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Friday, August 15, 2008

The truth of Lesbian Sex...

Hi girls, let's put an item that we found very interesting written by Dr. Jay Asher Degree in Psychotherapy, in talks to us about the famous Lesbian Bed Death, and teaches us some guidelines to avoid such a loss of passion that comes with age.

Suzanne Lasenza, Ph.D. and sex therapist, says "If you ask lesbians believe that is the number one problem of couples with a long life, they will tell you" lesbian bed death "(blackout in bed). And it is not true ...

As heterosexual couples or gays, lesbians experience frustrations at work, family crisis or illness that demand our attention and energy, taking some time to sacrifice quality and the time that intimacy with our partner. With these facts in mind, let's take a look at the problems that lead to the rarity of sex between lesbians, with the knowledge that none of these problems that are listed can be applied to heterosexual or gay couples.

In reality very different factors contributing to the low frequency of sexual encounters, such as homophobia, different wishes about certain sexual practices, impact of an affair by one of the members of the couple, depression or the effects of antidepressant medications, balancing the responsibility on children, work or relationships with the family of origin. If your partner is going through a combination of these factors, be patient (very patient) with itself and its partners.

Problem 1: Who initiates sex?. In a lesbian relationship we have two women who have been educated with the idea of not being sexually aggressive. In the beginning of the relationship shows the way passion, but passion diminishes over time and neither side takes responsibility to initiate sex.

Solution: There is no consolation with the thought that the passion diminishes. Nor do a conspiracy of silence; comunĂ­quense. Talk about the subject. Change the constraints of gender. Free your thoughts. Think of sexual pleasure. Remember themselves, and women with whom they share their lives, how are you and sexy as she turns on you every time you're with you.

Problem 2: The good girls do not talk about sex. Aid!.

Solution: Women enjoy talking to their partners about what happens to them (or not) in your sex life. This type of communication builds sexual gratification. An increase in sexual satisfaction becomes an increasing frequency of sexual intercourse. Change your mentality to be open to new areas of eroticism. allowed us integrate sex and eroticism in the enjoyment of their lives together.

Problem 3: Women who come from deeply religious families who repress sexual pleasure internalize this idea. The sexual pleasure is associated in their minds with the idea of doing something wrong. Add to that a ban on most religions as to be homosexual, and the ability to enjoy or feel comfortable with sex is seriously affected.

Solution: Learn a new language religious boards. Find a church that does not discriminate. We live in a world of computers, think in terms of software and hardware. We have a religious software that we have scheduled so destructive since our childhood. Change the programming. Look for a software positive religious, rich and powerful to match their lifestyle and their sense of positive life.

The following is a questionnaire aimed at lesbian women to improve communication between you and your girl have to do together.

* Do we have sex with a greater or lesser frequency you'd like?.

* Why have sex only at night or in the mornings?.

* Why do we do in the same place?.

* Why have sex only on weekends?.

* Why do we only have sex after taking drugs or alcohol?.

* Why do we only have sex if there is nobody else in the house?.

* Why do not we use sex toys or vibrators?.

* Why do we use sex toys or vibrators?.

* Why do we always love the same way?.

Have the ability to ask or say you want or do not want to do more is an act of faith in the relationship. Being unable to express yourself honestly is a vote of no confidence in the potential of your partner.

Girls want to have helped a bit to all couples who esteis going through a downturn passionate, and remember as we read in the paper, that's death bed lesbian does not exist, one need only talk to our partner and not let all everyday problems we always turn off the passion with our partner.

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