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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dawn Dembo has forgotten her lover Cindy

Hello dear inhabitants of LesPlanet reached my ears to a story about Elizabeth Keener is best known on our planet, Dawn Dembo, seems to have quickly forgotten her lover Cindy and prefers to go out with girls more athletic, strong and abdomen as chocolate tablets as well as Jackie Warner inhabitant official LesPlanet, personal trainer and protagonist of a reality show called Work Out on the television channel Bravo, to tell a little about the show this basically shows how life is like Jackie, training that makes its clients, mostly women hetero Hollywood life in the gym. It seems that there are many heterosexual women in love with Jackie, but Jackie chosen to appear at a girl.

Elizabeth Keener has not openly declared to be a lesbian but he sees much in the elite circle of lesbians of Afterellen joking and doing cameos in some blog's
and series lesbian.

But sometimes things do not need conformation of speech and simply the facts (if not tell it to Lindsay Lohan).

It turns out that this weekend was seen in the company of Jackie Warner in the Gay Pride in West Hollywood LA a very loving attitude, walking hand in hand (and according to one source told me very reliable Ourchart) kissing saw on several occasions in front of more than 175, 000 people attended the Gay Pride.

Again after a night watch was stopped by several local ambience equally romantic that by the day.
So as we see, sometimes the facts is worth a thousand words.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dina had to Lindsay Lohan inside the closet

According to the latest news reaching us from soap opera Lindsay Lohan esat say that more than confirmed that likes girls who dismisses the rumor that has been a marketing strategy designed to relaunch his career.
Now they say that the culprit that Lindsay was inside the cupboard is her mother Dina Lohan. According to this rumor, Lindsay told her mother that he liked girls with 19 years and she tried to convince them that it was only a phase and to keep it secret. (which is the typical reaction of mothers)

Now, the relationship between Lindsay and her mother does not appear to be very good, although I doubt that it is only because of this.

You know that is Earthling?

Hi dear people of LesPlanet knew that?

At the beginning of everything, for the years 2003, the draft Ilene Chaiken was going to call "Earthlings". And wonder why that title? therefore because in California between lesbians to identify with each other using the phrase "you're earthlings ?" "You are our planet?" . (so that this beautiful behind arcoiris, our LesPlanet).
Hence the coffee now is Kit, before Navy, called The Planet.
In putting the title in the series, it appeared that the explanation was a little complicated as it would be more understandable for lesbians from California and was chosen by which all know from "The L Word", this phrase has been used as an alias for lesbians at least since 1981 when the book appeared in "My Blue Heaven" (a comedy in two acts) by Jane Chambers and a character ask "You're really ....? The L word? Oh God !, I had never met one before. " (referring to whether there was lesbian).

Lesbians can no longer be lesbians?

The lesbians seeking to ban the word "lesbian" Some citizens of the island of Lesbos (Greece) are tired of being used the word "lesbian" to refer to homosexual women. Therefore, three lesbians (as is the name: Republic of the island) have gone to court to try to prohibit the use of the term.

According to the plaintiffs, the use of "lesbian" as a woman gay insults the identity of its people and requested that only it can serve as name of Lesbos. "Women homosexuals have every right to define themselves as they wish, but they have no right to seize our national identity", said a president of Lesbos, Ioannis Achlioptas.

It appears that women lesbos is termed lesbians makes uncomfortable situations occur. Also, the islanders determined that "If you are not of Lesbos, you're not a lesbian." For its part, Evangelia Vlami, representative of the Gay and Lesbian Community of Greece, ensures that this ridiculous fears are unfounded. And he adds: "Let's stop playing with words, protests like these are nothing more than prejudice.

The term can be used by both sides without insulting anybody. " The court will consider the case and within about two months, will result. We must not forget that on the island of Lesbos is where the poet was born in Ancient Greece Sappho, whose love poems inspired the term lesbian. This has meant that the island has been for years a mecca for lesbians from around the world. I hope that all those named "Gay" does not decide to also ban the word, because if not, no longer can be expected in this world full of silly prejudices.

Queen Latiffa marries

According to recent rumors that run by LesPlanet in Hollywood is possible that the funniest actress Queen Latifah marries his girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins very soon.

According to what has published the National inquired, the two girls would be preparing an intimate ceremony with only a few good friends.

In addition say that the couple would be interested in adopting a child. One sees that the entry into force of the law on gay marriages in California is uncovering many inhabitants of the planet behind the rainbow that were within the closet.

Congratulations Queen and Jeannette.

As Carmen affection and death of Dana to Shane


Hi, dear people of LesPlanet recall the 3 rd season L Word? That in our Shane finally had a stable relationship with Carmen, Alice doing follies to forget Dana and suffering because she was with Lara? After Ilene decided to end the story pink and left us a Carmen planted on the altar and Dana lost his fight before a breast cancer.

This not only affects us the followers of the series, also actresses suffered mainly by the death of Dana.
Here we have an interview it did to Kate in "Entertainment Weekly" in 2006 and which was published the day after the last episode of the third season, spoke of the series, Carmen, scenes, Dana, how he learned at that season and Dana died of his reaction to know ... not lose the

Entertainment Weekly: This is really the end for Shane and Carmen?

Katherine Moennig: Shane and Carmen never had a "breakup" in the end. There was a great fight - nothing. Sarah has been chosen for a new comedy called Teachers, but I hope she returns to make a few more episodes just to give some kind of closure to their relationship.

EW: How do you feel about the evolution of Shane, starting as a Playgirl to be almost a newly married?

KM: I think that would have been a little boring interpret the same stereotype of person season after season, so I was happy to show a different side of it, no matter whether people like it or not.

EW: Where would you like to finish Shane?

KM: I love Shane. I would like to see her answering many questions she has been taking during the past three seasons: Why infidelity, "Why fear? His father appeared at the end of the third season, so I would like to explore their relationship. I also think that Alice (Leisha Hailey) and Shane have a strong friendship that really has not been considered, and I want to show that.

EW: We would like Shane falls in love again?

KM: I do not know if they really wish to see it in another relationship, at least not right away. And if she is going to be in a relationship with someone has to be really spectacular, because Carmen - from the viewpoint of the audience - was fantastic. It will be a void difficult to fill.

EW: What happened to the old love of Shane, Cherie Jaffe (Rosanna Arquette)?

KM: She can return. I do not know if it is a fact, but it would be nice if she do so. It would be good for the drama of television.

EW: How was recording a scene of sex with Rosanna Arquette in the pool house of beach Cherie Jaffe?

KM: It was actually very cold that night and the water was very hot, so it felt like needles into the skin when you beat the air to leave the water. Should do, are things that have to do a love scene.

EW: Of all the love scenes in which has appeared on The L Word, which has been your favorite?

KM: In the second season, Sarah and I did a scene in the third episode where she comes to my room and gives Shane a few beers, and we were playing a game - I think it (called) 'Too Hot' or something so -- and in the end, Shane was like''I can not do this''and does what it does normally Shane gets up and goes. That was fun to interpret, not only because it was a scene of sex, but neither was not one of gender. This is real life, not just sex. But my favorite love scene in which I have not taken part was that of Alice (Leisha Hailey) and Dana (Erin Daniels) in the second season - the entire assembly when they finally are together. They were mad at all positions and with that great song by CeCe Peniston [ "Finally"] background. I thought that was great.

EW: Speaking of Dana, at the end of the episode in which dies in the third season, there was a clip of interviews with the cast and creators in speaking of his departure the show, and you saw very annoying.

KM: I was very sad about his departure. Before shooting each season, we have meetings with [creator / executive producer] Ilene Chaiken to get an idea of how you will go all season. Erin and I are very good friends, so when she called and told me that Dana would have breast cancer, I remember having commented, "It is fantastic for you interpret it.'s Going to be very fun" And then Erin said, "Dana dies" I answer, "but it's going to be fantastic because you have a scene of death" that's when I stopped, like, "wait, what?! Your these joking!" and she said, "No, that's what happens."

EW: As has affected the dynamics of the cast progress Erin Daniels of the show?

KM: It was hard. I think Erin is very important for the show. I do not know if the dynamics will be different next season because we have not yet begun to burn, but it certainly feels that something is missing. I do not know if someone at some point really is going to replace that void, because Erin was in the show from the first day. It will be interesting to see how will the new season because I think we are attracting more people.

EW: Now that you identify with both Shane, think it will be difficult to distance itself from it while you advance in your career?

KM: That seems to be the problem with television, is not it? When someone manages to be linked to a character on television, it is very hard to break that mold and go doing more things. I think it will not be an easy road when The L Word finished, but I will do everything in my power during my time off to do other things to show another side of me. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to make this role [refers to its role in the play The Guardians] because this far from Shane.

EW: The more you want it to The L Word run?

KM: I do not think that this is a question for me because it is natural that the actors play the same role for 10 years, so I surprised all actors such as' Law & Order '. I think it's more a question for the audience - depends on their level of tolerance towards these characters, not mine, because these characters have done some things really mad.

Madrid is full of gay pride until summer

Until the summer, Madrid is full of gay pride So this Madrid, very pink. And with the doors wide open cabinets. With the advent of good weather and heat, Madrid became the capital of LGTB spirit, or what is the same, in a multitude cultural claimed that the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people in society.

With Pride Day just around the corner (July 5) events and concerts "roses" are multiplying. And start honor the festival is Visible, an encounter with LGTB culture that, until July 20 aims to flood Madrid Pozuelo and San Fernando de Henares with 12 exhibitions and 19 plays of gay theme. "But heterosexuals are welcome", insisted yesterday Miguel Angel Gonzalez, president of the Collective of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals Madrid (COGAM).

"Anyone can feel identified with the feelings and emotions of a gay man." Role in Society.

This year in particular is the lesbian visibility in the world, and therefore Visible seeks vindication, especially the role of lesbians in society.

"It is the group with more difficulties, which weighs more the stereotype of butch" says Gonzalez. So many events dedicated to them, shows like Eva sin adanes (Eve without Adam) which opens today at the Library Berkane (C / Hortaleza, 64). Or Monologos de bolleria fina (Monologues Baker's shop high) in Room break free (C / Francisca Conde, 7) 27 to 29 June.

Still little is known about how it will be this year's Pride Day, the festival every year revolutionizes Chueca.

In addition to much good cheer, 45 floats and rainbow flags, could not miss the demonstration. The appointment is the day on July 5 in Independence Square.

Last year, organizers estimated that involved more than one and a half million people. At night the Palacio de los Deportes (Sports Palace) we Infinitely gay, macrofestival par excellence Pride, which takes five years to collect LGT environment around good music. For 35 euros, the party, entertainment and the best DJ's are guaranteed.

And there's more. If the body holds, the party continues July 6 with the Pride of Sound Space (60 euros). The Chamber Macumba can exploit ...

Ten miles full of 'pride'

Coinciding with the Sports Day, this Sunday will hold a career, which can use both professional and amateur riders, will begin at the Plaza of Spain at 10 o'clock in the morning and go after the Madrid district of Moncloa, ending in the athletics track of the sports complex south of Ciudad Universitaria (University City).

This race aims to merge the society, sport and the different sexual orientations in an atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie.Entries can be made at the very site of the race, or at the booth to be installed this Sunday June 15 on the Paseo de la Castellana during the celebrations of Sports Day.

Norway another country where we can marry

Congratulations to the inhabitants of our planet in Norway can now marry and adopt.

Norway becomes the sixth country in the world where gay couples have equal rights as heterosexual couples.

This past Wednesday, the Norwegian Parliament passed a bill that authorizes same-sex marriage, with the vote of 84 deputies, compared with the 41 votes cast against, these figures are very encouraging.

But the thing does not stay there alone, because in the same draft law also allows gay couples to adopt, or even qualifying for assistance in the event that opt for fertilization. (This is dooo it) Besides the Lutheran Church of Norway, a state may recognize gay weddings.

The measure will enter into force later this year or early 2009, was supported by the three parties that form the center-left behind the Government, in addition to the overwhelming support of two opposition parties, the Conservative Party and Liberal Party.

On the contrary, were the Christian-Democrat Party and the populist right. (Sooo are predictable).

So congratulations norwaysssss to hold ..... To live and the girlfriend!

The Norwegian Minister of Finance, Kristina Halvorsen, alongside figures wedding gay marriage, this Wednesday

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jennifer Beals run in Vancouver

Hi, dear inhabitants of Lesplenet, count them, not Jennifer Beal ceases to amaze me as well as beautiful, charming, sexy, sexy and moreeeee sexyyyy, (well stop drooling), is an athlete and very disciplined worker.

Jennifer participate in the Running the room Shaugnessey in Vancouver, which is an 8-km marathon, for which it was prepared and trained for several months.

She was 6 th place for over half a hundred participants of the group that it should.He ladies time for nothing less than ... 43:53 minutes, very very impressive and I do not have the courage to calculate the time it would take me to my running 8 km ... uffffffffff 12 hours, maybe? and I'm not sure if it would reach the goal ever.So our incredible Jennifer is in a super fitness, as you can see. Well done babe, so is Jennifer.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Premiere First Episode of Gimme Sugar

Ultimately the series premiere Gimme Sugar, a reality show that promises hitch every Monday, you can continue here in Lesplanet. Its protagonists, five girls, most lesbians, will launch a joint project with the dream of reaching the top.

They are a group of good friends, teenagers and lesbians who have decided to bet strong and unite to realize a dream. Opening a "lesbian bar," Truck Club, in Los Angeles. But there may be a club like any other. It must be the most hot and spicy in the city. With the wishes and desire to succeed, these five girls will give their utmost to achieve its goal. But not everything will be laughter and glory.

The Good: One of the most positive aspects of Gimme Sugar is that three of the five main characters are Asian Americans, a group that has been woefully underrepresented on television regardless of sexual orientation. Given that the number of openly lesbian Asian-Americans in the public eye can be counted on one hand, this is especially welcome.

Gimme Sugar also presents a group of lesbian/bi friends hanging out together — something that is rarely seen on television, where lesbian/bi characters (or personalities on reality shows) are generally isolated from a queer peer group. This is valuable because it shows queer teens — the demographic that this kind of show is aimed at — that having a group of gay friends, where your sexuality is moot, is possible.

Finally, the series features an extremely gay-positive social scene, which is something that many younger LGBT viewers need to see on television. Dating is presented as entirely normal, and whatever drama arises does not arise because of one's sexual orientation, but because of issues that are common to straight people as well.


Charlene, 26 - Born in the Philippines, raised in LA

Truck Stop ManagerTalent manager by day, Charlene spends her Friday nights managing the hottest club in LA, Truck Stop. Her friends all call her "Switch" because she's the switchboard for all the hot young LA lesbians. If you need info or advice, "Switch" is the one to call. She has a heart of gold and a smile for all. The girls all look up to Charlene, she's the leader of the pack and what she says goes. Her dream is to take Truck Stop global so girls everywhere can party and play in an environment free of attitude or judgment.

Bathilda, 23 - Taiwan/Malaysia

Promotional Model, Bathilda is the "Queen of the Night" and Party Flavor of both the gay and straight club scene. She's the kind of girl who would rather crawl across the top of the bar to get to the other side than walk thru the crowd like everyone else. Her friends think she needs to take it down a notch, but Bathilda loves the spotlight and the girls are always having to rein her in. She has a thing for straight girls and is always happy to satisfy their bi-curiosity. Like Davonee she has no problem getting the ladies, but can she find one to keep?

Davonee, 23 - grew up in Savannah, Georgia

Nanny by day, rock star by night Davonee wants to be a rock star and is finally taking steps towards that goal. When it comes to the ladies Davonee's gone platinum with player status. She's known for dating the hottest girls on the scene. But Davonee can't seem to keep her dick in her pants, and she'll have to change her player ways if she's going to hang on to this one, because she's a keeper.

Bathilda (top left), Davonee (top right), Charlene (below)

Alex, 21 - Raised in LA

Aspiring Comedian When this girl sets her sights on something, be it a girl or launching a new club night, nothing stands in her way. Alex is pursuing a career as an actress/comedian and her gift for comedy helps keep things light when when there's drama going down. Free thinking and free loving, Alex doesn't feel the need to define her sexuality, she's an equal opportunity lover and dates girls and boys.

Robin, 23 - From Annapolis, Maryland

Casting Associate Robin grew up in a small town and moved to LA just last year so she could join the hot lesbian club scene. Now every night's a party--whether it's hanging with three drag queens, a straight guy, or a new girl on the scene. She's witty, bold, and has a mind of her own. Robin says whatever she's thinking and even though it causes a lot of drama she's only saying what's on everyone's mind and that keeps all the girls honest. Robin is a hard-worker who doesn't take no for an answer. She is quickly moving up the ranks as a casting director, which suits her because she can smell drama a mile away.

Now you can see the first chapter then I hope you enjoy it and write your comments about the serie.

fuente: www.afterellen.com

Sunday, June 8, 2008

You liked a Heterolandia women ?

As forget this situation, Jenny heterosexual, fearful, confused, being cornered by the spectacular Navy in the bathroom, who not to bring up to bed and change of sidewalk.

Well Marina does not cost much because Jenny also liked Marina (and I wonder who noooooo?).

But not all run the same fate often look at a woman hetero is a real ordeal and a headache for the inhabitants of our planet. It is common for a woman heterolandia sole afraid of lesbians, we are seen as a kind of harassment, rapists, the first occasion that will put him hand and abusing them, or walk behind, trying to force them to not have sex consented. (ehhhhh, this is the behavior of a psychopath, not a lesbian:)

But there are hetero women who are not so prejudiced - fortunately! - And are "gayfriendly." But why not cease to be hetero, or to tolerate lesbians but not wind with them. (always remember this "NOT WITH THEM Coils") Such women usually feel very flattered that a lesbian falls in love with them, but do not know how to handle this situation. They like being the center of attention, that the lesbian only look to it, get jealous if you look at someone else, or if someone you about. They want you're not yet there and try to know you do or who you are.

They develop a sense of belonging, you are the only toy and it (but if you're very close, are running scared and leave because misinterpreted his friendship). Given all this demonstration, the lesbian who thinks the hetero has been in love with her. Nothing more wrong. (AS hetero as a woman, never and say you'll never have sex with another woman ...). It happens that a lesbian and a heterosexual, process these things differently.

The hetero you seen simply as a friend more (perhaps her best friend ...). It feels tremendously flattery as a woman that you love so begins to be so possessive (and to cap it all, we are always ready, because we are in love and always think that sexual orientation can be changed by us ...). It is very exciting for her, probably the biggest adventure of his life having a lesbian love behind it and not want to lose anything in the world (clear until you find your ideal guy and we shelved ...) .

It's like a fun staff, so we entertains flirting, provoking, seductive becoming nothing more fun for her to have another woman at his feet. But as heterosexual that is, their need are the men and their sexual instincts go to that side, so the only game and flirting with the lesbian is more than enough, you do not need anything more than that. She is not aware (or if ...) that it arouses sexual desire to lesbian because it is not accustomed to feel those things by another woman.
All this game because it makes it fun, but without intent to harm (though it does so unintentionally). Meanwhile the lesbian is serious about tooooodo the flirting and playing.

You can not understand why the other one day he shows jealousy and ignores the other day. One day is sympathetic and another day is odious. It breaks your head trying to decipher whether hetero sees as a friend or as something else, because their attitudes are totally ambiguous. This is so that the lesbian is totally accustomed to the romantic feelings among women, and processes all the attitudes that have to hetero with her, as if they came from another lesbian (big mistake ...).And that is why so many hearts broken and disillusioned.

The misunderstand everything and create as if it were true (always take into account that our platonic love is a heterosexual woman and there is no way to change that ... of course there are always exceptions). But often these stories end well, and there are many cases of girls hetero who fall in love with a lesbian couple and put into it, because they liked his personality or what is special and fall in love with the person, beyond the genre is that (these women usually do not dislike the idea of having something with a woman and always thought so ...). But unlike the lesbian, when the relationship ends hetero always returns to men, while the lesbian seek another woman.

Sharon Stone wants to change his path

Sharon Stone says it wants to be a lesbian, (And I say, is that women get up in the morning and said, look today I will be a lesbian?). The beautiful actress said she was tired of men who behave like women, (with this woman who comes out? even I have not known any man who behaves as a woman and you?), and said he would prefer an affair with a woman male, (Masculine lesbians are in luck ..., for her girls).

Sharon interpreted the role of bisexual in the famous film "Basic Instinct". Perhaps these escenes erotic with his companion had opened the appetite lesbians.

The actress said "everyone is bisexual to some extent.", (that is to say what the motherrrr of my girlfriend ...) "I like masculinity, and in fact, acting now only women with masculinity." "If you have an appointment with a girl they call you and tell you: I'll pick you up at 7, you carry a big place and you can wear anything." (Sharon Stone, the insurance that anyone would even pajamas anywhere ... because we must see this as women with their almost 50 years).

In 2006, lesbian and erotic scenes of Basic Instinct 2 "were cut for being too hot. The actress added, "we did some scenes" menage a trois "with a stunning French actress who was very beautiful and sexy". With its 49 years, Sharon Stone remains the girl who taught us to cross their legs…. (But almost all would have preferred at that time being ... Michael Douglas)

The 100 women more sexy, 2008 as Afterellen

Dear Inhabitants of LesPlanet once again readers Afterellen one of the most important Web lesbian women have chosen a more sexy on the planet, the result is very interesting, unlike the lists that make men where only takes into account beauty, which we women are also appreciates style, intelligence, elegance, and the attitude they have in relation to the topic lesbian.

Not all lesbians are, in fact there are many heterosexual women among the first posts due to the roles they have played lesbian. One of the most surprising findings is that this generosity of Ellen over his future wife the most beautiful Portia de Rossi.

As the list of U.S. Women are obviously more famous here than in Europe, leaving many women to divine that triumph in Europe but not in this country, why girls have to make us the most complete list including European women, that there are beautiful.

I hope you enjoy this album of the fifty ranked first on the list, the rest of the list you can see it on the web afterellen.

Video of the women more sexy, 2008 as Afterellen


Navigating the Internet with low mood something I found the wonderful and funny Ellen DeGeneres saw a video of theirs and their occurrences and follies, and as you can imagine without thinking was already I laughing and forgetting what was wrong that day.

That gave me an idea, put in your blog a section of humor to those inhabitants of LesPlanet not swim very well and animation to make them draw a smile at the end of the day.

Here are left with Ellen DeGeneres and her peculiar way of promoting the single Madonna.

Rosie O'Donnell will wait to marry (again)

In another famous Lesplanet that you have asked about if he thinks marry (again) now that have legalized the Lesmatrimonios in California? is to Rosie O'Donnell.

Rosie married in San Francisco in 2004 with Kelly Carpenter, her partner for 11 years, when the marriages were authorized in that city.

Soon laws were complicated and all those marriages were illegal. So quite rightly because they no longer want the same thing happens Rosie said she hoped to marry again until he homosexual marriage is legal in all United States.

"We expect to be legal everywhere, because otherwise we would have to go on tour across the country to marry from state to state… Once that is legal at the federal level and that all states recognize marriages from the rest I believe that then I'll do. "

In another interview, he preguntarón if their relationship was still sexually 'fiery', to which Rosie replied: "Yes, but only thanks to her. I am very fortunate to have a woman beautiful, loving and also is not sexually dysfunctional "... whaaaatttt? to be meant by that? ...

Mia Kirshner and Heather Graham in Miss Conception

On June 6 is the date of the official U.S. premiere of the latest film he has shot Mia Kirshner, because in some countries like Germany and France have already been released.

Is a comedy director's Eryc Styles, cointerpretada by Heather Graham and Tom Ellis.

The story is about Georgina Scott (Heather Graham), a woman 33 years wanting to have a child who has a boyfriend Zak (Tom Ellis) who does not share the same desire.

Georgina discovers that her family propensity for early menopause and goes to the specialist company his reluctant friend Clem (Mia Kirshner), Jenny Schecter of our L Word.

Upon learning that day to engender a child are numbered and that his next term will be the last Georgina with the help of Clem and his friend Justin have a task to achieve the ideal father within a month. Develop a plan perfect but their escapades are increasingly desperate and decided to explore Georgina donor sperm on the Internet, customers of night clubs, builders and attending funerals in fun and desperate attempt to beat the menopause.

I leave the trailer of the film so they can take a sample of what we can laugh with Miss Conception, you know girls, a movie ... :)

The Vodka Lesplanet

In 1978, the brilliant Gilber Baker designed and built in San Francisco a flag with six stripes representing the six colors of the rainbow as a symbol of pride for the community of gays and lesbians, osea our flag. The flag colors of the rainbow are Morado (the spirit), Blue (serenity), Green (nature), Yellow (sunlight), Orange (health), Red (life).

And in reference to the unforgettable 'Over The Rainbow' which Judy Garland sang in 'The Wizard of Oz' and had already become legend and icon of the gay community. Gradually the flag was popular, besides being waved in the Gay Pride marches around the world.

This year, the flag serves as a symbol of progress achieved and friends of the movement are invited to join the celebration.

Now that the rainbow flag, symbol of the LGBT movement, meets 30 years, Absolut Vodka joins the celebrations with an initiative dedicated to this celebration, has created Absolut Colors, a bottle design with a limited edition with the banner and multicolored containing a text of community support LGTB:

“In an Absolut world, everybody is encouraged to be who they are. That world is more colorful, diverse and respectful. Be proud of who you are, and let your true colors shine. Absolut has been consumed by proud people since 1879“.

Will be on sale from June 10 in limited edition, I was not good as you but I inhabitant of the planet behind the rainbow I buy a pair:), CHEERS!!

L Word and C.S.I

Hi dear people of LesPlanet, I discovered that L word and CSI have something in common. is neither the subject nor the timetable, nor the target audience, what they have in common are our actresses not have realized that most of the actresses L Word, invite you to participate in a cameo in an episode of CSI, is Las Vegas, Miami or New York? Not to rejoice if the hearing or to climb a little more the audience of CSI with the public on our planet, but the fact is that our girls L, leaving in CSI, as well as we know a girl L (Lauren Lee Smith our Lara) will be a CSI.

The only one that does not come out on video is not Leisha had, but I would put in the picture (this unrecognizable) because it plays a woman with hypertrichosis, a disease that makes you grow body hair exes.

Leisha Hailey told TV Guide: He was itching very much with makeup, as took place two and a half hours every hair on my face. . I just thought it would be interesting for me to make a character completely and totally different from anything else I've done, I found it very interesting.

The smile today

Hi girls, seems to have born a super heroine in Lesplanet, YESS , is Lesbionic Woman, with its peculiar way to defeat the villains, multicolored flag or super kisses keep our planet safe.

You know if they are in trouble not hesitate to call it Lesbionic Woman come to the rescue right away, that if not watching The L Word, because otherwise you just have to wait.

To see if the draw in series, we'll be waiting ... :)

Leisha Hailey captain officer Olivia.com

Our beloved Leisha Hailey is the new face of Olivia.com. Leisha Hailey, known throughout lesplanética as Alice from "The L Word" and one of the components of successful rock duo Uh Huh Her, and I think we have not located? .Well Leisha achieves a new impetus in his career and driven.

It has come to an agreement with the largest travel company lesbian on the planet with Olivia.com. Leisha has signed a very juicy contract to be the new face of Olivia, who will image comes in this agency. ads, trade and online media.

Olivia also count on our Leisha Hailey in some of their vacation packages and entertainment. The company Olivia.com expect to obtain an image more fun, accessible and thus able to reach more people in this our Lesplanet. "I'm very excited to be part of the family of Olivia and have the opportunity to introduce Olivia to all women who are not familiar with the entertainment or travel agency", "I am thrilled at the opportunity to play a role in expansion and growth of Olivia. " Leisha Hailey said.

You know if they want to be closer to Leisha and a holiday with her, Olivia.com is the option.

As registered in the forum

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2 .- screen to enter registration information, fill it in the appropriate fields, it is only complicated the issue of postcode, if you are from outside Spain, select your country and you do not need to put the postcode is not mandatory if your country is not Spain. You can also choose the language in which you want to log screen appears.

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6 .- Finally we chose the forum where we say and we click or respond or create topic and ready, we can participate in the forum as we see in the last screen.


Hello, born this planet to share it with all those people who walk L scattered in this world. Here you have a vision of this planet, our beautiful planet that lies behind the rainbow.

I hope writing your opinion and / or comments on the blog. I would like to be part of all, you want to comment on any subject, have some experience, mandar any news that creates interesting or expose any of their videos, not hesitate to get in touch with me, I will be happy to have you all.

The handle you want to dominate or anything you like in particular (is number one, series characters, some famous musical group linked to our community, any event that takes place related to the same whether in the city that is , Books, films, reviews, articles, family, health, social problems and / or who want to share personal or translate it as experience in this blog ...) will create this section and was put everything that we want to communicate.

Dina Lohan: "If my daughter is happy ....

The latest news on the soap opera Lohan-Ronson, has Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan (also his representative). Dina was interviewed by the magazine OK Magazine when attending an event in Port Washington, NY, and I take this occasion to clarify the rumors about his daughter, and told the press that she accepts the relationship with Samantha Ronson Lindsay Lohan: "If she is happy, I'm also happy, is the only thing that matters " "Samantha is a good girl, I know her and her family for more than ten years" this is the only thing I have to say.

She also clarified as to whether Lindsay was sick for the photographs taken in Room Century City Hospital in Los Angeles last Thursday. Lindsay went to the emergency hospital on Thursday night for an asthma attack, Lindsay had no oxygen, could not breathe.

Samantha Ronson accompanied Lilo to emergency, the two were photographed and reported (at that time) that going to visit a friend. Lindsay was fearful of going to emergency because the paparazzi going to inform. She was sick.

If they were sick and you are the mother and could not even carry it because the emergency Paps up a story, is sad, very sad. "Lindsay is fortunate to have Sam with her, Sam is an angel", said Dina.

We are pleased that Lindsay's mother supports her relationship, and accept their choice regardless of which say, apparently the only thing it cares is the happiness of his daughter. This attitude should be emulated by many other mothers are famous or not their daughters.


Well in the previous episode left to Jennifer willing to forget completely Sienna, and turn the page and continue with their lives.

So now we find in Beevers selling his latest documentary "The observers of birds" and feels like something is going disappointed of his film career, and make the second part of "The observers of birds II! Not touched anything, it should be cree making documentaries momentous (We also believe it), her friends try to support it and tells Sam to do something you like and reminds him an idea that Jennifer had to make a documentary about sex and Jen corrects him saying that it is the power of women in society and the use and exploitation of their sexuality. (we sex summarizing a movie, that would very much more interesting than the birds).

Crutch have an argument with his mother asking him to do something with your life if you do not forget, and finally the mother will not send you more money and they will have to fix alone. Then we see Sam and Jennifer in a bookstore looking for material for the movie of sex and Sam says that he would like a house but that is uan investment very seriously and is not yet the time, which tells Jenn that time flies, So with this from a year ago that it should do so.

And the house's Cris arrives Cris telling that has seen two friends who are married and own and expect a child and Kris can not believe it because they thought that it would not take anything.
Meanwhile in the bookstore and Sam negrata are in line to pay for the book and a girl talks to Jenn and asks about the book that lead, and Sam said that he will make a film about sex,leave the store and Sam asks Jenn if you have the telephone number of the girl and she said that not only that the girl was being polite not flirt and there we have the rule:

Rule Number 4: "flirting" or "Only Kindness" this rule is not as clear as the others, the question is want to take the risk? Sam makes a deal with Jennifer because sure that the girl flirt, he said that if Jenn is going to request an appointment, she will look for a house and Jenn agrees. The library has another of his hallucinations and asks the girl in front of everyone and aloud whether or not flirt with her? We imagine the face of the girl? and allll the store.
At the end the girl called Kate and yes, she was with her batting eyelashes and Jenn get an appointment.

Crutch is working in the cafe waitress Beevers of a package when it comes to such Caroline Michaels (shhhhhhhhh that she is). The package is his new guitar but not any guitar: the guitar Amy Ray (Indigo Girls).

Sam finds the house of their dreams and perfect investment calls to tell Jen, she believe that is precipitate, and we have the following rule:

Rule No. 5: "The axis Financial"
As lesbian marriage is not legal we do not have profits in taxes, we are not covered by insurance our partner and we have to buy our own marriage rings. So in terms of their financial future girls are alone, so plan according to these circumstances.

But Sam realizes that there is another woman interested in the house, and that it has taken away their noses in closing the deal for more money. The appointment was Jennifer who is in a place kate chose where the waitresses are with the least clothes possible to be seen by men who go to this, Kate thought it would be useful to Jennifer for investigation.

Amid the conversation we learned that Kate is a mother. On the day of adopting pets Jenn tells what Sam's son and tells him that this is a great responsibility and Sam tells him go calmly that was only an appointment. Jennifer sees an old friend and a psychologist Elizabeth Sam puts him above the eye.

We see Sam in an intensive seminar on how to buy a house with which you remove the house (that girl slept with them believe what provided her with knowledge). And at home of Cris's think about all the responsibility they have in finding homes for these pets, and suddenly think they are good mothers and that it's time to have children of truth (not puppies).
The second quote from Jennifer and Kate does not end so well as the first since Jenn tells you is not ready to start a family that is not a good time in your life, Kate understands it, he wishes luck in your film and you said he was invited to the premiere and was fired.

After seeing the chapters do not miss the comments made by Michelle Paradaise in his video blog.

Thanks Novalobito for the edition good work.



The song Pepa and Silvia already has a name

At the end, we know it is called and who sings the song most wanted in the network in recent weeks, knew the song Silvia & Pepa, and since Sali in the series most of the inhabitants of our LesPlanet by searching every corner, was the subject of discussion forums, and there was not anything with it ... until now thanks to extensive investigations of c-Ichi boxgirl, the song already has a name is called: "My soul Ghost" (or "My soul Phantom" in Spanish), and the author of this song is the English Dana Kerstein, the song can not even bought yet because part of a disc.

Dana, has been in London since the age of three, graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama and live their concerts and recording sessions, to be spent directly authorsing. Throughout his career he has collaborated with the British music scene.

His songs have been framework for Documentary, Film, Theatre and ads. (And series as we know) Is currently working on her new album. That looked forward. If you would like to know more about her visit your address MySpace