has more chemistry on the planet is among the most voted ....


The magazine said: Bette [Jennifer Beals] and Tina [Laurel Holloman] in The L Word. After all the drama who have lived through (family planning, a miscarriage, infidelity, separation, reunion, separation (again), and a pseudo-custody battle ... to name a few problems) somebody has to recognize the fact that now again be together not only mean the triumph to true love and happiness, but also means that these two boards have a powerful connection between them that nothing and no one can break.

Because if girls is really deserved an award, that connection you have makes our favorite series The L Word is so special and that every inhabitant of LesPlanet is not lost even a minimum detail.

And as Shane said in the first chapter of the first season when seen together: "You give me hope, therefore I am glad to know that two people who have so much time together even become happier."

And that is exactly what we're sorry to see them all even if it is fiction, gives us hope.


Another couple who won votes were Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave our beloved Spencer and Ashley from South of Nowhere.

Other pairs of TV's The Best Chemistry:

Mulder [David Duchovny] and Scully [Gillian Anderson] in The X-Files. House [Hugh Laurie] Wilson and [Robert Sean Leonard] in House Angel (David Boreanaz) and Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Marc [Michael Urie] and Amanda [Becki Newton] in Ugly Betty entte others.

Tips to flirt and not die in the attempt

How a woman can flirt with another woman? This can be tricky, especially if you do not know the sexual orientation of women to flirt.

There's nothing like having someone you flirt, you raises self-esteem. Whether or not the mutual attraction, it feels good to know that someone finds attractive. Flirting is an art. It is a game with two-way street. You have to be able to see the interest and give you mind if this comfortable flirting with the girl in order to find out how to proceed.

But, if done properly, there is nothing better or more exciting than letting electricity flow in the early stages of a relationship. In the flirting can be subtle or open. I prefer the subtle kind.

Here are some tips for flirting:

When they are together, you have to try to sit near her. We must be attentive to that body language is very important in these cases, for example if it moves closer or further. When those sitting on a sofa and legs are played, what does she? Are Leaving the leg or where this away?

Find your eyes when talking about this. Keep looking a little more time than if it were a normal conversation.

It may sound silly, but open the door to enter.

If you are sitting in front of it, subtly put your hand on your own. Do not move unless it withdraw.

Tell her that this beautiful that night. He commended their hair or their clothes.

Discover what makes laugh. There is nothing like humour to reduce tension and break the ice between the two.

Offer a drink if you're at a party or a bar together. He plays his hand or his shoulder when he des crown.

Tell you've been thinking about it.

Call them just to greet and see what they are doing.

Send a little note that says you've enjoyed the time they have spent together, dinner, the festival, a film, whatever you have done together. An e-mail is fine, but if it is in writing and leave it on your door or receives it by mail would much better, since it would be written in your hand.

Be careful not happen, do not use this resource too because you do not want to look like a harassing. Note whether there are signs that your flirting is not desired, always noted their reactions, for example Can Hang the phone quickly when your name? Would you send e-mails, only for an answer? If so, reverses and let come to you.

I hope these tips help you, good luck and above all, have fun.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ellen and Portia not sell photos of their wedding

While most celebrities will be rubbing their hands thinking of the very important sum of money that could benefit from the photos of the first lesbian wedding of Hollywood, Ellen DeGeneres does not want to know the subject.

Ellen is known for being one of the few celebrities who do not accept money from the gossip magazines in exchange for exclusive, and this time is not going to be different.

Ellen distributed a good number of photographs of their wedding, totally free, all media wishing to do so. With his wedding, Ellen wants to get maximum publicity and to promote the normalization of gay marriage.

Some skeptics also expressed their fear of what might happen if, in the not too distant future Ellen ends with Portia. "Ellen, in the past, has had a habit of replacing their partners when they are older and Portia no longer looks so young," wrote one commentator in an entertainment tabloid. "If the marriage (Ellen) would be devastating collapses for the gay community, "added the same commentator.

But hopefully this will not happen, and that Ellen and Portia are always happy and stay together, age and a side by side.

The problem is that by not giving any exclusive, certainly not get any cover. The truth is that Ellen and Portia, with its totally open attitude regarding their relationship and lesbianism, thanks to its privileged position, are doing more for the visibility that many activists.

Thanks Ellen.

Tasha was celebrating gay pride in Washington DC

Rose Rollins was celebrating Gay Pride at a party with the inhabitants of Lesplanet in Washington DC

Our Tasha unforgettable moments shared with all attendees, and enjoyed as a party among friends of a lifetime, dancing, laughing, signing autographs until dawn.

Our favorite soldier, don't believe in distances in which there is supposedly between public and actress-star-fan, his simplicity and humility make this an unforgettable person and very accessible.

Congratulations to those people who were able to share those moments with her.

Fuente: Rose Rollins a fan's blog / Fotografias: Lyn Lawson Photography

Sarah Paulson cast in 'Cupid'

Sarah Paulson, who maintains a relationship for quite some time also with the actress Cherry Jones, will be the female protagonist's remake of the television series "Cupid", which will be recorded for the time being the pilot.

The ABC Studios produced "Cupid" in an updated version of Rob Thomas 1990 comedy focuses on the manic Trevor Hale (Bobby Cannavale), who thinks he is the Roman god of love, Cupid.

Paulson will play Claire Allen, a psychiatrist specializing in matters of the heart. Paula Marshall played the role in the original.

We may also see Sarah shortly in the film The Spirit also appear in which Samuel L Jackson, Eva Mendes, Paz Vega and Scarlett Johansson.