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Friday, October 10, 2008

Knowing more to ... Kate Moennig part 2

Hi dear inhabitants of LesPlanet, continuing with Kate Moenning, we bring them here the second part of the curiosities of our beloved and phrases that Shane will allow us to know things about her, about her life and way of thinking that will surprise us.

Kate before to being a model and actress, started from any downstream neighbor's son worked at a pizza parlor and a grocery store when she was a teenager.

When Kate was child, was not the typical girl in pink dress and two collections in the head, it is defined as a small butch Philadelphia, she and her friends were playing and walked the streets in their tricycles and they called themselves the " Big Wheels Harley Gang "

Kate has confessed that he would love to design. She shares a very similar style to that of her character and she likes to choose some of the costumes with which it comes in "The L Word".

She noted that no action should be studied studied marine biology or police investigation and belong to the FBI.

Although Kate has not traveled to all countries that had wanted, so if you've traveled from one extreme to another Mexico and she's really loves it.

One of the passions of Kate is the kitchen, among her favorite foods is sushi, or does not like tomatoes and aubergines.

Kate has two dogs a dog named Floyd who is a Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix with mixer of what she fell in love at first sight, what she saw while walking with Leisha and Erin for the first time when he moved to LA, Kate also has another dog mix of terrier named "Captain", which it bought in Vancouver in 2005 ... and has approximately 3 years and 5 months old.

Kate was one of the spokesmen for Showtime at the announcement of the Red Cross to assist with Hurricane Katrina victims.

When Kate learned that the 3rd season in the character of Dana was going to die, she hit a lot, not only because an endearing character would leave the series, if not because Erin Daniels is a very good friend of hers, it was very difficult to say goodbye to a person with whom she has lived for almost all recordings.

A Kate likes to experiment and has learned to use the skate to make their own stunts in some scenes from the 3rd season when Shane opened the salon in a shop skates. (As a good member of the Big Wheels Harley Gang there are things that do not change. ..)

In 2002 we saw Kate's face in one of her early appearances on TV, was at a Fleet Bank's announcement that highlighted the quick service from the bank.

One of the favorite pastimes of Kate is reading, loves to read and her favorite author is Augusten Burroughs. Kate's favorite book of all time is "The Beach" by Alex Garland.

In five words she's defined like this: decent, comprehensive, impatient, cranky and very shy.

The word that most likes to Kate and the most used is "nice" and the least used is "no".

The favorite sport of surfing is Kate, who likes to practice whenever she can on the beaches of California.

Her first appearance on Broadway was in 2006 when starred alongside Lee Pace in the play "The Guardians" a book that explained a fictional version of the story behind the photos from Abu Ghraib.

The most admired actresses are Patricia Clarkson, Lili Taylor, Martha Plimpton and Frances McDormand.

Quite to the contrary that her character Shane, Kate believes that the sex scenes are for it is shy, very uncomfortable, she says, "A scene of love, regardless of whom the're doing, it is an uncomfortable experience. It is not natural, it's very technical, and is the most distant to be sexy as you can ever imagine. So I have to act to stop thinking and just do it, I try to forget the camera and people from all over ... and try to make this experience as comfortable as possible. "

Her favorite programs on TV besides L word is: "Six Feet Ander," "The Cosby Show," "The Wonder Years," "90210".

Her full name is Sian Katherine Moennig, her friends call her Kate. And as the Scout calls her mother.

Kate takes at least the part that we can see from her body tattoos 5, a number "2" on the ring finger of her right hand (which is its number of life according to numerology) a "cross" in her wrist ( who was formerly the letter "K"), on her right tricep she has a tattoo of a "Bird" (she did when she saw in a dream she had, what had at that spot) is tricep in her left a tattoo that was not read very well but it is a name, the tattoo says "Mary" in honor of her mother, Mary Zahn, and last but not least is the silhouette of a violin tattooed on her back where it ends and begins ... .. (know that), and within that outline the letter "M" for Moennig (she did one day after her father died and it is her way of honor).

Her grandfather was William Moennig natural Markneukirchen, a small German town famous for its musical instruments. It has German and Irish descent and as I said before is cousin of Gwyneth Paltrow.

All the actresses in "the L word" say they are friends. During the second season Kate, Leisha and Erin and Mia lived together down the street. Kate is all very well, but it has more affinity with these three. But the friend is always inseparable from Leisha.

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